Benefits Of Wearing Rudraksha Ratna

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Benefits Of Wearing Rudraksha Ratna

Rudraksha, the word comes with conjunction of two words. Rudra, which means lord Shiva and Aksha is the eyes of lord Shiva. Therefore, there is spiritual importance attached to the Rudra Aksha mala or garland of beads which are considered sacred in Hindu culture.

Rudraksha is a rosary in Hindu culture, which is very sacred. In botanical terms a Rudraksha is called as Elaeocarpus Angustifolius. Then why is this tongue-twister term given the name as Rudraksha? Is there any mythology associated with it? To know this, one must delve into the Puranas. Especially Shiv or Linga Puranas.

There is a mythological story where it states that lord Shiva and Shani dev (Lord Saturn) had to confront on a particular point of view. It was a deliberate attempt by Shani dev as he wanted to emotionally hurt lord Shiva. Though the true intention was not to hurt, he wanted to enrage lord Shiva so that he could physical outwit Shani Dev.

Only when lord Shiva was made aware of the true plan of Shani dev, by Dev rishi: Narad Muni, the divine sage, lord Shiva was in deep remorse. The outcome; Lord Shiva’s eye turned wet. Thus, come the water which turned out to be the plant giving Elaeocarpus Angustifolius as its fruits and it was titled as Rudraksha.

It was this intention of Shani dev as he wanted to gift the Universe, a Rudra-Ansh (part of lord Shiva), with numerous therapeutic values. This made lord Shiva remorse and in quid pro quo, he wept for Shani dev, giving him his tears as part of lord Shiva.

A Rudraksha beads comes with various sizes, shapes and cuts which are called as Mukhis. Each Mukhi determines its therapeutic value in a Rudraksha. There are fourteen different types or Mukhis of Rudraksha. Each of these types have a property, unique to them.

Astrologically the significance of Rudraksha is given much importance. The therapeutic value of Rudraksha is adapted and recommended for various remedial measures in a native’s birth chart.

For e.g: Rudraksha mala as a rosary has many capabilities. If anyone is suffering from several ailments, a Pancha-Mukhi (Five-Fold) Rudraksha mala can free them from the ailment. It can nullify all the negative energies generated by any planet in a Natal’s birth chart. Thereby reducing the malefic energy in the native’s birth chart. Similarly, if a native in their self-realisation, is reminded of the signs they have committed, then they can be free from all their sins by wearing a Rudraksha Mala. Only word of caution is that they should know which type of Rudraksha mala would help them in this endeavour.

Similarly, if any remedy for a native in astrology would need the grace of Lord Shiva, then too Rudraksha mala can be recommended. But, beware, lord Shiva may not like any one with ulterior motive to wear a Rudraksha mala. There are ample of cases where a native suffers from high palpitation if a Rudraksha mala does not suit them.

It can be also because lord Shiva does not want the bless the native. Therefore, it is always advisable to wear a Rudraksha mala only after consulting an expert and learned astrologer. Therefore, a Rudraksha mala is always individualistic. Which means, each Mukhi has a specific importance attached to them.

Again, a calculation of 108 or 54 beads is also important in a Rudraksha mala. For some it is always better to go for 108 beads. Similarly, others may prefer only 54 beads. Which again can be analysed only by learned and expert astrology.

Also, before wearing a Rudraksha mala, one would need to follow the rituals as mentioned in the Vedas. Since, the Hindu ancient text Vedas has also given much importance to a Rudraksha, one would have to chant mantras to keep the energy intact and every emanating.

Sometime, a Gemstone embedded in gold pendent along with the beads of Rudraksha is advised. Since, this will only enhance the positive effects of the gemstone along with Rudraksha mala, one would know only after consulting an expert and learned astrologer.

Therefore, a Rudraksha mala or Ratna has utility than aesthetic value associated with them.

Therefore, to know more about Rudraksha and it individualistic benefits, the readers can reach us at or write to us at for consultations.

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