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Effects of the Retrograde Jupiter’s Aquarius Transit in 2021

By: Future Point | 09-Jun-2021
Views : 1570Effects of the Retrograde Jupiter’s Aquarius Transit in 2021

Jupiter Aquarius Transit in 2021: Jupiter in Vedic Astrology is considered as a naturally benefic planet. It signifies wisdom, expansion, wealth, childbirth, health, education, preaching, spirituality and pilgrimage among many other things.

It is said that if Jupiter is strong & well placed in a Kundli or Horoscope then it has the potential of pacifying the negative effects of other ill placed planets of that Kundli to a significant extent.

However, if Jupiter alone is ill placed in a Horoscope then it diminishes the positive effects of other well placed planets. Hence, it is extremely important that a native must have a positive Jupiter as per its placement in his/her Horoscope. 

In case of an ill placed Jupiter, the native must timely adopt certain Horoscope specific Astrological Remedies that would calm the negative effects of the ill placed Jupiter to ward off obstacles and eventually ensure success in life!

Now, planets exert enormous influence upon a person based on both their natal positionings in that person’s Horoscope as well as their continuous transitory movements in the Zodiac Belt.

The ongoing Jupiter Transit In Aquarius will go through a very significant change on 20th June 2021 when Jupiter will turn retrograde in Aquarius and will remain in the retrograde motion till it exits the sign of Aquarius on 14th September 2021 and enters the sign of Capricorn.

Remember, a retrograde planet becomes highly charged up and is prone to provide more negative results in a very short span of time than it usually does, especially if it is in an uncomfortable alignment with other planets in the Zodiac Belt at the time of its retrograde transit.

Jupiter turning retrograde in Aquarius will be a highly crucial  phenomenon in the entire Jupiter Transit 2021. Jupiter during this retrograde phase will have very powerful Effects on All Zodiac Signs.

So, with further delay, let us look at the effects that retrograde Jupiter in Aquarius 2021 will have on people of all 12 Ascendant Signs!

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Jupiter will transit in the 11th house of your Horoscope. Financial gains will not come easy and you will have to work really hard for them. Wait for your efforts to fructify and do not get frustrated as patience is the key for you during this time. Those who are in a love relationship will not be able to spend much time with their partner because of work related commitments and this could bring some bitterness in their relationship. Professional work load will remain heavy during this period.


Jupiter will transit in the 10th house of your Horoscope. Situations will not be favourable at your workplace and you might consider going for a job switch with future professional growth in mind. However, it is advised that you wait for some time as this is not a conducive period to make a job change. Your words can get you in trouble so, be cautious of what you speak. Family relations will be turbulent and you need to avoid getting into impulsive arguments with family members.

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Jupiter will transit in the 9th house of your Horoscope. You will get little support of luck during this time and you might have to go on some travels that will not yield the kind of positive results that were initially expecting. Students will have to work very hard to maintain a consistent trajectory of growth in the academic domain of their lives. Chances are that you might get into a dispute with your spouse or younger siblings.


Jupiter will transit in the 8th house of your Horoscope. This will not exactly be a pleasant transit for you especially if you are doing a job. However, with your hard work and some sudden hiccups along the way, eventually you will get through the hurdles that you face. Keep a conscious track of your speech and think twice before making a statement in public.


Jupiter will transit in the 7th house of your Horoscope. If you are married then your marriage needs serious attention as the element of bliss & harmony in your marriage is at risk. You need to take care of your spouse’s health as well. For those running a business, this is not a good time for you as you will witness unexpected obstacles cropping up in your business and your equation with your business partner or even with some of your clients will become challenging during this time.


Jupiter will transit in the 6th house of your Horoscope. Health should be your prime concern during this time as you really need to be cautious about your health. Do not take any new health related symptoms lightly and consult with a doctor on an immediate basis. Ignore your temptations for junk food and follow a strict healthy dietary regime. Your enemies could keep poking you and if you are going through a litigation then this transit will keep your anxiety levels high. You are likely to witness a spike in your expenditures so keep a check on unnecessary spendings to avoid a dent on your financial situation.

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Jupiter will transit in the 5th house of your Horoscope. Students will find it difficult to maintain their focus & concentration. Consistent hard work should be the mantra of students otherwise their academic graph would dive down significantly. If you are in a love relationship then you might witness bitterness creeping into your relationship with your partner. Act timely to clear all misunderstandings that could negatively impact your relationship with your loved one. Parents need to take special care of their children’s health. On the professional front, you will have to strive harder during this time and the results will not be what you expected. However, if you stop working hard or take things casually then your growth & progress could take a serious nose dive during this transit.


Jupiter will transit in the 4th house of your Horoscope. You are likely to go through some challenging family related situations. Workload from the professional sphere will be high but the end results will be favourable for you. Your relationship with your mother as well as her health might deteriorate during this time. Hence, display calm & patience while interacting with her and take good care of her health. You should put all property or real estate related matters/decisions on hold till 14th September 2021.


Jupiter will transit in the 3rd house of your Horoscope. Your courage will increase and you will be willing to take bold steps. However, be cautious in your approach as your boldness could land you in serious trouble as well if you act in an ill thought out manner. Your relations with younger siblings might become turbulent during this time. Some short travels are on the cards but they are not likely to yield fruitful or expected results for you.

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Jupiter will transit in the 2nd house of your Horoscope. Harshness in your speech would bring troubles to you. Your relations with family members will deteriorate as you are likely to get into strong arguments with them due to some serious disagreements on certain issues. It is best that you avoid such confrontations and consider dealing with them later in a peaceful environment. Keep a track of your accumulated wealth as sudden unexpected expenditures might deplete your wealth.


Jupiter will transit in the 1st house of your Horoscope. Your health needs special attention which is why it is of paramount importance that you follow a healthy & nutritious diet that is beneficial for you as per your specific body type & composition. You might feel lethargic during this time however, you must maintain an active lifestyle with a balanced exercise routine as laziness will negatively affect your outlook towards life and result in failures in certain ongoing endeavours of your life.


Jupiter will transit in the 12th house of your Horoscope. Expenditures will be high and you must only spend on what is necessary otherwise you will run short on funds very quickly. Your father’s health might become a concern for you hence, you must take good care of him. Also, keep an eye on your own health as well because you might face some health related issues yourself. Try to avoid travelling as much as possible during this time especially long distance travels or foreign travels. Focus on being healthy yourself alongside ensuring the sound health of your father as well as that of your near & dear ones around you.

So, this was the in-general analysis of the effects that Jupiter will have on people of all Ascendants during its retrograde transitory period in Aquarius from 20th June to 14th September 2021.

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