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Transit of Saturn in 2018

The significator of Justice Saturn entered into Sagittarius on January 26, 2017, Thursday at 19:30. Saturn will be staying in Sagittarius till 23 January 2020. With this the Dhaiya on Aries and Leo has come to an end. As a result of it the persons of these Rashi will experience mental peace and happiness. Persons of Virgo and Taurus will need to be cautious because they are under the influence of Dhaiya now. This transit of Saturn will be auspicious for Libra. People of Libra Rashi will be relieved of the problems of Saturn Sade sati that they had been facing for the past seven and half years. Apart from this, the change will be special for Aquarians. But with this, it marks the beginning of the first phase of Saturn Sadesati on Capricorn. Capricorn is Saturn's own Rashi therefore it won't give much trouble to the people of this Rashi, yet mental pressure, hard work and unnecessary struggle will be experienced by the natives of this Rashi in this period. For the natives of Sagittarius Rashi the Sade sati shall be at its peak. It is said about Saturn that if can convert an emperor into a beggar or vice a versa. Let us see how the transit of Saturn shall be influencing your life in the year 2018.

Saturn Transit 2018 for Aries

For you Saturn is the lord of 10th and 11th house and for that reason its transit in house of destiny shall yield good results for the development of destiny but you might have to put in little more efforts. The students will be getting golden opportunities for success in competition.

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Saturn Transit 2018 for Taurus

You might have to face difficulties and obstacles especially if you are in job. Do not leave any task incomplete. Be careful about your health. If the high officials get angry, then they will satisfy them with hard work, dexterity in handling the situations and showing patience.

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Saturn Transit 2018 for Gemini

Saturn is transiting in your seventh house. Karmesh and Ayesha Shani will give you the opportunity for the expansion of business abroad along with profits from partnership ventures. There can remain some bitterness in marital life. You may have to stay away from your family to fulfill the work-area obligations.

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Saturn Transit 2018 for Cancer

This shall be a good time for you as you shall be able to overcome your enemies and defeat your opponents and competitors. You shall be successful in your job and your enemies shall be afraid of you. You shall do very well in business and you can make any type of investments.

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Saturn Transit 2018 for Leo

Saturn will not give you much inauspicious results. It will help you complete your tasks related to children and education. Students associated with technical fields will be getting auspicious results. The students will be engaged in intensive research, job professionals in training and the business persons shall enter into long term partnerships.

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Saturn Transit 2018 for Virgo

You shall remain under the influence of Kantak Dhaiya. The plans related to the re-construction of the land-building will be executed. The love affair might get affected. There shall be probability of job change and transfer. This time will bring irregularities in your health. You may have to take a loan.

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Saturn Transit 2018 for Libra

You are not under the influence of Sade sati now. There will be a reduction in the mental pressure & troubles that you were facing from a very long time. There will be progress in matters related to children and you can expect cooperation of all. Saturns transit shall be very auspicious for you.

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Saturn Transit 2018 for Scorpio

You are under the influence of the third phase of Saturn Satsati. It will increase your family happiness but you will not get rid of mental stress, however, there will be a reduction in it. You will have to put in efforts for winning the affection of your brothers and sisters.

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Saturn Transit 2018 for Sagittarius

You are under the influence of the second phase of Saturns Sadesati. This period will be unfavorable for your health. This time will be painful for relationships with friends, family, friends & siblings. Saturn will create delay in getting the fruits of efforts.

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Saturn Transit 2018 for Capricorn

You will get success in the work area due to Saturns transit in the twelfth house. You will enjoy the results of hard work, perseverance and efforts. Your expenses will increase. With the entry of Saturn in Sagittarius your Sade sati has started.

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Saturn Transit 2018 for Aquarius

You shall be getting very auspicious results of the Shani transit. You can expect desired progress & success in creating new source of income. You shall be able to enhance your immunity and become more positive in your outlook. Your honor will increase.

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Saturn Transit 2018 for Pisces

The transit of Saturn will be beneficial to your livelihoo. There will be an increase in income and savings. Foreign trips made for business purposes will prove beneficial. Arguments with family members should be avoided. It would be best to postpone the plans related to construction work or land purchase in this period.

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