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How Lal Kitab is Linked to Astrology & Life?

By: Future Point | 28-Jun-2018
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How Lal Kitab is Linked to Astrology & Life?

As we all know astrology is an ancient science. A scientific mentor of predicting events that can occur to a human being’s life, from time to time. The science of astrology has been expected to develop over 5000 years. Initially, the subject evolved to check the planetary positions and closely matching the time analysis of a place. This involved calculations and deductions which also gave birth to the famous subject called “Mathematics”. As the science evolved, our great sages realised that this science can also be used for the prediction of events in a human being’s life. Thus, astrology became the method of predicting the auspicious time and then channelizing our energy to reap maximum benefits from the same.

Similarly, as other western communities come in contact with India, one realised that there were similarities between Indian and the western astrology. Such as both used Zodiac signs as a common means and both relied on individual charts to give predictions to an individual’s life. Both the science spoke about constellations and nakshatra’s, personality traits, behavioural patterns etc., thus these similarities existed for ages since then. Though Indian and Western astrology differ from Chinese astrology. In Chinese astrology, the symbols of animals and year of birth has been used to give prediction. Thus, Indian astrology system differed from Chinese astrology.

But Indian astrology had one edge over Western and Chinese astrology. All the medium of instruction in Indian astrology were in Sanskrit. This helped the Indian astrology to evolve even more.

As in India, many institutions, even today, educate us formally in the subject of Sanskrit, Indian’s were adept enough to further evolve the subject of astrology. By the formalization of Sanskrit education, Indians could compile the various tenets of astrologer and then develop the subject Lal-Kitab.

Lal-Kitab, with its literal meaning as Red-Book, is a compilation of mainly giving remedies to cure problems from one’s life. The problems of health, wealth, relationship and all aspects in Human life. Therefore, Lal-Kitab which used Five different Hindu astrology text as its base to form and develop the tenets for Lal-Kitab. It became a solution book to the Multifaceted problems faced by a native individual. Hence there is no real author to the book of Lal-Kitab. Though the initial work was done in the 19th Century, between 1935-1955, by the Late Roop Chand Joshi Ji.

So, if one asks is the practise of Lal-Kitab is scientific? Does this work? Then one of the remedy that was recommended by the tenets of Lal-Kitab is to throw a coin in a flowing water. This was widely practised in the west to get the desired results. Slowly the scientific angle of Lal-Kitab was studies and then analysis gave credentials to the invention of this subject. Similarly, the solution of offering food to young girls, offering biscuits to a dog etc., all were the invention through the book of Lal-Kitab. Gradually the results enjoyed via Lal-Kitab impressed its followers. Thus, the benefits of Lal-Kitab become very eminent.

The tenets of Lal-Kitab is used to please a planet in a native’s horoscope, a t a particular time and place to give a soothing effect to them. The entire text of Lal-Kitab has a vast compilation of various remedial measures mentioned to be undertaken from time to time. These remedies are independent and individual to ever native. Thus, when practised with dedication and strictly as per the text, the results are certainly amazing.

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