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12 Houses in Astrology

By: Future Point | 08-Jul-2021
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12 Houses in Astrology

You must have heard from the astrology enthusiasts about houses, they often talk about transition of a specific planet into a particular house and signs. Most of the time, you must have heard them discussing about the placement of a particular planet in a particular house while predicting your fate. It’s quite normal to hear about the houses if you sit with them even for an hour. So, what actually these houses are? 

And what importance they have in making predictions? What is the relation between them and the planets? There are many questions coming to your mind after listening to the repeated repetition of the word “houses” from an astrologer’s mouth. There are twelve houses in astrology, each depicting a specific area of your life. There are many specifications related to a particular house which we will cover in this article in detail. 

For many of us, natal charts are the gateway into higher astrological curiosity. As we explore more, we become more familiar and interested in this ancient science of astrology. It is like joining the broken pieces together to get a complete picture of our life as a whole. Once you learn about the houses your next curiosity lies in various zodiac signs and planets. 

Houses may or may not contain planets and sometimes they contain any number of planets. There are celestial points that exist within a House, and that particular placement offers invaluable insights about a person’s personality traits but also how he connects to the world around him. Moreover, our natal chart is an outcome of our past karmas and the placements of the planets in various houses tell us whether we have reaped good or bad karmas. The Houses help us to understand our past, present, and future. As the planets in the sky transit or pass across these domains, several events — both physical and mental— are triggered. Each house is also associated with a particular zodiac sign too which further refine the personality traits and the predictions related to that house. For instance, the Seventh House of Partnership is linked with Libra energy: the zodiac sign Libra represents relationships and talks about balance, affection, and fairness, so it is sensible to relate it with partnerships. 

All this may sound extraordinary, well, it actually is. The Houses are certainly what turns astrology into a spectacular subject. Each one of the 12 houses signifies a specific part of life. These subsections either exist in relation with each other or may operate as a separate single unit as well. The Twelve Houses are comprises of a 360-degree wheel. Their geometric rhythm lies in a symbolic representation of the complete journey of an individual’s life. You may easily understand the meaning of the Houses in your own life, through providing your basic details like time of birth, date of birth, and location where you were born into astrology software.

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Meaning of the Houses in astrology

The natal or the birth chart has been divided into 12 equivalent sub-sections, which comprise the Houses. The number 12 also has its own importance and often surfaces in Vedic astrology. However, the Houses are not the same as the zodiac wheel, in which the main basis of calculation is the monthly rotation of the sun. Each house represents two hours of the apparent movement of the sun each day called lagna or ascendant. So it is very important to record and provide the correct time of birth to get the accurate predictions. The Houses in an astrological chart depict different facets of one’s life, based on the birth details of a person, and can very well predict the blessings or obstacles one is likely to face in his lifetime. In other words, if the birth time has not been recorded correctly, your entire astrological predictions and cosmology may turn inaccurate. 

The Language of the Houses

When a naïve look at an astrological chart for the very first time, it's hard to determine as where exactly one should direct his focus. An astrologer may help you in this matter. Talk to astrologer to know about the strengths and weaknesses of your houses in your natal chart and also the possible outcomes. To start with, you first need to focus on the ascendant, also known as the rising sign. The Ascendant is the prime most trait of the type of the person you are talking too. Of course, the association of the planets will matter a lot but still it gives you a broad idea about the nature of the person sitting in front of you. It is the rising sign at the eastern horizon in the sky, the moment you were born on this earth!

While the sun depicts our soul, the moon deals with our emotions. Every planet in astrology depicts a specific signification. Well, planets will be discussed some other time; here let’s talk about the houses. The Ascendant reveals the main trait we will maintain throughout our life. For instance, communication will remain the main focus in the life of a Gemini lagna (ascendant), whereas innovation signifies an Aquarius ascendant. The ascendant is the face one shows up to the world, the image often portrayed socially.

The Ascendant is the ruling lord of the chart as well. Someone with Aries ascendant, for instance, is ruled by warrior Mars, whereas a Libra ascendant ruled by Venus has an inclination towards aesthetics and luxuries. The ascendant also tells about the various aspect of life through its relation with the lords of other houses. In a birth chart, you may find many planets residing a certain house (in fact, four or more planets at a single place known as a stellium), while others may be without any planet in it. The birth chart is simply a snapshot of the sky the moment you were born, and since most of the planets travel close to each other, it’s quite common to see them together. The placements of the planets in different houses reveal important information.

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This governs your appearance and how the world perceives you. It is you as an individual and your aspirations about life. It is your first impression on the world. It signifies you as a person you are means your true traits by birth. It signifies the commencement of your life journey in this world. It’s ruled by Aries. Explore about the first house in detail here. 


This house represents your immediate family you are born in. it is also the house of speech, wealth, savings and food. It shows the things you will value the most in your life on a practical level. It also gives an idea about your general relationship to the world. It covers self- worth and your immediate physical surroundings. It’s ruled by Taurus. Explore about the second house in detail here.


It is the house of communication, your efforts, intellect and siblings. Friends and neighbours too find place here. It’s ruled by Gemini. Explore about the third house in detail here.


This is about an individual’s family and home, particularly domestic affairs. It also includes owned vehicles, mother and comforts of life. It’s ruled by Cancer. Explore about the fourth house in detail here.


This is a house of children, creativity, romance and intellect. It’s ruled by Leo. Explore about the fifth house in detail here.


It is a house of obstacles, diseases, debts and competition. It’s ruled by Virgo. Explore about the sixth house in detail here.


It is a house of relationships and marriage. Any kind of relationships like those of business and with others is also seen from here. It’s ruled by Libra. Explore about the seventh house in detail here.


It is again not a good house and depicts bad aspects of life like death and longevity, extra marital affairs, things of dead and accidents etc. however, this is also the house of occult science, inheritance and sudden gains. It’s ruled by Scorpio. Explore about the eighth house in detail here.


This house represents religion, higher learning, ethics and wisdom. It also talks about international travel—both physically and philosophically, like learning a foreign language or exploring religion and philosophy. It’s ruled by Sagittarius. Explore about the ninth house in detail here.


It is house of karma, it includes all kinds of karma i.e. your profession as well. It is the highest point in a horoscope, which shows the recognition, honors and fame you will get. It’s ruled by Capricorn. Explore about the tenth house in detail here.


It is a house of desires and gains. It shows the sources you are likely to use to make gains. It’s ruled by Aquarius. Explore about the eleventh house in detail here.


Twelfth house depicts expenses, losses and spiritual aspects like moksha. Explore about the twelfth house in detail here.

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