Find your Perfect Match through Love Analysis by Astrologer Abha Bansal

By: Future Point | 21-Feb-2019
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Find your Perfect Match through Love Analysis by Astrologer Abha Bansal

Anyone with a heart, knows that there is no sweeter emotion than love and precisely that is what everyone longs for! But this longing for love also comes with a silent acknowledgment of the fact that true love from a partner is a rare blessing bestowed upon only a few.

So is there a way by which we can find our perfect match?

There sure is!

The ancient & divine science of Vedic Astrology reveals what the stars & planets have in store for a person with respect to every aspect of life including the beautiful aspect of love that leads to relationships or marriage.

Through Horoscope Matching, the future of a relationship between a couple is determined and this process also known as Marriage Matching, leads to finding out that whether the couple based on the planetary alignments in their individual horoscopes are poised to have a blissful relationship/marriage or not.

Astrologer Abha Bansal reveals the major & broader points that are taken into account to find the perfect match for a person and perform a love analysis to find out what the cupid has to say about the relationship or marriage.


Condition of Venus

This is the first step that is performed when it comes to making a love marriage prediction or finding out the state of love in a person's life.

For people in a relationship and willing to tie the knot, it is very important that planet Venus in both their individual horoscopes is positively placed. To know how will Rahu-Ketu influence the major areas of life in detail, Avail the Rahu-Ketu Transit Report 2019 now!

Condition of Moon

Moon is a planet that governs our emotions and we all know that love itself is a very sweet yet very strong emotion. Hence, the state of Moon in the horoscopes of a couple say a lot about how are they emotionally aligned with each other.

If their Moons as per their natal charts are not conducive to each other then there will not be an emotional balance which will lead to turmoil in the relationship later on.

Condition of the 5th House

5th house of the horoscope is the house of love and it paints a revealing picture about the exact situation of love signified in the life of the couple! Hence, analyzing the 5th house is an integral part of match-making in Vedic Astrology.

Influence of Malefic Planets

Naturally malefic planets like Rahu, Ketu and Saturn negatively impact the love domain of one's life. Their placements or aspects on the houses of a couple's horoscopes that deal with love, relationship and marriage results in bickering & bitterness leading to even break-ups or separations.

It must be noted that the influence of Mars which is considered as a cruel and volatile planet on the 5th or 7th houses also creates problems in the lives of the couple. If you are facing problems in married life, access the Love & Marriage Prospects Report.


Ascendant reveals the nature & overall personality of a person, hence the type of ascendants that the couple have determines their mutual compatibility with each other and it is very crucial that the couple must have such ascendants that are friendly to each other.

Plus, the placement of the Lord of Ascendant must not be in houses that make it weak such as the 6th, 8th or 12th houses.

Manglik Dosha

This dreaded dosha (flaw) arising out of the ill placement of planet Mars in the horoscope, brings heightened levels of volatility in love & relationships. If not treated timely and properly, the Manglik Dosha can inflict severe damage on the love aspect of one's life and as seen in some cases, can even result in the death of a partner.

Therefore, it is extremely important to consult with a love marriage expert astrologer and know what the future horoscope reveals for your love life ahead!

So what are you waiting for?

Get your Online Kundali analyzed by Mrs. Abha Bansal and know the will of the cupid for you. Also, get incredibly powerful astrological remedies that have the potential of bringing true love & abundant bliss in your life!

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