What Does this Transit of Venus in Aquarius Mean for You?

Venus Transit in Aquarius 2021

Venus is the natural significator of Love, Relationship, Marriage, Vehicle, Luxury and Affluence.ac Venus is considered as a very auspicious planet in Vedic Astrology and its placement in the Horoscope of a person plays a key role in deciding the quality of a person’s life as well the degree of comforts & conveniences that the person is slated to enjoy in his/her lifetime.

Therefore while analyzing people’s Horoscopes, Astrologers pay special attention towards deciphering the results that planet Venus is supposed to provide them in their lives based on its placement in their Horoscopes.

Venus will transit in the sign of Aquarius from 21st February to 17th March 2021. The Venus Transit in Aquarius in 2021 will be a very powerful one based on the overall planetary movements in the Zodiac Belt during this time.

Therefore, in order to know the Effect of Venus Transit in Aquarius upon you based on your Personal Horoscope or Janam Kundli, Talk to Astrologer and know how you can maximize gains in those spheres of your life that planet Venus is affecting the most!

Let us look at what this Venus Transit in Aquarius would bring for people of all 12 Ascendant Signs.


This will be a good period for you on the financial front and monetary gains are on the cards. If you are unmarried and looking for a suitable match then this transit will result in constructive progress. For married couples this transit will ensure marital bliss. If you are a student then you are likely to get an edge in competitive examinations during this time.


You will get pleasant results in your life especially with respect to your career & profession. There will be a rise in your authority and your creative self will find new expressions that will be well appreciated by your colleagues. Some travel is likely and you will get adequate support from government authorities.


You will find a very strong inclination towards spirituality and this is a great time to focus more on your spiritual growth. The decisions that you will take during this time will be well received by your near & dear ones. Luck will favour you during this time. Things are likely to move ahead on a positive track with respect to initiatives taken for foreign travel.


You might face some ups & downs during this transit. Hidden enemies might become active against you and create obstacles for you in the professional domain of your life. Be extra careful while travelling during this time and take special care of your health. You must be completely dedicated towards your duties & responsibilities as well as be proactive to ensure stable & harmonious relationships in life.


This will be an overall positive period for you as far as your job/career is concerned. Just remember to avoid arguing with your colleagues as it would paint a negative image of your personality that might impact your professional relationships with them in an adverse way. Long term growth opportunities from distant or foreign lands are likely to come your way.


This transit could be tough on your health so take good care of yourself. Be conscious about what you are eating and take healthy initiatives such as following a balanced health & dietary routine. If you are looking to get married then there might be some delays in getting a suitable match. Married people should be more involved in their married life to ensure that their marriage moves on the right track. You must stay alert as your hidden enemies might rise during this time. Students will have to work extra hard to achieve success in the academic domain of their lives.


If you are in the higher education phase of your life then this will be a great time for you. This is a very positive period for students who are about to appear for competitive exams as they are likely to benefit immensely as far as their preparation and eventual performance in their respective exams is concerned. Chances of landing up with a government job or a job in a multinational company are very high. Your financial state will significantly improve during this time.


Disputes related to property (if any) will be resolved or move towards a resolution in your favour. This is a good time for business growth and gains in finances. You will get ample support from close relatives and friends. There will be a rise in your name & fame in the society. Do not disclose your long term growth plans and keep working upon them quietly & diligently.


This transit will bring mixed results for you however, with your courage & hard work you will keep situations under control. You are likely to take part & benefit from some foreign related endeavours. Your health might bother you during this time, so take proper dietary precautions and do follow an appropriate exercise routine. Avoid arguing unnecessarily with people who differ with your opinions.


Your fortune will shine and strengthen your state of finances. Your stature in the society will rise and you will get due respect from the people around you. Although your responsibilities will increase during this period, you will execute them with grace & efficiency. You will witness significant improvement in your love life.


Worldly comforts will increase in your life and you will see a rise in your name & fame. Your position & authority both in the professional as well as social domain will increase during this time. You will spend on luxury and could even decide to purchase a property or a vehicle. This is a great time to apply for a government job. Efforts revolving around finding a suitable marriage match for you will bear fruits of success.


You might have to undergo many ups & downs during this time as the current transit is likely to bring unexpected results in your life. You will spend on travels and incur luxury related expenditures. Take good care of your health and do not let bitterness creep into your married life. If you are a student then you better work hard as this period demands more focus & academic dedication from your side.

So, this was an in-general outlook for natives of all 12 Ascendant Signs regarding the result of Venus Transit in Aquarius 2021.

If you want to know in detail the Effect of Venus Transit in Aquarius for yourself based on your Personal Horoscope, then do consult with the highly experienced Astrology Professionals of Future Point who would provide you with powerful occult based tips & remedies aimed at steering your life towards success, sound health, bliss, harmony and prosperity!



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