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Most Common Marriage Problems & Solutions

By: Future Point | 13-Jul-2018
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Marriage is a universally accepted relation, where a man and women chose each other as their life partner. Hence, it is given much social importance as it is through marriage that the bonding between two individuals and their families improve. In fact, the relationship between the two is also the reasons for expanding their family.

Generally, in the western society, a man and women would date each other for some time and then evaluate each other, before they settle down. Sometimes they even consult a relationship expert and then take a call. But much of the decision are mutually judged and then considered.

However, in India a marriage gives special importance to horoscope match making. Especially if it is an arranged marriage, more so among Hindus. It is only after a careful analysis by an expert astrologer who would analyse the two horoscopes before deciding their nuptial knot. Thus, a match making, or a Kundli milan which is commonly known in India, is done to check compatibility and to avoid the most common problems which can arise in a married relationship. Some of these problems which can arise after marriage are as follows:

  • Lack of emotional compatibility: One of the first step in any relationship is to check the emotional quotient between the two partners. If there is emotional quotient, then there will be intimacy and bonding between the two partners. Therefore, this aspect is given first importance in any match making. If there is mutual attraction towards each other, then the relationship will be long lasting. In astrology this is checked through a parameter called Maitri.
  • Communication. This is another area which can lead to stress between partners if not addressed adequately. Though one may have emotional compatibility, but there must be an approach towards the same. Communication is the only approach to bind the emotional quotient between the two. In horoscope match making, this area Vasya, which will assess the ability to initiate in the relationship.
  • Relationship through intercourse/Sex: This is again an important aspect in a married relationship. Since, an intercourse is a must to lead the relationship to the next level. It is a must for progeny and only through this the family can also expand. Therefore, this area is also matched.
  • Monetary growth. In today's social world, there is a need for happiness and monetary growth. Since, this will lead to prosperity, there is a necessity to earn money between the two of you. One way to assess this in the matchmaking is to check the Tara compatibility or the constellation or star level compatibility between the two partners.
  • Health between the two. As marriage happens between two individuals, their prosperity is a must. Other than money, the prosperity should also be through good health and progress. This will lead to emotional and physical bonding. Here the Naadi between the two couples are checked.

Thus, other than the above five paraments, there are three more areas which are considered. A weighted average is taken of eight parameters and then an analysis is drawn. Therefore, the common problem between the couples are reduced significantly. These problems are very common and as their significance is high, one would need to address them first.

However, some do not follow the process of match making and still proceed for their marriage. In that case, they do suffer problems post marriage and one would wonder what the remedy is?

Though the extreme cases may not be address completely, the less worrisome cases can certainly be addressed through remedial measures in Vedic astrology. Thanks to our Vedic astrology system where a learnt astrologer who can study the problem in dept and then can suggest remedies. This will improve the relationship to some extent.

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