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Gemstones for Those Born in July

By: Future Point | 07-Jul-2021
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Gemstones for Those Born in July

Want to know about the lucky gemstone meant for those born in July!  Well, this article will give you detailed information of the same. The most suited gemstone for the people born in July is called Ruby or Manik. It is as hard as diamond and helps an individual to strengthen his body, mind and soul. 

While yellow sapphire is also suggested to those born in July, but Ruby is a preferred choice of the astrologers. So if as a July born you are planning to wear the Ruby gemstone, then here is everything you need to know about it. Since ancient times, gemstones are seen as precious stones bringing luck and prosperity to the person wearing it. 

There have been scientific proofs that if worn in a proper way adhering to the quality and type of stone recommended for that particular zodiac sign; it may attract boons for you. In astrology, every natal chart is unique with specific planetary placements. A learned astrologer after analyzing the chart properly may suggest you the best suitable gem stones. Talk to astrologer to know the best gem stone for you to garner divine blessings. 

What is a birth stone?

A birth stone means a gem stone that has been suggested according to the period of the birth of that person. It is usually the month in which the person is born i.e. his zodiac sign. Birth stones help the person to gain success in whatever he does, if worn in accordance to the planetary placements in his chart. However, for every month there has been a specified gemstone that a person can wear without fear, but still a consultation with an astrologer is necessary. 

Consult the best astrologer at future point to know what stone you should wear and what should be the size of the same. There are various specifications to be followed which only a learned astrologer can explain. The gem stones are worn as rings or pendants. Even there have been mentioned specific fingers for specific stones making it unavoidable to consult an astrologer before wearing it. You may also opt for online kundli from the comfort of your home.

Birthstone for July

For those who are born in the month of July, Ruby is the traditional gemstone suggested by the scholars. Ruby is red in colour and is worn in gold ring or pendant. The stone Ruby signifies energy, vitality, confidence and strength of a person. It is also effective in treating health problems related to blood and bones. It also infuses a sense of positivity in the person wearing it. 

Ruby is a gemstone of the king of the planets Sun, and Sun is known for its energy, wisdom, generosity, vitality, enthusiasm and royal nature. All these qualities are automatically transmitted in the person wearing Ruby. The main birthstone of July is ruby and the gemstone regarded at the second place is onyx or turquoise.

Gemstones are known to hold concentrated energy and with its powerful energy and adaptability to the human body, they prove to be the appropriate energy medicine tools. Like other medicines, gemstones heal us internally while aligning us with the required energy for our multiple growth. Gemstones are now used to heal various ailments that may range from mental to physical categories. Crystal healing is an expanded branch of the same therapy. So, the importance of gem stones can’t be denied if worn in an appropriate manner. 

Benefits of wearing Ruby:

  • In Vedic astrology, Ruby represents the third chakra of human body i.e. Manipura or the Navel Chakra in chakra philosophy. Ruby may stimulate this chakra and the resultant stimulation relieves you from shame, fear, jealousy, remorse and disgust.
  • Wearing Ruby may result in strengthening your relations with your parents especially the father.  
  • The Ruby gemstone may help you excel in your professional field or business. If worn properly with appropriate carat, colour and shape, Manik may boost creativity and self-worth in the native.
  • If there is a lack of harmony in married life, then both of the partners may wear ruby gemstone to gain mutual understanding. 
  • Ruby benefits also involve giving luxurious and comfortable lifestyle to its natives. 
  • Putting the Ruby gemstone under the pillow while sleeping may help to keep the bad dreams from the native and he is also spared from any kind of bad influence. 
  • Ruby stone in astrology is also a stone of romance and passion. One may wear it for better emotional and physical relations with your partner. 

Who can wear Ruby gemstone? 

  • The gemstone Ruby is concerned with the planet Sun in astrology. Sun is the king in the planetary cabinet and is known to shower success, royal status, power, arrogance or pride and noticeable success to its native. So first of all, you should check yourself or with the help of an astrologer about the strength of the Sun in your kundali. If it has considerable strength or is in what of strength in both the cases you may wear it. But it has to be thoroughly checked that it doesn’t have much malefic influence. If in case it is badly afflicted, one should wear it after consulting an astrologer. So, Ruby gemstone is used to balance the effects of the Sun. 
  • If the Sun being the lord of an auspicious house is placed in the 10th house, 9th house, 5th house or 6th house of your natal chart, then you must use a Ruby gemstone.
  • If your birth date falls on the first, tenth or twenty-eighth in the month of July, you can get the maximum benefits of ruby through wearing it. 
  • Ruby is known to keep the native motivated.  It infuses energy and positivity in the native. It is highly suggested for those preparing for competitive exams as it raises their motivations.
  • If you are working as a lawyer, judge, medical practitioner, agriculturist, broker or artist, then Ruby gemstone is must for enhancing your excellence. 

How and when to wear Ruby gemstone? 

  • Ruby gemstone may be worn on any Sunday of shukla paksha and it is even better if Pushya Nakshatra is running. If you don’t know about the Pushya Nakshatra is, then you can talk to astrologer to understand the same.
  • It is essential to activate Ruby before wearing it, for that it has to be dipped in Panchamrut and then surya mantra need to be chanted. This process will wash away the impurities of the stone making it fit to wear. 
  • Moreover, always wear the Ruby gemstone in a ring made up of gold or copper metal. 
  • Ruby gemstone to be worn should be between four and twelve rattis or carats.
  • You should always wear the ruby gem stone in the ring finger after doing its Prana Pratishtha.
  • Some pujas nave also been recommended to be done before wearing the ruby stone in order to gain maximum benefits of it.
  • The gem stone should be bought from a certified seller.
  • There has been a specified process to be followed before wearing a gemstone. First of all, the gem stones should be worn on the days specified for the specific stones. In that matter, Ruby is worn on Sunday. Then again we have to consider the brighter half of the lunar month to gain maximum benefits of it. It has to be worshipped with milk and ganga jal, diya and dhoop should be done and chanting of mantras is required to activate it. It is only after it, you can wear it. One can get a gemstone report as well regarding the gem suggested at Future Point. This report carries each and every detail about the gem stone suggested and its possible effects in one’s life.

What disease Ruby gemstone can cure?

  • Ruby helps in curing the native physically and mentally. The stone helps to curb depression and stress.  
  • Ruby gemstone also helps in balancing the blood circulation.
  • Ruby is also helpful in eye related diseases.
  • Also, the gemstone cures skin problems. 
  • If you are facing a problem of unfocused mind then wearing it may help you regain your focus.  
  • People with an unstable mind may also get benefitted through wearing this gemstone. 
  • It also relieves a person of any problems related to weak bones.

Which ascendant should wear the Ruby Gemstone?

Following ascendants may wear Ruby beneficially:

  • Aries ascendant – The Aries folks must wear the gemstones ruby and red coral. This is highly preferable if one is running the Mahadasha of Sun. 
  • Cancer ascendant – The Moon is the lord of the Cancer ascendant and it is friendly to the sun. The Cancer ascendants may wear Ruby in combination with pearl to gain wealth. 
  • Leo ascendant – The Sun is the ruler of Leo ascendant. And we know that the Ruby belongs to the Sun. Thus, it is highly beneficial for them. 
  • Scorpio ascendant – For the Scorpio natives, ruby is helpful for bright career. 
  • Sagittarius ascendant – The lord of the Sagittarius ascendant is Jupiter, which is a friend to the Sun. Thus wearing Ruby can bring name, fame and monetary gains. 

Cleaning the gemstone  

  • To keep the stone intact and free of cracks, one must clean it with warm soapy water in case it becomes dirty. 
  • Avoid chemical agents or chlorine contained cleaning agents to keep the gemstone clean. 

The price of Ruby gemstone

The cost of the Ruby gemstone depends on its carat or ratti. Higher the carat higher is the price. Also, the price of Ruby gemstone depends on the country of origin. The Ruby gemstones found in Burma are considered the best quality gem stones.


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