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Be the star of your family with Kuldeepak Yoga in your kundali

By: Future Point | 25-Mar-2022
Views : 10546Be the star of your family with Kuldeepak Yoga in your kundali

Today in this article we will talk about one of the auspicious astrology yoga called “kuldeepak yoga”. As it is clear from the name itself, the native born with this yoga brings recognition and fame to his/her family. 

Remember, every deed of ours creates yoga for us in our horoscope for our next birth and thus our present birth is all based on our previous deeds as suggested by the best astrologer. The native is loved by all and proves as a biggest support to the family members. Every member in the family looks upon him/her for help and support. They can actually rely on such person for his capabilities and noble behavior. 

Not just for the family but the native is extremely lucky for himself. The native with kuldeepak yoga has been gifted with such noble qualities that he excels uninterruptedly in life. He gets respect and love wherever he goes and shines like a star in his life. Now, let’s find out how this auspicious yoga is formed in a kundali and what benefits we may expect from it. 

Check out your kundli with us for this most auspicious Kuldeepak Yoga!  

What exactly the Kuldeepak Yoga is?

A person born with kuldeepak yoga in kundali brings pride, goodwill and fame to the entire family. These natives never hesitate to carry any responsibility related to their family. Those born with such nice yoga are fond of their families and take care of their each and every need. Such native also reaches heights in his career and leads a prosperous life. 

How Kuldeepak Yoga is formed in a horoscope?

The main planet for creating Kuldeepak yoga is Mars. According to ancient scriptures if Mars occupies tenth house in a horoscope, it forms Kuldeepak Yoga for the native. It is an auspicious yoga but to get transformed into a rajyoga, it needs further support of planets. 

Let’s understand: 

Before moving ahead, keep one thing in mind- 

Single yoga in kundli can’t give you everything. The whole horoscope needs to be analyzed carefully to find out both positive and negative yoga formed in the horoscope. We get results of all positive and negative yoga simultaneously and it is not just that single yoga can promise you a blissful life. Learn astrology to learn about all positive and negative yoga in detail. 

Mars is a warrior and commander in chief, his duty is to protect the kingdom. Thus, exalted Mars in absence of any benefic aspect may promise you an authoritative role but can’t promise you the throne. 

The position of Mars should be checked for forming Kuldeepak Yoga

  • Mars has varied roles for different ascendants. For some ascendants it is functional malefic and for some it is functional benefic. A talk with astrologer may prove helpful in understand the functional benefic and functional malefic nature of the planets. So, if Mars is in good sign like Aries, Capricorn or Scorpion then it will certainly bring yoga to a considerable strength. From the 10th house, Mars also aspects the 1st, 4th and 5th houses with its three aspects.
  • Exalted and well placed Mars may make you an authoritative and powerful personality, but can’t take you to the top position. It is because Mars loves to protect the kingdom and has no desire to rule the kingdom. Mars in association with other benefic planets like Jupiter, Moon, Sun, and Mercury may take you to the top most rank.
  • We can say that Mars makes the native courageous, powerful and brave enough to fight against odds in life with its placement in the tenth house.
  • Mars in the 10th house creates “Kuldeepak Yoga” and always brings you in limelight. You tend to get honor from the family, neighbors, relatives and society equally.
  • You always remain the most favored kid in the family and neighborhood. People recognize you as a strong, kind, noble and sweet natured person.

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Why Kuldeepk Yoga makes you the star of your family?

As per astrology, 10th house is placed just opposite to the 4th house of domestic life. The 4th house in a horoscope signifies your home and since it is opposite to the 10th house it also signifies people away from home i.e. the outer world. The 10th house also stands for authority and power and hence Mars in the tenth house makes the person authoritative and a powerful figure in the society.

Mars placed in the signs of Capricorn, Aries and Scorpio in the tenth house not only creats Kuldeepak Yoga but also forms Ruchak Maha Purush raja yoga. So, it is double the benefit. Moreover, Mars attains directional strength in the 10th house. In this case Mars becomes extremely powerful. In such case, if it is also forming an association with Jupiter, Sun, Moon, Venus or Mercury then this is real great fruitful raj yoga. This yoga then fetches extremely higher position and status in life.

Mars depicts fire, military, police, army, energy, doctors, surgeons, sports, support by siblings, metals, weapons, land, engineers and charity etc. And the 10th house stands for government related jobs, public dealing, managers, politics etc. So, Mars may get you indulged in any of such influential position.

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The karmic reason behind Kuldeepak yoga in a horoscope

As per karmic philosophy, Mars in the 10th house shows charity and any person with Mars in his/her 10th house would do lots of charities. Mars in connection with benefic planets Venus and Jupiter in the 10th house motivates the person to perform several good things for humanity. 

Here, charity is not about making money donations but also means helping people in their difficult times through moral support or physical efforts. 

It means that if your neighbor or any relative requires your physical, financial or moral support, you never hesitate and always come forward to help them. All these good karmas have appeared in the form of kuldeepak yoga in this life.

How to strengthen your Mars?

  • Mars is the dominant player for creating kuldeepak yoga and thus it is very important to strengthen Mars with following remedies:
  • Worship Lord Hanuman and recite Hanuman chalisa on Tuesday.
  • Chant beej mantra of planet Mars in specified numbers to attain good results of Mars. Mantra- “om kram kreem kraum sah bhaumaaye namah”
  • Feed jaggery and grams or fruits to monkeys.
  • You may also keep fast on Tuesdays.
  • Consult an astrologer and wear manic or red coral stone to strengthen Mars.

Congrats to those who already are stars of their families!

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