Worship Lord Shani for spiritual Enlightenment

By: Future Point | 18-Sep-2018
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Worship Lord Shani for spiritual Enlightenment

In Vedic astrology, lord Shani or Planet Saturn is the most feared amongst the nine planets. In fact, lord shani should not be feared for, however, readers must know, that he is the most Judgemental planet in the orbit. Since, lord Shani is the true Judge of one’s karma. He shall reward or reprimand a native according to their karma phal or Conduct of a native. Hence, it is an appeal to the readers that they should not fall prey to the illogical fear which is spread by many mediocre that lord Shani is associated with hurdles and difficulties. On the contrary, there are many good occasions in one’s life such as good health, acquiring wealth, getting a good job, marriage and progeny, foreign settlement, purchasing a property etc., do happen during divine blessings of lord Shani. Therefore, since lord Shani is associated with many favourable occasions in one’s life, pleasing lord Shani is a must.

How to please lord Shani?

The easiest way to please lord shani is to be karma yogi, which means do your duty first. Therefore, if one is genuine with their efforts and not much bothered about its outcome, then they are sure to be blessed by lord Shani.

Hence, Lord Shani, who is the Son of Lord Suyra and Chaya, and brother to Yama and Yami is the most genuine lord to bless one’s efforts. It is said in Vedic astrology, that if lord Shani decides to bless any one, none can stope him, similarly if Lord Shani decides to reprimand a native, then nothing can come midway. Other than good conduct there are certain Shani Puja remedies which is recommended if the wrath of lord Shani is severe. By undertaking these puja’s, a native is not only released from the severe grip of Lord Shani but also enlightened with Spiritual growth.

Why would one require to undertake lord Shani Puja?

Apart from Spiritual Enlightment, one must undertake Shani Puja for the following reasons:

  • If the work that one would undertake has come across many hurdles, and simply seems endless.
  • Success looks like an illusion, or hard to find the same.
  • Delay in promotion which has been pending for long!
  • Have you recently been missing out on an opportunity to travel abroad?
  • Have you come to realize that your juniors are being preferred for promotions?
  • Is it loss of employment which has been intriguing you? are you in any form of depression?
  • You might have giving it your best shot, but life just doesn’t seem to be going right?
  • Things changing for worse in life?
  • Is it the work-related stress which has been a cause of bother?
  • Making or saving money has been difficult in recent times?

All these problems can easily be resolved through a through Shani Puja.

Procedure for Shani Puja:

Shani Puja procedure is very simple, the following are the methods to be undertaken while showing interest to perform the Puja.

  • It is advised to fast on the day of Shani Amavasya (where Saturday and Amavasya tithi would fall on the same day).
  • Do Burn a Lamp of Mustard oil, Under the Peepal Tree. Native can then chant Shani Chalisa.
  • Native can Chant the Shani Mantra Make and donate offerings to the poor on the same day.
  • Alternatively, donate black items and feed the black dog or cow.
  • Worship Shani Dev Temples and light the lamp with Mustard oil and burn incense sticks.

Is there any auspicious time to undertake Shani Puja?

There is no special day or date to undertake Shani Pujas, however it would be advisable to perform the same puja on Shani Jayanti.

Shani Jayanti is the birth day or the advent of Lord Shani. This day mainly falls on the Amavasya tithi in the month of Vaishakh – April May. In the simplest language, it is the no moon day and if it is falling on a Saturday, it is an auspicious day and a rare occurrence. It is the day for special worship of lord Shani.

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