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Anang Trayodashi 2022- True Blessings of Love, Progeny and Prosperity

By: Future Point | 07-Apr-2022
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Anang Trayodashi 2022- True Blessings of Love, Progeny and Prosperity

The occasion of Anang Trayodashi is observed during shukla paksha during the chaitra month. In the year 2022, it will be celebrated on 14th April, 2022 on Thursday. This religious festival is dedicated to Anang Dev or Kam Dev who is worshipped with great reverence this day. Not just the day is associated with Kam deva but also with Lord Shiva, who is also worshipped on this day on a bigger scale.

Relevance of Anang Trayodashi

The month of Chaitra is a blissful time, when spring is at its peak. Environment is blooming everywhere and minds are at ease. The weather is beautiful and flowers seem to fill surroundings with fragrance and softness. This is the reason why this month is related with Kamdeva- the god of love. However, there is a legendary tale explaining the association of Kamdeva with this festival, explained in the later part of this article.

Trayodashi itself is an auspicious tithi and this time, pradosh yoga is also being formed on this auspicious tithi. This makes the day highly auspicious. People keep fast on Anang trayodashi to improve intimacy and love in married life. Those awaiting progeny also keep this fast, to gain happiness of child. Couples are blessed with children and prosperity in life.

The ancient texts also mention the significance of anang chaturdashi’s fast in detail. It is believed that the worship of Anang Dev on anang trayodashi blesses the devotees with all kinds of worldly pleasures. The fast can be observed by anyone and is considered very fruitful for those who lack love in their lives. The day has an association with Lord Shiva as well. There is a legend behind why Lord Shiva named this day after Anang dev. Females looking for marriage and love in their life should observe this fast with great faith. The fast is known to improve luck and fortunes in observer’s life. It also removes danger of deadly diseases, accidents and other miseries causing untimely death of one’s partner. Thus it is a saubhagya vardhak fast in its true sense.

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The Legend behind Anang Trayodashi

We all know that Lord Shiva was highly disturbed after Devi Sati’s immolation in the yagya ceremony of king Daksha Prajapati. He was extremely furious and left the place with Sati’s dead body at his shoulders. His extreme aggression gave strength to destructive powers of the universe, they tend to get stronger. The things were out of control and to find a solution, Lord Vishnu divided the dead body into several parts and wherever these body parts fell, a jyotirlinga was formed. In severe pain and emotional state, Lord Shiva started meditation which was for infinite time. With Lord shiva in the state of deep meditation, tyranny of negative souls especially of demon Tarakasura was rising day after day.

The demon attacked Devlok to defeat king of devas i.e. Devraj Indra. This was a worrisome condition for the universe and everyone was worried for the life on Earth to come to an end. All devas approached Lord Brahma to seek help to defeat Tarakasura and win the throne again for devraj Indra. Lord Brahma suggested that only the son of Lord Shiva could kill Tarakasur. This made all of them even more stressed as Lord Shiva was meditating in isolation and there was no partner to him. 

Goddess Sati had to bring back to life by Lord Shiva to bear a son but how that could be possible. For this first of all, Lord Shiva has to break his meditation and come back to real world. Kamdev took the responsibility of waking Lord shiva from his state of meditation. Kamdev put his kama arrow at Lord Shiva to awaken him. Lord shiva woke up but only to his greatest fury, he opened his destructive third eye to make Kamadeva lose all his body parts. When Lord Shiva came to know the actual reason, he realized his mistake and became calm. 

Lord Shiva then blessed Kamadev and agreed to the suggestion made by Lord Brahma. Rati, the incarnation of sati pleaded Him to give life to Kamadeva. Kamadeva without any body organ called Anang Dev. On this day, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati are worshipped. He informed that once Lord Vishnu will take incarnation as Lord Krishna, Kamadev will be born as pradyumn, the son of Lord Krishna. This way Kamadeva will get alive again.

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Puja Vidhi of Anang Trayodashi

  • One should wake up early in the morning and bathe by adding little Gangajal in the bahing water on the day of Anang Trayodashi. 
  • After that, wear clean white clothes and vow for observing fast. Chant om namah shivay and visit temple to worship Lord Ganesha and Lord Shiva. Various offerings like panchamrit, white flowers, sweets, dry fruits and bananas should be made. One should perform jal abhishekam of shivalingam with great reverence while reciting chants of shiva.
  • There is importance of making offerings of white colored articles like clothes and sweets to Lord Shiva. In all 13 items including batashe, bel patra, ashoka tree leaves, coins, flowers and ladoo etc. should be used in puja. One should also light a ghee lamp in front of the shivalingam. 
  • One may worship ashoka tree as well and light a ghee lamp while reciting Kamdeva’s mantra.
  • One should consume fruits only to observe the fast in its most optimum manner. The fast is over the next day after offering food and donations to the priests.

Kandarp Ishwar Darshan on Anang Trayodashi

Another name of Kamadev is Kandarp and offering prayers to Lord Kandarp is considered highly auspicious on this day. The worship is largely followed in Ujjain where it is believed that worship of Lord Shiva and Lord Kandarp blesses one with a place in swarg or dev lok.

When Lord Shiva announced about the rebirth of Kamadev as Pradyumn, he also told that whosoever keep Anang Trayodashi fast, will get extreme marital bliss, peace, prosperity and fortune in life. The couple seeking progeny will also be blessed with a child through observing this auspicious fast of Anang trayodashi.

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