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How Can Astrology Add Shine To Your Education and Career?

By: Future Point | 13-Apr-2020
Views : 2971How Can Astrology Add Shine To Your Education and Career?

Obtaining a quality education that would later transform into a rewarding career, is always the main priority in the life of every student. In fact, the two aspects of life that keep a young individual focussed in the early part of his/her life are undoubtedly education and eventually making it big in a career thereafter. In order to become self dependent in life, it is extremely important that a person builds a strong academic foundation from very early on in life upon which a stable career could be developed later.

However, looking around us, we can see countless numbers of young professionals with fairly good academic records, struggling very hard to encash a decent career opportunity for themselves. Furthermore, even if they somehow get a job, the endless challenges that they face on a daily basis in the professional domain to keep their jobs afloat, are mind blowing.

This widely prevalent social issue simply suggests that something is fundamentally wrong that is not letting those individuals have a smooth, stable & rewarding career. Well, the educational and career choices of an individual that are not in harmony with the will of cosmic bodies, are actually responsible for this struggle & friction!

Role of Planets in our Lives

We human beings are karmic creatures and planets are the cosmic bodies that hold our karmic account. Planets provide us the results of our underlying karmas (both good as well as bad) at specific times in our lives and those results appear in various aspects of our lives such as education, career, finance, health, marriage etc.

Vedic Astrology is the divine science that empowers an astrologer to decipher what the planets are holding for an individual by decoding the horoscope of that native. A horoscope is simply a celestial map that gets created at the time of birth of a native and an astrologer upon analyzing it based on the principles of Vedic Astrology, reveals how the destiny of that native is likely to unfold.

The fundamental focus of an astrologer is to ascertain what different planets as per their placements in the horoscope of a native are signifying for various aspects of that native’s life and what are the best ways in which that native should approach his/her life to ensure maximum success & minimum problems!

One must remember that planets have certain very specific characteristics of their own and an astrologer, upon factoring in the results of planets on a native as well as their inherent natural attributes, makes highly crucial & beneficial suggestions with respect to multiple aspects of his/her life that leads the native to success & prosperity with no or minimalistic hurdles.

In simple words- An Astrologer through Vedic Astrology, recommends best options that one can consider while making choices for crucial aspects of life such as education and career that would ensure maximum cooperation from the planets whose support lead to unprecedented gains in life!

Choosing the Best Educational Field

Education is the most powerful tool of human empowerment and therefore, it is extremely vital that a student must pursue only those academic avenues in life that are represented by well placed & strong planets in his/her horoscope. This would ultimately ensure a truly rewarding education as far as the career aspect of life is concerned as a student puts in so much of his/her time & energy in education, simply to carve out a lucrative and satisfying career later in life!

In order to clock a decent performance in academics, a student should first & foremost get the beneficial influence of Jupiter as well as Mercury in life. Without the positive effects of these two planets, one cannot expect to excel in education to an extent that would give meaningful career related benefits later on in life. An astrologer before looking at anything else carefully examines the state of Jupiter and Mercury and sees whether these planets are well placed or ill placed in the horoscope of the student.

If Jupiter and Mercury are placed in the 6th, 8th or 12th houses in a student's horoscope, then the student experiences difficulties in education. Also, the negative influence of naturally malefic planets such as Rahu (North Node of the Moon), Ketu (South Node of the Moon) and Saturn (Shani) causes hurdles, failures and delays in the academic growth of a student.

Furthermore, in order to reap a fruitful education in life, the 4th, 5th and 9th houses of a student’s horoscope must be strong and free from any malefic influence. This is because, education in one’s life is seen from these houses as:

  • The 4th house is the prime house of education
  • The 5th house signifies intelligence and
  • The 9th house points towards higher education

Apart from all this, the planet/s operational in the life of a student during his/her crucial academic periods are the ones that cast maximum effect on the educational trajectory of the student and must be positively placed in the horoscope. Hence, it becomes of paramount importance for an experienced astrologer to make sure that any negative effects of such planets must be pacified through powerful astrological remedies as soon as possible to ward off the problems that they are signifying for the student.

So in this digital age, rather than exhausting yourself while studying educational streams that are not conducive with what the positive planets in your horoscope signify for you, go for an Online Education Horoscope analysis and know which educational stream is best poised to give you success in life!

The Most Promising Career Field

A career is not just meant to put a roof above your head and food in your stomach. Rather, a career is that aspect of your life that brings you satisfaction and helps you to realize your dreams & desires. We all work in the professional sphere to earn a decent living that would enable us to lead a life that is much more than mere survival. Ideally, our career should consistently take the financial graph of our lives to new heights and provide us with ample opportunities of growth all along.

However, considering the cut-throat competition that is prevalent out there in the corporate world of today, having a successful career seems to be a far fetched dream. So, what should an individual do?

Again, take the help of Vedic Astrology to get immensely beneficial Career Astrology Predictions that would guide you to take the best career related decisions in your professional life. Career fields that are signified & promoted by favourably placed planets in your career horoscope, have the potential of bringing maximum success & prosperity in your life!

Therefore, when it comes to the most important aspect of your life which is career, go for a professional & comprehensive analysis of your career horoscope online and know which career field is the most promising for you as per the will of planets in your life. But, what does an astrologer look at while decoding the career horoscope of a native? There are so many parameters in the career horoscope of a native based on which an astrologer analyzes the career aspect of that native.

Some of the most fundamental one’s are:


The Ascendant of a native reveals his/her innermost nature. This helps the astrologer to narrow down on a broader range of career options for the native depending on his/her temperament, personality and general attitude towards life. Also, the astrologer makes sure that Lord of the Ascendant should be well placed and strong in the horoscope because if Lord of the Ascendant is placed in the 6th, 8th or 12th houses, then the entire horoscope becomes weak and immediate remedial measures should be performed to strengthen the Lord of the Ascendant in order to ensure professional success in life.

10th House

This house signifies Career or Profession. The lord of this house, the planet or planets that are placed in this house as well as aspecting this house reveal a lot about the career that will be best suited for the native. But when multiple planets are involved in the assessment of this house then their individual effects on this house as well as their cumulative end result, decides the ultimate career option for that native.

House Combination for Maximum Professional Success

The planets give results of the houses that they signify and there are specific house combinations for certain aspects of a person’s life that “if signified” by a planet completely or partially, will give the results of that aspect accordingly during its period of operation in the native’s lifetime.

For having a successful career, a planet should signify all or at least some of the following houses:

2nd House: It signifies “Accumulated Wealth and Bank Balance”.

6th House: It signifies “Job”.

7th House: It signifies “Business and Partnership”.

10th House: It signifies “Name, Fame, Career and Authority”.

11th House: It signifies “Gains and Realization of Desires”.

Planetary Attributes

It must be noted that the natural attributes of planets also have an impact on the ultimate end result that they provide. Therefore, an astrologer while determining the best career option for a native carefully looks keeps in mind the natural attributes of the particular planets that signify positive houses for career.

To give you a fair amount of idea of this concept, let's just say that:

If Sun or Moon signify positive houses for career then the native should try for Government Services, Medicine and Administrative Jobs.

If Mars is favourably placed then the native is best suited for Armed Services, Chemicals, Armoury and Defence Research.

If Jupiter is strong in the horoscope, then the native finds success in Teaching, Education, Preaching and Spirituality.

If Saturn is well placed for career then the native should go in the fields of Oil Exploration, Drilling, Real Estate, Occult Sciences, Agriculture, Steel & Iron Industry and Heavy Engineering.

If Venus signifies career growth then a native should choose from Jewellery Design, Acting, Fashion/Apparel Designing, Luxury Items, Antiques, Modelling, Diamonds and Photography.

If Mercury is poised to strengthen your career then you should opt for Journalism, Writing, Printing, Mathematics, Commerce, Accounting and Trading.

So, by now you must have understood how complex the process of determining the best type of educational and career line for an individual is.

Hence, you must Talk to Astrologer to know what is best for you and how you can make success, wealth and prosperity a natural consequence in your life. People who have already unknowingly chosen an educational or career field that is not conducive to their horoscopes and are facing repeated obstacles & problems in life must contact Future Point to get highly effective & incredibly powerful astrological Education and Career Problem Solution Online.

Get your horoscope analyzed by Dr. Arun Bansal who would suggest phenomenal astrological remedies to directly address the root planetary problems of your horoscope which will eventually pacify the ill placed planets and strengthen the positive ones to help you achieve your goals in life!

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