Shani Report: Resolve Shani Related Problems Easily!

By: Future Point | 20-Sep-2018
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Shani Report: Resolve Shani Related Problems Easily!

In the Vedic astrology system, Nav-graha planets are given importance in any horoscope or Kundali. Also, in Nav-graha, Planet Saturn is given special focus. Since, Saturn is the planet which is associated with justice and is the only planet which can decide the fate of an individual. The fate is made Saturn through the effects of Shani Mahadahsa/Antradasha or Shani sade sathi. Hence a learnt and expert astrologer would always recommend that one should not blindly refute the effects of Shani or Saturn. Only a careful and detailed analysis will provide insights to the expert astrologer on the benevolence of Lord Shani or Saturn.

In fact, to study this in detailed from the horoscope of a native, we at Future Point have come out with Shani Report. This Shani Report will resolve shani related problems easily at Individual level. Which mean one to one consultation and not mere superficial recommendation. As the remedies will be suggested only if Saturn is not well placed in a native’s horoscope or if they are not auspicious in a native’s horoscope. Again, the effects of Saturn or Shani will be minutely studies by our team of expert and learnt astrologer at Future Point. We have been providing astrological consultation for the past three decades through one to one consultation or through online medium too. The expert team will analyse every nuances of Planet Saturn and then give its final report. This will include the placement of Saturn in a native’s horoscope, the effects of Saturn Main period (Mahadasha) or Saturn Sub period (Antradasha). Also, the transit of Saturn or Shani sade sathi effects on an individuals life.

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Still not clear? Or What to expect from the Shani Report? Then please read the following.

Kundli based Predictions- This is a Kundli or horoscope based personal report. So, all the effects of Saturn in a native’s life have been analysed accurately. Additionally, all the predictions provided are based on the position of Saturn in a native’s birth chart.

Predictions for Job, Business, Wealth- The importance of Saturn and its aspects in areas such as Job, Business, Financial Conditions, Marital Life and Education are analysed in great detailed. Since these areas are important for every individual person. Therefore, this report has given precise predictions on all these matters for the benefit of a native.

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Effects & Results of Shani Sade Sati- The myth that Sade sathi is dreadful should be first removed. Often people are afraid to hear the occurrence of Sade Sati, but there aren’t always unfavourable outcomes. Now sade sathi as an event stretches up to seven and a half years, which has three phases and deliver different results in each and every phase. This report provides exact time of Sade Sati occurrence, sequential effects and outcomes according to every phase and necessary remedies, only if required. The aim is to make the native make aware as to sade sathi will impact them.

Effects of Shani Mahadasha and Antradasha- Mahadasha (Main period) and Antradasha (Sub Period) denotes the time period when Shani directly affects a native’s life. During this period, Saturn influences one’s life in both positive and negative ways. But only on subject cases. In certain horoscopes or Kundali’s it would bring much better results than expected. This report mentions the beginning and end period of Shani Mahadasha and Antradasha as well as measures to be followed in order to avoid any unfavourable effects of Lord Shani. Again, only if the horoscope of a native is not favourable. If auspicious then too simple remedies can be suggested to enhance the results to maximise gains.

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For the benefit of the readers, Planet Saturn or lord Shani is a Yoga-Karaka to many individuals. Which means, Lord Shani would alone form a Raj-Yog and give benefits to the individual. Thus, to know more, reads can contact us for one on one consultation.

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