Find Your Relationship Compatibility With Astrology

By: Future Point | 12-Nov-2022
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Find Your Relationship Compatibility With Astrology

Relationship compatibility is an important part of Astrology. We seek alliances in life due to attraction to some of the personality traits in our partners. Why do we feel attracted to some while we can’t just bear the sight of others? Why do you feel a sense of completion with someone special in your life? Planets work to make us feel comfortable and safe with someone. 

Astrology helps to find relationship compatibility. Each zodiac sign has its specific signification. There are a few zodiac signs that complement a few other signs. This is probably the reason why people belonging to certain zodiac signs get attracted to specific signs only.

How to determine your zodiac sign?

The zodiac sign is basically interpreted as your Sun sign in western astrology. In Vedic Astrology, there is your Ascendant and the Moon sign. So, in total there are three things; the Sun sign, the Moon sign, and the ascendant. Here, what should be the basis of finding compatibility? What traits should we look for to find the most compatible partner for you?

The Sun sign- In Vedic Astrology, the Sun is the karaka of your soul. The Sun sign shows your inner traits, i.e., it depicts you at your soul level. What are you truly inside?    

The Moon sign- The Moon is the karaka of your emotions and Mind. The Moon sign depicts the thinking of a person. What is the perspective of a person can be determined by the Moon.

The Ascendant- The ascendant or Lagna is the rising sign at your birth. The Ascendant represents your outer as well as inner existence. How do you look? What is your thought process? What is your nature and characteristics, etc.? 

When we look for an alliance with a person, we look for mental attributes. The Mind has a significant role to play. In a love relationship, there is a need to have emotional bonding. Secondly, your Sun sign shows whether you are a good or bad soul or a person inside. The Ascendant is all about your outlook. So, here the main importance should be given to the Moon sign because a person does what his Mind asks him to do. Moreover, no love or marriage relationship can exist without feelings or emotions.

Should you rely on Newspapers to find compatibility?      

First, a person should see whether the predictions are based on Sun or the Moon sign. The Moon sign is essential and can’t be ignored while finding relationship compatibility. One may use free kundli online to know your Moon sign. 

The Moon sign signifies your emotional traits. It would be best to look for the Moon sign to find the most compatible zodiac sign. The newspaper provides general predictions, and the predictions for a native largely depend upon his birth chart. The planets in the birth chart, in combination with the dasha and transit system, influences the results we get in our life. So, for personalized predictions, one should talk to an astrologer for his kundli analysis.   

Why Kundli matching is important?

Parents in India mostly perform kundli matching before getting their kids married. Kundli matching is an inseparable part of the Indian marriage system. The ashtkoota Milan indicates the chances of success of a marriage. The higher the score in ashtkoota Milan, the brighter the chances of the success of a marriage.

But in modern times, an astrologer needs to check further the ashtkoota score. One may conveniently do kundli matching online, which shows immediate results. But we suggest it should be the first step, and one should take astrological consultation to know the real compatibility with the partner.

Here in Kundli matching also, the Moon keeps an important place. The kundli matching is mostly done based on the Moon signs of the partners. The Moon forms several doshas in the kundli. Hence, the Moon is important in determining marital and other blessings. 

Relationship compatibility based on elements 

In Astrology, all 12 signs of the zodiac belong to a certain element. These elements bestow specific qualities on the natives shaping them different personalities.

Fire Element- Aries, Sagittarius, Leo

Earth Element- Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus

 Air Element- Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Water Element- Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer

According to love report, the zodiac signs with complementary elements enjoy compatibility between them. For example- water- water, water- earth; fire- fire; fire- air, etc. So, the partners with the same elements have greater compatibility. However, one should consult an astrologer to help with a deep analysis of their ascendant, Sun, and Moon sign.

The relationship compatibility based on elements represents basic affinity. In general, the same element signs share compatibility between them. For example, Cancer and Scorpio both belong to the water element and have similar kinds of energies. So, they both will have the same personality traits like emotions, sentiments, fear, caring and loving, etc.

Similarly, sometimes the opposite elements, say, a Leo and a Scorpio, will also signify attraction and passion towards each other for their appealing differences in their sign elements. The dissimilarity between their elements represents a sense of excitement in their love relationship.

It is important to determine whether you are focusing on short-term or long-term relations because that will ultimately decide your relationship compatibility. For longer and more serious relations, one has to check the compatibility between their zodiac signs, and also, a thorough kundli matching should be performed. 

The lunar nodes, i.e., Rahu and Ketu, are also important. If the lunar nodes in both charts are conjunct and overlap, it indicates that both partners are here to accomplish a common goal as a couple. The association of Rahu and Ketu in the charts indicates coming together as a couple based on past life karmic deeds. 

In conclusion, one should only accept or dismiss a love or marriage relationship by looking at the Moon sign, Sun sign, or ascendant, as there are other planets in the birth chart. To find one’s relationship compatibility, it is important to meet an astrologer. Before concluding anything, the analysis of the whole chart is important. 

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