Mars Transit in Taurus 2021

As per the ancient occult science of Vedic Astrology, Mars is a highly volatile planet which signifies anger, courage, boldness, confrontation, land/property, weapons, flammable chemicals etc.

Among the 12 Zodiac Signs, Mars is the Lord of Aries and Scorpio. It must be noted that Mars becomes exalted in the sign of Capricorn and becomes debilitated in the sign of Cancer.

Mars will transit into the sign of Taurus on 22nd February 2021 and move out after completing its journey in that sign on 14th April 2021.

The current Mars Transit in Taurus 2021 will be an incredibly intense one as Rahu which is a naturally malefic planet and an enemy of Mars is already transiting in the sign of Taurus.

Both these planets when conjunct together in a sign, more often than not bring frictions in various aspects of people’s lives and trigger major turbulence in the world.

Therefore, it is recommended that one should Talk to Astrologer and know the astrological remedies that would ensure a calm, smooth and peaceful passage of this volatile transit.

Let us look at the Effect of Mars Transit in Taurus upon people of all 12 Ascendant Signs!


Mars transiting in the house of family, speech and accumulated wealth would disrupt harmony within the family but will positively impact your financial state. Career or Business will witness positive growth & expansion during this time provided you keep your temperament in check and take decisions while being in a calm state of mind. Property related matters will move in the positive direction.


You will experience a lot of ups & downs in your professional life. Health might pose some challenges so be sure to follow a balanced diet and moderately intense exercise regime. Also, remain vigilant about your reputation in the society. You will become ambitious in your life but do not let your relations with high ranking officials deteriorate due to arguments that could be easily avoided. While working hard during this time, make conscious efforts to control your anger and display patience. Stay away from disputes and try to go for an out of the court settlement if you are involved in a legal tussle.


Mars transiting in the 12th house of your Horoscope will keep you stressfully busy and you might have to take up travels that would be inconvenient & unpleasant. You might receive some bad news from friends or relatives. Spend only where it is needed and heavy expenditures should be avoided else you will face financial crunch. Postpone lending money during this period if possible as chances of getting that money back on time will be low. Take every decision after putting in a lot of thoughts and performing due diligence.


This transit of Mars will happen in the 11th house of your Horoscope and will be very positive for you. Mars will bring success in your life as well as remove the obstacles or hurdles that were bothering you. You will overcome all challenges by your hardwork & courage. Your name & fame will rise and you will see an increase in your status in the society. Make sure that you maintain cordial relations with your family members and avoid any differences in opinion that could negatively impact those relations. This is a favourable time for students as well as aspirants appearing for competitive examinations.


Mars will be transiting in the 10th house of your Horoscope which will be very positive for the career/profession aspect of your life. If you are going through some troubling or complicated property related matters, then this is a time period that will bring favourable results for you. This is a great time to start a new professional venture. Those who are doing a job might have to relocate or get transferred. However, chances of a promotion and pay hike are strong during this time. You will emerge victorious over your enemies and if you are entangled in a legal battle then situations will turn into your favour.


Mars transiting in the house of Fortune of your Horoscope will bring mixed results for you. Overall this will be a balanced period for you but you will see some obstacles getting cropped up in your life that you would have to deal with patience. Your spiritual thirst will increase and might go on a pilgrimage. Job in a foreign based company will positively drive your career. Your rational decisions and their systematic execution will be well appreciated.

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This could be a turbulent period for you. Take good care of your health and be very careful while travelling. Avoid confrontations during this time as you might get into some legal trouble. Sudden financial loss could occur during this time, so take all finance or investment related decisions after performing due diligence. Do not speculate or spend senselessly during this period. Students must work extra hard during this time.


Some bitterness could enter into your married life so work towards ensuring a harmonious relationship with your spouse. Those who are unmarried would face delays in getting a suitable marriage proposal. Your business will witness positive growth during this time. However, avoid getting into a partnership and do not take financial decisions in a hurry. You will get much needed support from high ranking people in the government or regulatory authorities.

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Your enemies will be defeated and you will successfully come out of any legal issue that you have been going through. Property related matters will be resolved amicably and your relationship with higher authorities will improve significantly. You will overcome competition and will get optimum reward for your hard work. There might be some minor health issues that would bother you during this time but with proper precautions & timely treatment, the negative impact on your health would be minimal.


This transit will be good for students as it will enhance their focus and increase their ability to perceive & retain. If you are planning a financial investment then this is a good period to do that. Your relations with your child might deteriorate during this time so avoid confrontation and be patient. This is a great time for couples who want to become parents. However, people who are unmarried and are in love might witness some ups & downs in their relationship.


There could be some problems on the family front that would disturb the peace of your mind. Handle matters related to property with caution as they can complicate further. Be cautious while travelling as there could be a loss of money or the end result of the travel might not bear the fruits that you were initially expecting. Chances of purchasing a vehicle during this time are high.


This is an incredible period for you that will bring unprecedented success in your life. With your courage, hard work and dedication, you will overcome all challenges in your life. Make sure that you do proper planning & analysis before taking all big financial decisions of your life. Your spiritual inclination will increase and you will experience better clarity of thoughts along with a calm & stable state of mind.

So, this was a broad overview of the Effect of Mars Transit in Taurus 2021 for natives of all 12 Ascendant Signs.

If you want to know the detailed result of this Mars Transit in Taurus 2021 with respect to your Personal Horoscope then consult with the Best Astrologers of Future Point who are known to perform an unparalleled & comprehensive analysis of their client’s Horoscope and thereafter recommend powerful astrological remedies that have the potential of bringing unmatched success, growth, joy and prosperity in their client’s life!



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