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Remedial Astrologer: Top 4 Astrology Tips to Make Your Life Better

By: Future Point | 29-Jun-2018
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Remedial Astrologer: Top 4 Astrology Tips to Make Your Life Better

The world is full of opportunities, but sometimes wrong decision/action can get in the way. Changing your life for the better is about picking the right step closer to your ambitions, goals and dreams. Getting right guidance is a great start, and taking action is the next important step.

People don't know about the power of astrological advice which can change their life for better. If you are looking for better and peaceful life, here are some of the Astrology tips:


Astrology tips: The Air sign Gemini, Libra & Aquarius

Gemini - Ruled by Mercury

Libra – Ruled by Venus

Aquarius – co-ruled by Saturn

The Air signs are quick decision makers, good learner they are proven to be Justice loving & focused on social change. Airy people generally have double personality. Mostly they become Lawyers and judges. These sign

People are well defined as“jack of all trade, master of none”

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Tips : Weigh the options and keep the balance by remaining honest. Think before making decisions. Connect with your dreams to stay on one thing to get better result in career. Socialise with people. Stay calm and do regular meditation.

Astrology tips: The Fire sign Aries, Leo & Sagittarius

Aries - Ruled by Mars

Leo – Ruled by the Sun

Sagittarius – Ruled by Jupiter

As three signs have different personalities but do have common is “Fire Element” which makes them dominating, angry & ruling. They have child like nature mostly they are independent arrogant & very social in nature. They are considered fire signs hence they are inspiring, motivational and passionate.


Astrology Software


People of “Talent is a flame. Genius is a fire.”

-Bernard Williams

Profession - They make great achievement in career mostly they choose professions like Defence services or Medical (Doctors or surgeons), they really have the chance to be in the spotlight.

Tips : Hence it is advisable for them that, they should learn to control their anger and be nice to others.

Astrology tips for: The water sign CANCER, SCORPIO & PISCES

Cancer - Ruled by the Moon

Scorpio – Ruled by Mars

Pisces – Ruled by Jupiter*

“Nothing is softer or more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it. “

-Lao Tzu

The people under these Lagna and Rashi are emotional and they take decisions from their heart. This is how water element mostly work, people with water element have sixth Sense that helps them to make right decisions.

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Profession - Work related to water or other fluids can be a best option.

Tips: Too much air or fire dries up the water; Control on emotions, feelings is a key to success. Have the courage to share or express your emotions.

“Nothing is softer or more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it.”

-Lao Tzu

Astrology tips for: The Earth sign Taurus Virgo and Capricorn

Taurus - Ruled by Venus

Virgo – Ruled by Mercury

Capricorn –Ruled by Saturn

People holding above lagna and rashi are good signs according to astrology, these rashi people are considered good as they are down to earth, they do not boast but work harder with pragmatic approach.

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Taurus is ruled by Venus so it is not surprising that they are luxury loving and born to enjoy their life. Taurus never quit, they have value of time and money. Earth signs generally love peace, full life & do not want to be disturbed.

Generally Earth sign are troubleshooting, they set their own rules to live, they are helping people, since it is earth sign, they are full of energy. People with these signs are studious and money comes to them easily. When problems arise, they treat them with reason & work systematically to solve them.

Tips: Try to loosen up a little bit, It is okay to say no once in awhile. Do not set your rules, your key to success is work as a team and become a good listener.

“Never cut a tree down in the wintertime. Never make a negative decision in the low time. Never make your most important decisions when you are in your worst moods. Wait. Be patient. The storm will pass. The spring will come.”

-By Robert H. Schuller

In summation, implement these short tips to create a better life. Feel free to contact the expert team for detailed astrology consultancy at

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