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Weekly Horoscope 12 July To 18 July, 2021

By: Future Point | 12-Jul-2021
Views : 1405Weekly Horoscope 12 July To 18 July, 2021

Predictions made on weekly basis help you to plan your coming one week in a perfect manner. With the help of precise weekly predictions offered by Future Point, one can make fruitful resolutions for every week. These predictions have been offered after careful analysis for all sign Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces as their sun signs.

Weekly horoscope allows you to plan your weekly activities in advance with prior knowledge of the same. Weekly Predictions are important for the salespeople and professionals to know their job aspirations in the coming week. Similarly, those waiting marriage may make out whether there are the bright chances of meeting their soul mate or not. You get the precise picture of the positive or negative effects of transits of various planets in advance and may act accordingly. Weekly horoscope predictions are helpful to everyone, like traders, students, stock brokers, common man and everyone to include.

Indications from weekly predictions ensure the job holders whether they may expect promotions in the coming week or look for the more supportive time. Weekly astrology indications can give a decent idea about the support one is likely to have from the planetary transits. The weekly forecast gives indications about the health you are going to enjoy or face challenges in the forth coming week. If you are facing any troubles in the married life then the weekly predictions will help you know whether these issues will be resolved in the coming week or not.

We will check out the weekly predictions, along with the fast, festivals and transits falling this week. We will also find out the celebrities celebrating their birthdays between July 12 and July 18.

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Astrological Facts and Hindu Panchang of this Week

According to the calculations of the Hindu Panchang, the week will begin from Dwitiya Tithi of Shukla Paksha under the Ashlesha Nakshatra, i.e., July 12, and end on Navami Tithi of Shukla Paksha under Swati Nakshatra, i.e., July 18.

Let’s find out the fasts and festivals that will be observed in the second week of July-

  • July 12, Monday- Jagannath Rath Yatra
  • July 16, Friday- Karka Sankranti

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Transits of the Week

This week, two transits will take place-

Sun Transit in Cancer (July 16, 2021): This transit will take place on July 16, 2021, at 4:41 pm. The Sun will remain there till August 17, 2021, at 1:05 am. It will move to the Leo zodiac sign after that.

Transit of Venus in Leo (July 17, 2021): This transition will affect all the 12 zodiac signs in some or another way. This event will occur on July 17, at 9:13 am, and Venus will remain there till August 11, 11:20 am. Thereafter, it will move into the Venus zodiac sign.

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Birthdays of some prominent personalities in the second week of July

July 12- Evelyn Sharma (actress), Vinay Pathak (theatre and movie actor)

July 14- Shiv Nadar (industrialist and philanthropist)

July 16- Katrina Kaif (actress)

July 17- Ravi Kishan (actor & BJP chief)

July 18- Priyanka Chopra (actress), Bhumi Pedneker (actress), Smriti Mandhana (cricketer)

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The week will give you a busy start, and you will remain more engaged in the business prospects. You may gain through new contacts and will remain satisfied with the results so gained. You are likely to remain engaged in the legal matters and invest time and money for the same. Your opponents may serve you difficulties and their careful observations over your actions may further aggravate the situation.

During this time, the health may not remain stable and you may have to go to visit a doctor as well. But the middle of the week will bring relief from the problems and you will remain in a better position to carry with your goals. The health will also be stable. Meanwhile, time is favorable for profession and you are likely to make huge gains through your occupation as well. A happy and peaceful married life will further add to your joy. Overall it will prove a positive week for you.


The students will remain active this week and will stay determined to improve their academic growth. However, it is possible that laziness takes toll on your pre determined education goals but you have to stay careful and don’t let it spoil your determination. If you work in the field of acting or arts, you are likely to get bright opportunities from the first phase of the week itself. Actors and artisans may make good money through their excellent work this week. This week, your personal relations will remain harmonious and affection of your partner will make you feel strong. The communications with the closed ones will remain sweet and positive. The middle of the week may remain packed with work load in your professional life. You may attend a wedding or some auspicious celebrations in your family. You will remain busy in preparing for the same. You are likely to make big but fruitful investments decisions and your health needs to be taken care of this week.

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The week may begin with the search for a new job. You might be looking to change or add to the present means of livelihood. More energy and enthusiasm is required for to accomplish these goals. This week you will remain inclined towards improving your professional aspects. At the same time, you may spend in the beautification of the house and may also buy some new domestic appliances for your home. The first and the second part of the week promise good health and prosperity. Rest of the phases could be unfavorable which might require a short-term treatment also. In the second phase of the week, you will find yourself attracted towards your spouse and her needs. You will try your best to make your married life even better and comfortable. If you are from the field of arts or is planning to give a competitive exams, then you will achieve success. In the last phase of the week, you may have to face disputes related to land and may end up spending time and money in these conflicts.


This week you will remain involved in matters related to your business. You will succeed to take your business to a new height with self efforts and hard work. You may face difficulties in the implementation of the final decisions at the root level. However, you will be able to exert strong influence and succeed through bribes and contacts in the second phase of the week. In the service sector also, there will be noticeable progress from the second half of the week in a comprehensive manner. Your hard work and fine working skills will fetch you promotion at the work place. In the third phase of the week, you will make gains financially as well as morally, means you will gain knowledge of the subject you already love. This week you may remain engaged in completion of some important tasks. However, this week may present hurdles in financial transactions and your family relations may not stay harmonious. There is a nedd to tackle them patiently and calmly.

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The week may begin with buying property on your mind. You will leave no stone unturned to console your family members to buy a particular piece of land or property. At the same time, you will also initiate active efforts for carrying out the tasks related to external affairs. However, you need to work hard and devote time and money in order to complete these tasks in stipulated time. In a way, the first phase of the week will prove hectic and slight stressful for your service and business matters. The family relations at home will be peaceful and a positive atmosphere will prevail in surroundings. Your family will thrive for unity giving you immense happiness and relief. However, the second half of the week, may present the situation of shortage of resources in your work causing impediments. Service people too have to face challenges and difficulties at their work place. Your competitors or colleagues may form a conspiracy against you leading to mental disturbance. This may affect your performance at work but you should remain calm and use your wisdom to overcome this adverse situation. By the end of this week, you will get desired results


The first two days may not prove that productive and you may find arrogance in your attitude. It is important to take control on your harsh speech to avoid any likely arguments in the family. Stress at work will be reflected in your mood spoiling relations back at home so, take control of the same. You are suggested to hold any investments in the fixed assets you were planning to make for these two and a half days. The mid of the week will demand attention on kids regarding their studies. You may also plan to travel for their study purpose and those who are planning to go for higher education may succeed. Avoid working in pairs or partnership during this phase. Those looking for perfect match have to wait and the investments again may not bring the desired returns. Make sure you have an exciting weekend planned. This week, your wellness will remain good.


This week you may gain through foreign relations and matters. At the same time, you may also settle the debts and loans taken previously. You must be feeling the pressure of debts from few weeks but you may be relieved now. You may pay off the debts in the first phase of the week. The beginning of the week may see engagement in business projects. Some legal arguments and differences with your in-laws are likely to surface this week. Due to these, you have to spend exorbitantly adding to mental stress and anxiety. This week you may rent your house and earn through rentals successfully but the expenses will not stop. There will be favorable position in many areas in the second phase of the week. You will have better prospects in the business and your health will also remain strong.

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You have to stay active to improve your levels of income this week. On the other hand, you will also be trying to upgrade your knowledge and skills and may undergo some special training. The positive and beneficial planetary transits will favor you in your endeavors. You will spend in buying domestic appliances and items of comforts for your family. From the beginning of the week only you will ponder much in improving your technical skills. In terms of your personal relations, the first phase of the week will prove auspicious and both of you will share intimacy. However, in the second half of the week, your exorbitant expenses may give you mental pressure. Your health may also affect due to climate changes or due to hectic work schedules. The end of the week may give bitterness in the married relations giving you frustrations. Otherwise, the last phase of the week will prove favorable for you.


In your professional life, you will get some positive prospects and will grow further this week. As a result, you will finalize your future course of actions. Meanwhile, your work efficacy at the work place will enable the subordinate employees to complete the given tasks before the stipulated deadline. You tend to avoid circumstances which could create hurry-bury. Your efforts will reap better and excellent results during the second phase of this week. You will see the graph of financial profits going higher and steeper. This week, you will ensure that the second phase of the week remain conducive in terms of profits. However, the expenses may shoot up suddenly towards the end of the week. You will actively make efforts to cut down the undesired expenses. Your children may also spend more than their pocket allowances and will turn a deaf ear to all your valuable advice.


From the initial phase of the week, you will stay determined and dedicated towards your professional goals. This will further help you in successful completion of the pre assigned tasks. You will feel a thrust of motivation and energy in your body. This will help you to take the charge of some courageous tasks as well. You may get a chance to go on a pilgrimage, this week with your dear one. However, your domestic life may get sour due to this religious visit. Maintenance of your home and its safety will bother you. Talking about your health, you may face troubles like blood disorders, inflammation of internal organs, and bodily weakness. The worries about your mother’s health may prevail in your mind. She might get hospitalized and may need severe medical help. However, situations will improve in the second phase of this week. You will regain your health and your mother may also see improvements in health. There will be a good lead in the business and job areas.


The people working as employees have to stay more active in their services this week. You may also attend a family function with special invitation. This week will present you certain opportunities which you will successfully grab to your benefit. Land disputes and legal cases may add to your stress and frustration and you have to spend huge chunk of money in this. This will prove wastage of money and time both. Your health may not remain sound and you need to see a doctor to feel better. You will be looking for a person for your organization that can help you in accomplishing your tasks in an efficient manner and that too in the fixed time frame. In the second half of the week, you will see your fortune coming to favor you very well. Your luck will support you get happiness and success and all your problems and sorrows will reduce significantly. There will be an overall success in many areas in the ending of this week. Your health will get better at the end of the week too.


Your married life will see a spark of fun this week and you both will remain affectionate to each other giving mental satisfaction to you both. You will get engaged in many profitable business ventures as well. If you are running an independent business, you will get bright opportunities ensuring progress to you. This will earn you great profits and honor in society. However, the constant efforts and long working hours may let you feel exhausted. In the second phase of the week, you may travel a long distant journey. You may also spend in articles or home appliances that may add comfort to your home and life. You will put extra efforts to thrive in your profession and those will reap fruits. You are likely to face some challenges related to land and property, they may even complicate further. This will create chaos and create many doubts and queries in your mind. You will try and solve these matters with your intellectual skills and your efforts will be rewarded positively in the last phase of the week. You will feel mental satisfaction and inspirations inside to even become better version of yourself.