Astrology has Solutions to all your Job & Career Related Problems

By: Future Point | 26-Mar-2020
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Astrology has Solutions to all your Job & Career Related Problems

Everyone aspires for professional success and a continuous growth in his/her career. It is our career that decides the kind of lifestyle we would have in this world and it is the sole barometer of measuring our success in the present day scenario where everything is materialistically driven.

But with all the cut-throat competition prevalent in today’s corporate sector, it is a daunting task to carve out a successful career. Furthermore, even if one lands up with a nice job, the endless challenges that come with it, keeps that person under constant & severe pressure.

So can a person have a high paying job that is free of harrowing career challenges or should a person just hope for one while being crushed in between the ruthless corporate machinery?

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Astrology for Job and Career

The sacred science of astrology offers solutions to all our problems. Be it any aspect of our lives, astrology offers divine insight into what the planets have in store for us.

Planets are cosmic entities that hold the responsibility to reward or punish us as per our karmic account at specific times in our lives and in specific aspects of our lives. The role that planets play in shaping the very course of our destiny, is simply phenomenal.

Astrology offers tools with which we can decode what the planets are signifying for different aspects of our lives and make informed decisions beforehand such as performing remedies to negate or minimize the malefic effects of certain planets that are slated to come our way.

Also, if we make decisions based on what the planets are proposing as per their positioning in our horoscope as well as their natural characteristics, we can pretty much guarantee a smooth success in our endeavours!

Career Prediction Astrology is the branch of astrology that deals with the matters of career and job of a native. It emphasizes on the houses of a horoscope that deal with job & career and also takes into account the interaction of various planets with those houses.

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Remember, the planets provide us results of the “houses” that they are associated with and at the “times of their operation” as per the Vimshottari Dasha.

Horoscope that decodes Job and Career

A horoscope is nothing but a cosmic map that holds highly vital information with respect to various domains of our lives in the form of planetary positioning and aspects. The specific type of horoscope that is looked at to analyze the career domain of one’s life is called “Career Horoscope”.

A person should talk to astrologer to get the career related information decoded from his/her career horoscope.

This would enable the person to act in advance and timely steer towards something that strikes a harmonious chord with the planets affecting the career domain of his/her life.

Houses that are associated with Job and Career

Out of the 12 houses in a horoscope, there are certain specific houses that an astrologer keenly analyzes in order to draw a picture of how the career of an individual is poised to unfold in his/her life.

Apart from these houses, there are a number of other factors in the horoscope that are analyzed as well when it comes to making career or job related predictions for a native, such as the Ascendant of the native, the presence of certain “Yogas” (Auspicious Planetary Unions) and “Doshas” (Malefic Planetary Unions) in the horoscope of that native and much more.

But for now, let us just stick to the houses only.

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2nd House

Since this house signifies Accumulated Wealth and Bank Balance, its role becomes pivotal while ascertaining the career of a native.

6th House

This is a house that signifies Job and Competition. Hence, a considerable amount of attention is paid while analyzing this house to predict the job prospects of a native.

7th House

It signifies business and partnership.Therefore, for those who are interested in becoming self employed, the strength of this house becomes very crucial.

10th House

An astrologer looks for the state of Career, Name, Fame and Position in the life of a native from this house of the native’s horoscope.

11th House

This house signifies Gains and promotes Realization of Desires in the life of a native. Hence, it becomes of paramount importance that the native must have a positively charged 11th house in his/her horoscope.

Now remember, planets that give the results of the above mentioned houses would be the ones affecting the career and the state of job/business of a native at the time of their period of operation (Dasha or Antardasha). However, not all planets would give the results of the above mentioned houses. Moreover, even the ones that do, would not give results of all those houses.

Lastly, the planets can very easily give results of some negative houses for career as well, in combination with the above mentioned good ones.

For example, a planet can give results of 2nd, 6th and 10th houses along with those of negative houses such as 8th and 12th. This would make the planet give a mixed bag of results at the time of its Dasha or Antardasha.

Malefic Planets and their effects on Career

Malefic planets such as Rahu (North Node of the Moon), Ketu (South Node of the Moon) and Saturn, more often than not, tend to create hurdles, delays, sudden shocks and unforeseen problems in the professional life of a person.

However, in certain cases these malefic planets also uplift the career of a native to incredible new heights. An example of that would be a Rahu placed in the 10th house of a native’s horoscope and signifying the results of 6th and 11th houses. Such a Rahu is seen to make the native build a huge business empire or reach to the peak of his/her career field.

Choosing the Right Career Field

It is extremely important that a person chooses a career field that is supported by his/her career horoscope and more specifically “by the planets” that are well placed in the horoscope.

If this single step is taken, then the person would automatically get incredibly powerful & helpful support of the planets that are well placed in his/her career horoscope. This means a successful career and a rewarding job.

However, if a person opts for a career that is associated with a planet which is ill placed in his/her horoscope, then despite all the hard work for the career & commitment towards the job, the end result would be obstacles, challenges, workplace related problems etc.

Hence rather than going by gut feeling or the latest academic/professional trend, a person should consult with a professional astrologer to know the right career field that would ensure maximum growth & success with no or least amount of friction.

When it comes to career, one cannot afford to be careless or follow a herd and hope that everything would work out to be just fine.

Also, those who are already placed in a job and are facing professional brunt everyday (simply because they chose a wrong career field) must have their career horoscopes thoroughly analyzed by a professional astrologer to get powerful & effective Vedic remedies that have the potential to pacify the ill placed planet/s that are wreaking havoc in their jobs in the first place.

The highly experienced astrologers of Future Point provide accurate job prediction by date of birth and other birth details of an individual that paves the way for a smooth, lucrative & growing career.

Those who are looking for a famous astrologer in Delhi who would provide them with invaluable career & job related tips, must contact Future Point and take their career to new heights of success & prosperity!

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