Begin Your Journey To Get Luck, Fame, And Wealth - Happy New Year, 2023

By: Future Point | 16-Nov-2022
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Begin Your Journey To Get Luck, Fame, And Wealth - Happy New Year, 2023

Years come and go giving a few exciting moments in the first few weeks! But How about making the New Year fruitful? What measures help you name 2023 as the best year of your life? The yearly horoscope 2023 speaks wonders for you if you follow our advice. It's not about fragile New Year resolutions. Neither are we asking you to bring unrealistic changes in your lifestyle. Here, we will introduce you to the wonders of Astrology. We will tell you how you can use the wonders of Astrology to derive luck and prosperity from the year 2023! 

Astrology- Get What You Wish For

Astrology is an ancient wisdom of interpreting your destiny through simplifying planetary language. Astrology may help decode what God has decided for you. The basis of Astrology is your birth chart or kundli consisting of the planets at the time of your birth. Those versed with the Astrology principles know how effectively Astrology works to narrate a person's personality, character, surroundings, loved ones, and life events. 

Everything you get in this life is there in your birth chart. 

Astrology works on the doctrine of karma and accepts that the person bears the fruits of his past karmas. Now, these karmas/deeds can either be good or bad. We get blessings and miseries from our past deeds in this present life. Astrology serves as a guide to make you follow the right path in life.

Every planet has both good and bad significations. If any part of your life is affected by a planet, then you should adopt the good significations of that planet while ignoring the bad ones. For example, Mars is the karaka of energy and passion. Suppose your tenth house of karma or career is under the influence of Mars.

In this case, the person should channel the energy of Mars in his work by doing work manually or physically. If he doesn't positively use this energy, he will use it in his language, creating arguments and differences with the people around him. 

Thus, a person should talk to an astrologer as understanding a planet, and its working style helps him extract maximum benefits from it.    

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Astrology- An eye opener

Astrology makes us learn about our destiny. We can only get the things promised in our birth charts. There are certain astrological yogas in the kundli of every individual. Now, these yogas can be for amassing wealth, a bad marriage, cheating, foreign settlement, business yoga, or anything. Every person comes with an aim and purpose in this life. The planets in your birth chart define your purpose in life. 

Astrology helps you meet reality while leaving illusions behind. We run after certain things and pleasures in life, but if those are not promised in the kundli, we can never get them. Astrology defines your boundaries as well as your goals in life. When you know what you can achieve and what you can't, your efforts tend to get focused. You give your full efforts and dedication to the work meant for you. The attitude of hard work and determination then increases your chances of success.      

How will Astrology help make 2023 the best year for you? 

Planets in astrology have their natural significations. The planets bestow their natural traits on us with their placement in different houses or zodiac signs of the birth chart. Now, what is important to understand is that a planet gives good results when it is in a strong position in the birth chart. If a planet is weak or is under the affliction of the malefic planets, that tends to create problems in our lives. E.g. a strong Moon can give you a balanced mind and your mother's support. But if it's weak or afflicted, it will give you diseases related to your mind, heart, and chest.  

So, the problems in life are nothing but an imbalance of the planets. The weak and afflicted planet gives problems in various aspects of life like education, marriage, career, finance, business, health, property, etc. 

The yearly horoscope report 2023 helps to know which planet is creating problems for you. Once the planet is detected, the person should perform remedies for its pacification.

At the same time, if a benefic planet is weak, it can't give its desirable results. In that case, the auspicious weak planet should be made strong through remedies suggested by the best astrologer

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Planets affecting different aspects of life-

The Sun- One should make the Sun strong if facing problems in getting name-fame and recognition. If you are facing problems in your eyes, bones or head, etc., you should perform remedies for the Sun. The remedies of the Sun also help in improving the health and status of your father. If you wish to have a government job, start making your Sun happy! This way, the planet helps to fulfill your desires in life.

The Moon- If you remain stressed and lose emotions easily, propitiate your Moon. The Moon is the karaka of mind, emotions, finance, and the mother. If your mother is undergoing health issues, you should chant the beej mantra of the Moon to relieve her. In the same manner, one should perform remedies of the Moon to ensure mental balance and peace in life. If the Moon is in a strong position in the birth chart, you tend to enjoy life and have all facilities needed for a blissful life. Read... Moon : Effects And Remedies

Mars- If you are facing problems in your married life, perform remedies of Mars. One can resolve most land and property disputes by pacifying the planet Mars. Mars is a malefic planet responsible for our courage, bravery, passion, energy, etc. If it is positive in the horoscope, the person becomes highly courageous, but if it's afflicted, it makes the person a coward. He fights but in a lowly manner. Mars helps to make gains through real estate. Those in the field of electrical engineering, mechanics, fire, automobiles, etc., need to keep Mars in good shape to get benefits in their profession.

Mercury- If you are a student and need help memorizing your lessons. It would help if you worked on the planet Mercury. If your children are weak in studies, make them follow the remedies of Mercury. People in the fields of accounts, documents, writing, literature, publishing, travels, etc., must have strong Mercury. To get sharp intellect and good finances, one should propitiate the planet, Mercury. The planet Mercury helps to overcome the problems of false documentation, forgery, and accusations. With greater intellectual and analytical skills, a person can overcome any difficult situation easily. Read... Mercury: Effects And Remedies

Venus- The planet Venus signifies Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. Venus helps you to get all the comforts and luxuries in life. Venus is the karaka of romance, love, and luxuries. By strengthening the planet Venus, you can attract love, wealth, and comfort in life. The most straightforward remedy to strengthen Venus is to respect the females. All those men who love and care for their wives never run out of money and finances. If you desire luxury cars and a big mansion, start working on your Venus. Read... Venus: Effects And Remedies

Jupiter- The most benevolent planet in the astrological cabinet is Jupiter. The planet Jupiter is the karaka of wealth, fortune, marriage, children, and wisdom. A strong Jupiter in the birth chart is your biggest asset. If Jupiter is weak in the horoscope, the person faces problems in getting married, and even if he does, there are many problems in marriage. Weak Jupiter reduces the level of satisfaction inside a person. The person feels dissatisfied no matter what he gets in life. Jupiter is saubhagyakaraka, and its afflictions cause harm to your fortunes. Jupiter likes righteousness and following generosity. So, whoever assumes these natural likings of the planet, gets fortunate by attracting Jupiter's blessings. Read... Jupiter : Effects And Remedies

Saturn- The most influential planet of Astrology is Saturn. The planet Saturn is the karmakaraka which is responsible for giving judgments based on our good and bad karmas. Saturn likes hard work, discipline, labor, and a sense of responsibility in person. Saturn may take a person from rags to riches and vice versa based on the person's deeds. Saturn gives its results during its dasha, sadesati, and dhaiyya to the native. Saturn is a well-wisher of those in need and less fortunate strata of society. If you wish to have Saturn's blessings, start serving the poor and needy today. Saturn will punish you if you follow illicit or illegal means of earning money. It may even send you to jail. Saturn is responsible for complex diseases, long illnesses, miseries, and troubles in life. Read... Saturn : Effects And Remedies

Rahu and Ketu- Rahu is the head of a demon, while Ketu is its torso. They both are malefic planets in astrology. Rahu shows materialistic desires, while Ketu shows detachment and spiritualistic tendencies. Rahu and Ketu are responsible for sudden and unexpected results in a person's life. If Rahu is in a good position in the birth chart, it gives immense wealth and all kinds of materialistic pleasures in life. One should not forget that it's a demon and can't confer only good results; some elements are always there. Ketu gives heights in spiritual realms if is in a good position in the horoscope.  Read... Rahu : Effects And Remedies | Ketu: Effects And Remedies


To make your New Year precious, book your astrology consultation and understand the problem area of your life. Get insights about the weak and strong planets in your birth chart. This valuable information will help you introduce karma modifications by changing your lifestyle. If you perform your daily chores per the planets' desires in your birth chart, you will get what you wish for! 

Resolve to improve your lifestyle with a holistic approach through astrology rather than wandering aimlessly!

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