How much one can know about future through astrology?

By: Yashkaran Sharma | 04-May-2018
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How much one can know about future through astrology?

An Astrology consultant nowadays is known as a “life coach because he can guide people about their future plans as per the Future Prediction by Date of Birth and Time on Indian Astrology. The Astrology Consultation by Top Astrologers will let you know more about the times to come in life. The Astrology consultancy can be availed from online astrology or horoscope online/kundali online service launched by lots of astrology portals who are euipped with Kundli software online. The astrology software helps in casting the horoscope online whereas the astrology consultant gives consultation as the power of intuition, imagination and visualization are also needed in making astrology predictions.

Everyone on this earth remains curious to know his future. Astrology is one of the oldest sciences which are practiced in India for knowing one’s future since time immemorial. Astrology is the study of the movement of planets in the sky. One who understands the movement of planets knows everything. This is the reason why the practice of astrology also involves the study of the impact of the planetary transit on the natal chart of a person but very few astrology consultants are well versed with it.

Before going through the above process the astrology consultancy necessarily involves the study of the natal horoscope which is the snapshot of the map of the position of planetary movement at the time of the birth of the native. The study of natal chart/horoscope includes the study of the position of planets, their mutual aspect, conjunctions forming specific Yogas without analyzing which it will be almost impossible to know the scope, potential, and destiny of an individual.

These Yogas get fructified in specific Dasha and Antardasha during a specific transit. The transit as discussed above is the impact of current planetary position on the horoscope of the native. When Yogas, Dasha, Antardasha & Transit all are taken into account simultaneously then it becomes easier for an astrologer to know about the present, past and future of a person. The best astrologers use this technique when they try to predict the future of a person and results are found to be amazingly correct.

The scholars of astrology also belive in analysing the past life of a person from the horoscope of a person because they feel it that past life Karmas can not be altered and the impact of those Karmas only decide our fate. The past life of a person is studied from 5th house of horoscope. 5th house is 9th from 9th (house of destiny) therefore 5th house in nutshell is the destiny of house of destiny means destiny is dependent on the strength of 5th house. This is the reason why Jaimini astrology also proclaims that 5th house, 5th lord and Putra Karaka are most important.

The bad position of 5th house indicates obstacles, sins of past life and also the Pitridosha because of which the horoscope does not work with its full efficiency even if the horoscope is powerful.

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A specific planetary position, aspect, conjunction, Yoga, Dasha, Antardasha and transit promises a probability. The chances of fructification of a probability is entirely dependent on the strength of a probability. If the availability of a probability is something common means if somebody’s horoscope contains a Yoga which is found in the charts of several people then its strength becomes questionable and in that case the chances of better results shall brighten only if the planetary position attains some unique strength but contrary to it if there is a Yoga which is rarely available in the charts of people then definitely its impact and the chances of fructification shall be way larger.

Astrology can tell a lot about future. When a child is borne then at the time of his birth his horoscope is in complete mathematical harmony with the past life Karmas of the child therefore his horoscope has enough potential to know almost all areas of life. For example it can be predicted that how good, bad or poor shall be the health, wealth, personnel life and professional life of the person. If the lagna lord , significator of immunity and planet placed in Lagna all are exalted then person’s health and personality shall be perfectly great.

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If exalted Sun is placed in 10th house and malefics are in 6th house the native shall definitely become an administrator, minister or a king. If Sun, Jupiter and Mars all shall be weak the person shall be an ordinary human being and won’t be influential at all. If exalted Mars is in10th house and malefics in 3rd house the native shall make his name and fame by doing some kind of bravery. He might become a general, a cop or a sportsperson otherwise.

If exalted Jupiter is in 10th house and Moon in Kendra (1, 4, 7, 10) then there shall be expansion in the glory of the native with his involvement in public welfare activities.

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If Saturn is in 8th house the native shall live long. If Mars is in 10th house the native would be very fortunate, if Jupiter in 6th house the enemies shall get destroyed. Similary if Mercury is in 4th house the native shall be highly resourceful, If Moon in 9th house the native shall be highly respectable and a genius. If Jupiter shall be in Kendra the native shall be blessed soul and enjoy a contented life. If Venus shall be in Lagna the native shall enjoy all luxuries, glamor and successful love life always. Rahu in 11th house shall bring money easily.

Rahu in 5th house shall obstruct education, destiny of children and bring obstacles at every step. Jupiter in 6th, 8th and 12th from Lagna as well as Moon brings bad luck and something important always remains missing from the life of the native. The position of Saturn in Lagna takes the native to the top position in his life. The strong position of Sun can make one a doctor, the strong position of Jupiter and Mercury, their conjunction, mutual aspect or mutual exchange can make one a very successful, lawyer, business person, educationist, astrologer or a journalist.

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Ketu in 5th house, Jupiter in Kendra and Moon in 9th can make one a spiritual leader. If Saturn aspects Lagna/lagna lord, Moon/4th house/4th lord and Jupiter then the native can also become a Yogi. The conjunction of 4 vplanets in any Kendra or Trikona shall either make the native a monk or a king. If all Kendras from Lagna and Moon are occupied by planets the person become very successful professionaly and succeeds in attaining a very high post of responsibility in government and visits foreign country.

If a person takes birth in a maovable lagna and majoirity of planets including Lagna lord are in Kendras the native keeps travelling. If majority of planets occupy a specific house in a horoscope then the life of the native revolves around the portfolio represented by that specific house.

If a planet is not occupied and aspected by any planet then he/she fails to get the good results of that house. If Jupiter is in Leo and all other planets are in Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius & Capricorn the nativebecomes a big shot in his nation. If more than 3 plaets are exalted the native is a king, if more than three are in their own houses the native is a minister, if three or more planets are debilitated the native is very poor and if 3 or more planets are combust the native is a fool.

If Sun is in 5th and Mars in Lagna or 7th house the native shall definitely earn big name and fame even if abandoned in a jungle. If Venus and Mercury are in Lagna, Mars in 10th house and Jupiter in Kendra the native shall definitelyy be successful in all the tasks undertaken by him.

If the native is borne in a movable sign and Venus, Jupiter and Saturn are exalted in Kendra the native gets blessed with Anshavtaar Yoga. Such a native is competent to shape the character of the age in which he lives.

If second lord and 9th lord are in Kendras and their lords are well aspected by Jupiter the native becomes very successful and famous after the age off 22. Such aperson can be highly reputed minister, honored by king, defeats his enemies and owns several kingdoms.

If lagna lord is in Kendra, benefics are in Kendras, malefics in 3rd, 6th and 11th houses, Moon is Pakshabali and 8th and 12th house is empty the native lives a decent life. If Lagna lord is in in 8th or 12th, debilitated malefics in Kendras, benefics in 6th, 8th and 12th and the Moon is also weak the native gets destroyed. Apart from the above mentioned Yogas there are several other combinations which can give big indications about the fate of a person.

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