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The science behind Astrology and how it affects human lives?

By: Future Point | 31-Aug-2020
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The science behind Astrology and how it affects human lives?

Astrology was treated as a secret knowledge that was known only to a few classes of people only. These groups never share their secret knowledge in ancient times. The concept of astrology was so prevalent that we can even see many monuments that reveal that people in olden days use stars and planets to know the exact time to reap crops.

However, that does not make the scientific community accept all the predictions unless they find scientific proof and evidence which explains the reasons behind those predictions. Astrology is a branch which finds correlation with planetary motions in the sky and its effects on humans. In India, you will find this thing prevalent throughout the country. It does not matter whether you are a north Indian or south India. 

What makes astrologers think that planetary motions can also affect human life?

It has been proven by science that low tides and high tides are caused due to a decrease in the moon's distance from earth. This happens in the full moon or no moon day. In coastal areas with high risks of high tides, we can predict the flood by exact calculation. The prediction is so accurate and precise that we can prepare ourselves beforehand before the commencement of floods and reduce the loss of property and life to a great extent.

It is a fact that planetary motions, especially the sun, cause season on earth. We feel cold in the regions with the winter season and engage in activity to keep our body warm. Similarly, in the area where the summer season is prevalent, people hide from the scorching sun's heat sun. Hence astrologers can also p[predict the economic activities during the summertime in a particular region that will be close to reality.

Why do scientists doubt astrology?

Science and technology need an explanation for any event to happen. For any event to happen and exist, it must follow some basic principles of nature. Every planet follows these laws of physics, no matter how much distance they are from us.

The universal laws govern planetary motion, but it can impact life in general of a particular person specifically. They are not ready to digest this thought. The scientific community needs evidence, proofs, and explanation in support of predictions made only then any scientists accept it.

Scientific experiments are done with a precision of 100%. Hence no one can put any question to their experimental results. They rely on the observation, records, facts, and figures obtained from cosmological events in the sky.

Can Astrology or horoscope affect the life of human beings?

Horoscopes are the best ways to make predictions about the human race using the concept of stars forming patterns in the skies. These stars are also called constellations and represent 12 zodiac signs. It is said that every individual on this earth has a zodiac sign determined by his or her date of birth or birth name.

People watch the zodiac calendar for auspicious events like marriage and praying God in church or temple. Sometimes we often use zodiac signs to find the ideal match for the couple. Now the question arises are these horoscope correct and provide reliable information about everyone in society.

To answer this thing, we must know how astrologers can predict certain things and whether it can affect human beings or not. Consider a person born in January before Jan 20th; according to the zodiac calendar, his/her birth zodiac sign is Aquarius. People who are born in January are known for their witty nature. They have a unique quality of humor and have excellent observation skills. They can crack jokes about any ordinary things around and make your laugh.

These things are known as inference in the scientific community, and observation is done to determine whether the above predictions are correct. If that is found evident in almost all people who are born with the birth sign Aquarius, then they are accepted. But here is the problem. There are no predictions that do not obey the laws of probability. The occurrence of any event or chances of happening of events is not always accurate. It is because this science does not treat astrological prediction to be true in most cases.

How effective is the horoscope or zodiac calendar?

Marriage is considered to be the most crucial decision in life. Choosing the right partner is often troublesome, especially when we are searching for our ideal partner. In this perplexing situation where there is no other solution, and we do not want to take any chance that can affect us later on, we must trust the zodiac calendar or horoscope.

It has an impact on our psychological way of thinking. This effect is also known as the placebo effect. To understand this effect, consider that ten people are suffering from fever or flue. And each one of them is given water to drink and is told that this is the best available medicine for fever till date.

The person who drinks that water as medicine will automatically be cured while those who treat that water as water will still suffer from illness. What does that mean? It merely means that everything depends on our way of thinking. If we trust someone and believe in ourselves to make wise decisions, we will never regret it in life. 

What is the cause of separation between couples, according to horoscopes?

 Astrologers can predict whether the relationship will be short-lived or last long. People often want to know whether they have made the correct choice for themselves and would everything be ok in the future if they step ahead in the relationship.

The relationship is based on trust, respect between the partners, and caring nature. During the matchmaking, we can predict whether the selected person is apt for you or not. In case you are confused about whether or not to marry the chosen partner, we can seek help for astrologers to find our ideal match.

If we marry a person who is not good at matchmaking or a Horoscopic calendar, you can also bring troubles to your family and acquaintances. It is said that people affected by Jupiter or Saturn planets should do specific prayers regularly to reduce the effect. It does not mean that problems in life do not exist, but we can minimize the impact of the problem to a greater extent by chanting prayers. The separation between the partners occurs only when the horoscope is not matched before the marriage. 

 To conclude, we must say that astrology is a branch of science that finds correlation between the planetary motions in the sky and its effect on the human race. Not only planetary movements affect our day to day activities but also govern our thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

It can also be used in the prediction of the economic conditions of a particular region. The domain of astrology is vast and cannot be covered up without the use of science and technology. The scientific figures and calculations can make the astrological prediction more accurate, which can be used for preparing ourselves from any pandemic situations.

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