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The reasons why one should incorporate Astrology in daily life

By: Future Point | 09-Jun-2021
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The reasons why one should incorporate Astrology in daily life

The year 2020 rang the bells of uncertainties, unforeseen challenges, global unrest and environmental issues. The times are uncertain but we may add an element of certainty to them with the help of astrology. Had we known the havoc played by the monstrous year 2020, we had better be prepared in advance for our everyday lives.  So many astrologers were indicating this pandemic that has crunched the globe badly and it would be truly wonderful if people took astrology seriously!

The cosmos will spread out the astronomical craziness for the next few years but knowing things in advance proves a great tool in navigating our life. For example a person searching for job or wealth would probably benefit if he knows which times of the year is suitable for accepting an offer for a job. He can surely make out the nature of the job as it could be temporary because of, for example, a retrograde mercury or permanent if accepted during good dasha and transits. On a greater scale the astrology can also predict the fate of a country taken as a whole and the people in power can plan things accordingly.

Astrology is not just about making blind predictions or peeping into a person’s life but rather it is a branch of science based on the wisdom of our ancient scholars with a history of thousands of years. Astrology does not mean believing the things blindly but it forces us to ponder and uncover what astrological events may manifest in our lives. And further how to put energies present in the current time to the maximum of our benefit.

Every person should try and learn astrology as it gives valuable insights into our lives and we can always plan better in advance. Learn from the best of the astrologers at Future Point and add this wonderful knowledge to your intellect.

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Here are 5 reasons why astrology should be used in daily life:

Transition into adulthood: 

The planet Saturn takes around thirty years to complete one rotation of the zodiac. It comes back into the sign it was in when you were born after approx. 28 years. This is known as “The Saturn Return” and it’s a wakeup call of one’s adulthood. At this age, you may experience drastic change in your personality and may find complete different dimensions of life. You may become more responsible or may start establishing yourself. No matter what sign it is placed in, it calls for maturity and will bring serious changes in your life. However, many people tend to lose under this dramatic yet strong Saturn energy. Learning astrology and understanding its principles can help so many young natives to channelize Saturn’s energy in the best possible way to ensure success. But knowing this phenomenon could happen at least thrice in an average life, it is highly recommended to learn and create more harmonious outcomes.

Overcoming childhood trauma: 

In astrological charts planetary positions and certain aspects play crucial roles. They could tell whether you will face trouble in childhood or not too. For example not always but a cancer born native must have a loving and nurturing environment for their development in order to avoid many difficulties in adulthood. Or a native having their fourth house in Sagittarius or even Saturn in the fourth house could experience many familiar challenges. It’s sensible to analyse your birth chart and try to understand the placements and positions of your planets at birth. This helps in understanding the factors that has created trauma in your life and then can find ways to heal you down. In more extreme cases, there are astrologers who can guide you based on your birth chart and a talk to astrologer is all what’s required to lead a meaningful life. They can advice as how to live a meaningful life which is not just fruitful to you but for others as well.

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Work, Career and Wealth: 

Where you are and where you belong to can be totally two different things. And career is the most suitable example when it comes to astrology. How you can obtain wealth and success is a wonderful use of astrology in your daily life. You come across many people who chose the right career but the wrong place or most often the wrong career. Trying to create massive wealth in both the conditions will prove unfruitful. It might require a little shift: maybe you work at the wrong place or your employer is not ethically correct which prevents you from creating prosperity inside. Whatever the reason maybe, taking guidance through astrology in career is probably the most impactful use of this ancient wisdom in today’s scenario. Maintaining relationships is another important area which can’t be looked down. Astrology helps you to understand what kind of a person you are and the same you can make out about your life partner or other relations through analysing their planetary positions. So, if you understand what the chart is talking about, you can try hard and smart to ensure prosperous and strong bond of relations. Gaining control of your life obviously makes you healthy at a physical and mental state.

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Creating a closer bond with your children: 

Children and their prosperity can be accurately predicted with the help of the astrological charts. When we thrive to maintain best of the relations with our kids we must understand even minute details of it. You as a couple affect your children with the alignment of stars taken jointly. Your children too have individual astrological energies that may sometimes cause friction with them or even between you and your spouse. Understanding them on an astrological level and finding ways accordingly could smooth out your relationship and bring you closer. Similarly, you can always guide your kids as to what career or moral path to follow deciphering their astrological placements. This certainly goes a long way in affirming a fruitful life to them.

Anticipating societal changes and overcoming pains:

Astrologers were raising alarms about the position of Saturn in Capricorn and the energies thereby produced. This is what we have been experiencing since 2020 but due to lack of astrological awareness the greater public was asleep. Understanding that there was something big to approach, completely a new age, that’s so many people were just not prepared to face could have saved so many people. The uncertainties add to the miseries of the people and they tend to struggle more. This can be controlled with the help of astrology and people can be well prepared for the adversities or opportunities as the case may be in a better manner. The whooping six eclipses too indicate how strongly these celestial events can influence our lives. We are already noticing so many things that have had to change trends but astrology can help with understanding the times and where the world will lead.

A free will is always there but astrology is a gift of wisdom that advocates to use your power wisely and to focus your energy effectively. Not just these but astrology has many more ways to help connect to your life better and broaden your aspirations. Here at Future Point we provide the best way to learn vedic astrology and use it to your maximum benefits. The online classes conducted here give complete insight into the subject and students can take benefits of the rich literature in the form of course books. These books are a great source for future reference.

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