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The Mystical Occult Mechanism of Astrology Spouse Prediction

By: Future Point | 31-Aug-2020
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The Mystical Occult Mechanism of Astrology Spouse Prediction

Marriage is a sacred union of two individuals who decide to spend their lives together as a couple and stand by each other’s side during all times.

Since times immemorial, marriages in India have been happening after getting a proper Kundali reading for marriage from an astrologer.

The Kundli predictions that the astrologer makes form the very basis of finalizing a match for marriage. This is because a person’s Kundli or Horoscope contains all the details about how different aspects of his/her life (including marriage) are slated to pan out as per the planetary positioning in his/her Horoscope or Kundli.

The sole reason why the rate of divorces is extremely low in the Indian society is the tradition of taking the help of the ancient & sacred of Astrology or Vedic Astrology before finalizing a marital union.

The process of ‘Match Making’ or ‘Kundli Milan’ in Astrology involves multiple crucial processes of horoscope or kundli analysis of both the boy as well as the girl to ascertain their compatibility with each other based on a number of parameters.

It is only after the match is given a thumbs up post the process of Kundli Milan, the couple go ahead and get married. This may sound orthodox to many but the sheer efficacy of this process has kept it alive & vibrantly accepted in the Indian society for centuries. 

How a prediction about Marriage or Spouse is made?

Astrology Spouse Prediction is a technique that involves a comprehensive analysis of the 7th house of a native’s horoscope as this house (in the current context) represents life partner/spouse and marriage.

The planets placed in the 7th house as well as aspecting the 7th house play a key role in shaping up the marital domain of an individual’s life.

It is the 7th house of the horoscope that reveals key information about the nature of one’s spouse and the state of the married life of that person as signified by the planets affecting the 7th house.

Not only this, the Lord of the 7th house also plays a significant role in determining the quality of one’s married life. Placement of the Lord of the 7th house in 6th, 8th or 12th houses of the horoscope wreaks havoc in the marital domain of a native. Plus, the mutual exchange in terms of placement of the Lord of the 6th as well as the 7th house is also considered detrimental for the marital bliss in a person’s life. 

The presence of naturally malefic planets such as Saturn, Rahu (North Node of the Moon) and Ketu (South Node of the Moon) in the 7th house of a native’s horoscope or their aspects on this house, affects the married life of the native in a negative way.

It is seen that the presence or aspect of Saturn in/on the 7th house causes delays in marriage. 

Moreover, the influence of cruel planets like Sun and Mars on the 7th house creates bitterness between the married couple and disturbs the element of love & harmony in their married life.

In a nutshell, any kind of negative planetary influence on the 7th house of a person’s kundli or horoscope brings chaos in his/her marital domain and induces unrest in that person’s relationship with his/her spouse.

Therefore, it is extremely important to consult with a professional astrologer in order to get the 7th house planets and spouse characteristics thoroughly deciphered so that timely remedies to pacify the aggravated planets that are disturbing the 7th house can be performed.

If you are looking for a genuine & incredibly beneficial life partner prediction based on date of birth and other details that could help you to steer your married life towards love, bliss & harmony, then simply consult with the professionals of Future Point.

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The Best Path Forward

To get the best Astrology Spouse Prediction that would help you in having a loving & blissful married life with your spouse or life partner, simply consult with an experienced astrologer that would analyze your horoscope and reveal what the planetary bodies have in store for you with respect to your marriage & spouse.

If there are any negative planetary placements or aspects in your horoscope that are not conducive for a happy married life and a cordial relationship with your spouse, then the astrologer would recommend you remedies that have the potential of warding off the negative planetary effects that are responsible for the turmoil in your marital domain.

Astrology Spouse Prediction can very efficiently predict the real nature of one’s spouse as signified by the planetary placement as well as state of the 7th house in that person’s natal horoscope.

So, if you have questions like “When will I meet my life partner Astrology wise?” or “What will be the innermost nature of my life partner as signified in my horoscope?” etc., then simply contact Future Point and get your horoscope comprehensively analyzed to get real answers to all your questions!

Get spouse prediction by date of birth and time free and take the right step towards ensuring a blissful & joyful marriage as well as a happy & harmonious relationship with your spouse!

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