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Foreign Settlement Astrology Can Help You to Settle Abroad!

By: Future Point | 31-Aug-2020
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Foreign Settlement Astrology Can Help You to Settle Abroad!

Travelling is a very common aspect of our lives and it is an activity that one either undertakes out of certain necessity such as business, education, job etc. or simply for the purpose of leisure in life. The idea of travelling for leisure, especially to foreign countries, mesmerizes each & everyone of us. 

However, permanently settling abroad is the dream of many individuals. Students for example, take admissions in foreign colleges with an aim to make a decent career post completion of their studies and ultimately settle in that particular foreign country.

Even professionals working in their native countries focus on acquiring the required skills & experience that would help them to settle in the foreign country of their choice.

Well, all that sounds good but we all know that when it comes to settling abroad, it is easier said than done! 

There are numerous factors that are needed to be perfect such as one’s academic background, professional experience, skill set, immigration related rules & regulations as well as many other miscellaneous requirements that might pop up in the process of going & settling abroad.

But the most important factor that plays a key role in determining whether you will successfully settle in a foreign land or not- is the Astrological factor!

Astrology and the aspect of Foreign Settlement

Yes, Astrology reveals what different planets signify for you as per their placements in your horoscope or kundli with respect to all aspects of your life including foreign travelling as well as eventual settlement in a foreign land.

Now, it is all well & good for you if you have the perfect planetary positionings as well as positive conditions of certain houses in your horoscope that are required for foreign settlement. In such a case, the process of applying for a Visa, going to the country of your choice and ultimately settling there will happen successfully.

However, if your horoscope does not have the planetary combinations as well the favourable state of certain specific houses that are required for a successful foreign settlement, then you are most likely to face problems while trying to successfully settling abroad unless you perform certain powerful remedial measures that are specific to your natal horoscope or kundli. 

An experienced astrologer performs a comprehensive analysis of an individual’s horoscope and applies the concepts of Foreign Settlement Astrology to come up with highly effective remedies that have the potential of directly addressing the root planetary issue that is causing hurdles in that individual’s path to settle in the foreign country of his/her choice.

Hence, if you are planning or trying to settle abroad, then be smart and Talk to Astrologer to get your horoscope or kundli thoroughly analyzed and have the necessary planetary support in your favour to ultimately realize your dreams!

It is prudent to know well in advance what different planets are signifying for various aspects of your life before actually taking concrete steps towards fulfilling your goals. 

Therefore, start by getting your Online Kundli which is the cosmic blueprint that has all the information about what the planets & stars have in store for you!

Also, if you wish to learn the mystical & incredibly powerful science of Astrology from instructors who are highly experienced & well known astrologers and that too from the comfort of your home, then simply enroll in the Online Astrology Course offered by Future Point.

Planets and Houses that signify Foreign Settlement 

An astrologer while applying the principles of Foreign Settlement Astrology in the process of analyzing an individual’s horoscope who wishes to settle abroad, primarily looks at the condition of the following houses of that individual’s horoscope:

3rd House- Although this house signifies short travels, a strong 3rd house starts off the long process of settling abroad on a positive & strong note.

9th House- It signifies foreign travels and hence, it must be in a positive state i.e. free from any negative planetary influences.

12th House- It signifies foreign settlement and is the key house involved in the overall process of settling in a foreign land. Therefore, it is extremely important that this house must be very strong in a person’s horoscope who wishes to settle abroad.

These are the primary houses of a horoscope that deal with the aspects of both foreign travels as well as foreign settlement.

Apart from these, the placement of lord of the 4th as well as the 12th house is also looked at. 

If the lord of the 4th house which signifies motherland is placed in the 12th house of an individual’s horoscope which signifies foreign settlement, then settling in a foreign country is almost certain in the life of that individual.

However, if the lord of the 12th house is placed in the 4th house of an individual’s horoscope, then the individual experiences a lot of obstacles in settling abroad and without incorporating horoscope specific remedies, it becomes nearly impossible for the individual to successfully settle in a foreign land.

The best periods for settling abroad are those when the planets that provide the results of 3rd, 9th and 12th houses without providing the results of 2nd, 4th and 11th houses alongside, are in operation as per the ‘Vimshottari Dasha’ in a person’s life.

It must be noted that separative planets such as Saturn, Rahu and Ketu actually promote foreign travels as well as foreign settlement if positively placed in a person’s horoscope or kundli.

Moreover, just like Foreign Settlement Astrology, there is also Foreign Settlement Numerology that predicts the prospects of a person’s foreign settlement by analyzing the results that different numbers are providing to that person as per his/her date of birth.

So, if you are wondering- “When will I go abroad as per Numerology?”, then simply consult with a professional who is an expert in the occult science of Numerology.

The highly experienced and incredibly talented professionals of Future Point hold an absolute mastery over multiple occult sciences such as Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry etc. 

Therefore, when it comes to the critical issue of foreign settlement, act smartly and consult with the professionals of Future Point. Get the remedies that have the potential of attracting the required planetary/astrological support that can very well result in your successful settlement in the foreign country of your choice.

You can also get your foreign settlement astrology by date of birth free!

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