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Learn the ‘Magic of Numbers’ by our Online Numerology Course

By: Future Point | 27-Aug-2020
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Learn the ‘Magic of Numbers’ by our Online Numerology Course

Numbers are not just mathematical identities used for arithmetic purposes but are subtle entities that have enormously powerful mystical dimensions attached to them.

Every number vibrates on a particular frequency and is associated with a specific planet out of the nine planets from the science of Vedic Astrology or Astrology.

Therefore, Numerology which is the occult science that deals with the role & effects of numbers in our lives has a very profound relationship with the science of Astrology!

The revelations that can be made about the various domains of a person’s life by Numerology, is simply amazing.

The effects of numbers upon us are extremely phenomenal and they play a decisive role in shaping our destiny!

Numbers bring in the vibrational energies of different planets in our lives. However, whether the underlying planetary energy will be positive or negative, depends upon the state of a particular number for us.

Numbers cast their effects upon us primarily through their placement in our date of birth but they do exert their impact upon us through various other ways as well e.g. our house number, our mobile number, our vehicle registration number etc.

As stated above, each number is associated with a particular planet. The list of that association is as follows:

  • Number 1- Sun
  • Number 2- Moon
  • Number 3- Jupiter
  • Number 4- Rahu (North Node of the Moon)
  • Number 5- Mercury
  • Number 6- Venus
  • Number 7- Ketu (South Node of the Moon)
  • Number 8- Saturn
  • Number 9- Mars

One should Learn Numerology to know how exactly certain numbers are slated to behave in his/her life. This way a person can tap into the positive effects of favourably placed numbers as well as avoid the negative effects of numbers that are malefic for him/her.

Correct knowledge of Numerology or Ank Jyotish (as it is called in Hindi), empowers a person to take key decisions of his/her life by factoring in the effects that different numbers are exerting upon him/her. Thus, amplifying the positive effects of numbers favourable to him/her and avoiding the negative effects of those that are malefic or unlucky to him/her.

Which is the best place to study Numerology or Ank Jyotish?

In order to become perfect in any occult science be it Astrology, Palmistry or in this particular case- Numerology, one must learn that subject from instructors that hold an absolute mastery over its theoretical aspect as well as have a huge experience in practising that occult science as professionals.  

Future Point is a pioneer in the field of Astrology as well as all other complimentary occult sciences including Numerology and has been providing life changing occult guidance to people all over the world since decades now!

Future Point is relentlessly working to spread the sacred knowledge of different occult sciences through its highly focussed professional courses.

Those who wish to Learn Ank Jyotish or Numerology, can enroll in the Online Numerology Course offered by Future Point and benefit from the mystical knowledge about the behaviour and effects of different numbers in our lives!

This course is a great opportunity for all those who wish to take the front seat & steer their lives towards success & prosperity by incorporating the power of numbers in their lives.

Also people who wish to make a career in the field of Astrology, must Learn Astrology as well as Numerology from the highly experienced & incredibly talented instructors of Future Point. This is simply because the combination of Astrology and Numerology opens up hugely rewarding career prospects for aspiring professionals in the field of occult science.

During this Coronavirus pandemic that has shaken up our society, Future Point is offering all its courses via the online medium of learning. Hence, making the learning process of students absolutely safe and convenient.

The syllabus of the Expert Numerology Course Online offered by Future Point, is designed after putting in a lot of research as well as after factoring in the highly valuable inputs of many highly experienced professionals.

Therefore, if one genuinely wishes to go for an Online Numerology Course that would make him/her capable of harnessing the incredible powers of numbers in life, should without any doubt contact Future Point right away!

The instructors of Future Point teach Numerology with a clear aim of making the student understand all the key concepts that are vital to ultimately making effective predictions and decoding how different numbers are slated to affect a person in his/her life.

Hence, we urge you to make the best investment of your life by enrolling into the Online Numerology Course offered by Future Point and bring in the magic of numbers in your life. 

This Online Numerology Course reveals the secret powers of numbers and suggests how one can smartly attract the positive effects of numbers that are lucky to him/her and steer away from the malefic effects of numbers that are unlucky.

Whether it is Number 8 which is the ‘number of extremes’ or it is Number 4 which signifies sudden losses and accidents, learn about them all in terms of their effects and ways in which they can be dealt with smartly in the Online Numerology Course offered by Future Point!

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