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Kundli Matching for Marriage Ensures a Blissful Married Life!

By: Future Point | 02-Sep-2020
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Kundli Matching for Marriage Ensures a Blissful Married Life!

Marriage is the most important aspect in the life of a person. It is a sacred union wherein a boy & girl become life partners and vow to stand by each other’s side during all times.

Everyone wishes to get married to a loving, understanding & caring life partner and enjoy marital bliss throughout his/her life. 

But one should understand that keeping the love & harmony element vibrantly alive in a marriage takes a lot of efforts from both the partners.

However, there are numerous cases in our society wherein despite the genuine efforts & intentions of both the husband & wife, the marital relationship simply does not work out smoothly and the couple go through rough patches of bitterness and struggle to keep their marriage afloat.

So, is there a definite solution for the problems that are faced in a relationship?

Yes indeed!

The Ancient & Divine Occult Science of Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology is the sacred occult science which has been benefiting the humankind since times immemorial. Vedic Astrology empowers an astrologer to reveal what the planets are signifying for various aspects of an individual’s life as per their placements in the horoscope of that individual.

Make no mistake, the planets literally shape up the entire life of an individual by providing that individual the results of his/her past life karmas.

The astrologer upon analyzing the horoscope of an individual recommends certain highly effective astrological remedies that aim at pacifying the negative effects of the ill placed planets in the horoscope that are causing problems in the life of that individual.

Once the root planetary cause that is behind a problem is properly addressed, the individual gets actual & real relief in life.

Concept of Kundli or Horoscope Matching for Marriage  

The only reason why the rate of divorces is extremely low in Indian societies is that people take the help of Vedic Astrology before entering into a marital relationship.

Kundli Matching for Marriage is the astrological process that determines the compatibility between the boy & girl to ascertain whether they will have a blissful married life or not.

An experienced astrologer through the process of Kundli Matching or Kundali Milan decodes various crucial factors that play a decisive role in evaluating the compatibility among the boy & girl such their innermost nature, sexual compatibility between them, the aspect of childbirth in their lives, their overall health and much more.

These factors are classified as ‘Gunas’ which means attributes. There are eight Gunas that are evaluated in the overall process of Kundli Matching for Marriage and are an integral part of it.

Houses that are analyzed for decoding Marriage in a Horoscope

An astrologer also analyzes certain key houses in the horoscope of an individual or in fact in the horoscopes of both the boy & girl that are crucial when it comes to deciphering the will of planets for the marriage domain of their lives.

Following are those houses:

  • 2nd House- It signifies ‘Family’.
  • 5th House- It represents ‘Love & Relationship’.
  • 7th House- It signifies ‘Life Partner/Spouse’.
  • 9th House- It is a facilitator house for Marriage.
  • 11th House- It signifies ‘Gains & Realization of Desires’.

It is often observed that couples who are in love but face obstacles in getting married, have a weak or negatively affected 5th house in their horoscopes. Such couples must consult with an experienced astrologer to get their horoscope specific Remedies to remove obstacles in Love Marriage.

Similarly, the presence or aspect of Saturn which is a slow moving planet on the 7th house of a native’s horoscope causes delay in marriage and hence, the native should immediately consult with an astrologer to know the remedies for early marriage that are specific to his/her natal horoscope.

These delay in marriage remedies are incredibly powerful & result oriented as they solve the main planetary problem that is posing hurdles in getting married on time.

To be precise, the presence and or aspects of naturally malefic planets such as Saturn, Rahu (North Node of the Moon) and Ketu (South Node of the Moon) on the 2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th houses of the horoscope cause problems in the marital domain of a native unless remedies that are specific to the native’s personal horoscope are adopted.

Another immensely powerful occult science that compliments Vedic Astrology is ‘Lal Kitab’ which is famous for its highly strong & effective remedies.

Lal Kitab follows certain unique principles for designing & analyzing the horoscope or kundli of an individual and those who want to avoid delays in getting married must consult with an astrologer who is an expert on Lal Kitab and get phenomenal lal kitab ke upay for early marriage.

Therefore, when it comes to marriage which is the most important aspect of your life, you must take the wise & prudent step of consulting with an experienced astrologer and know what exactly the planets have in store for you as well as get incredibly effective remedies that would ward off the negative planetary effects that are responsible for the hurdles that you are facing in your path towards marital bliss & happiness!

The highly experienced astrologers of Future Point perform the best Kundli Matching for Marriage and recommend immensely powerful remedial measures that if adopted by a person, can steer that person’s married life towards love, happiness, bliss & harmony!

Meanwhile, you are also welcome to try our Free Kundali Matching and take the first step towards carving out a beautiful married life ahead for yourself!

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