Jupiter Transit 2020 to 2021 Predictions | Guru Transit 2020

Jupiter Transit 2020 Predictions

Jupiter transit in Sagittarius sign and its effect on different zodiac sign (predictions based on ascendant sign or lagna)

Jupiter is one of the most auspicious and rewarding planets in the world of Vedic astrology and is believed to bring good luck, money, and prosperity in life. This planet of growth and expansion will provide benefits in the areas of education, higher learning, travel, promotion, publishing, and entrepreneurship. As per the Jupiter Transit 2020 Predictions, the planet will transit into Sagittarius sign from 5th November 2019 and is considered very auspicious for business affairs, religious activities and foreign travel. This transition is going to be very positive as Jupiter is in a powerful motion because of traveling in its own sign, Sagittarius.

Jupiter is going to remain in the Sagittarius zodiac sign till 29th March 2020 and then it will enter the Capricorn zodiac sign from 30th March 2020 because of its speedy motion and 14th May Jupiter will be in retrograde motion in Capricorn sign. On June 30th in 2020, Jupiter again will enter Sagittarius sign in retrograde motion and on September 13th, 2020, Jupiter will be back in direct motion in Sagittarius sign. It will remain in Sagittarius sign till November 20th 2020.

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The 2020 Horoscope Predictions as per the Transit in 2020 with respect to Jupiter’s impact on different zodiac sign during its transit in 2019-2020 are as follows:

Impact of Jupiter Transit in 2020 on Aries

This transit of Jupiter in Sagittarius sign will bestow a bouquet full of opportunities and possibilities for Aries sign natives as Jupiter will move into your 9th house, the house of fortune and good luck. This transit will bring immense success in your job and business dear Aries natives. There will be a substantial gain in name, fame, and respect, both on the professional front as well as the personal front for Aries natives. This transit of Jupiter indicates that the family life of Aries people will remain peaceful and joyful. Trips related to career or with family and friends will rejuvenate you and lift up your spirit. As per the Transit 2020 Horoscope, the natives of the Aries zodiac sign will feel a sudden boost in their personality and confidence during the Jupiter transit in Sagittarius sign in their 9th house.

Impact of Jupiter Transit in 2020 on Taurus

Jupiter Transit in Sagittarius sign in 2019-2020 will not bring many auspicious results for Taurus natives. They may feel uneasy, hyperactive and restless during this whole transit period. There is also a chance for some major health ailments. You will be accident-prone during this period of Jupiter transit in 2019-2020, so drive your vehicle carefully. An unexpected source of income or multiple financial gains is likely to happen. However, this period is a very unfavorable time to make any major investments. Health and professional issues may take a toll on your family and relationships resulting in occasional anger, frustrations, and some confrontations within the family. Jupiter will be moving into your 8th House, the House of Obstruction, which may cause some delays in your important endeavors. You should not lend your money to anyone during this period. Science, Astrology, and Meditation will interest the Taurus natives more than their actual vocations. During the 2020 Jupiter Transit, Taurus people are advised to visit holy places and worship your deity with complete devotion.

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Impact of Jupiter Transit in 2020 on Gemini

The Transit of Jupiter in Sagittarius sign in 2019-20 will deliver very favorable results for Gemini natives. Jupiter moving into 7th House, the house of marriage is an extremely positive signal for single bachelors waiting to get married. It is a very fruitful phase for people who are already married or in any kind of business partnership. There are brilliant chances of a birth of a child and substantial profit in the business partnership is very much assured. Things will get much easy and profitable on the professional front. There is a significant possibility of promotion and perks in their professional life. The family atmosphere is set to remain rosy and peaceful throughout the period of this transit. Income will remain stable; however, it is important to control your extravagant activities. Gemini natives will get rid of all past hindrances and obstacles occurred in their life. This Jupiter transit in 2019- 2020 will bring much promise and fulfillment of desires for Gemini people, so don’t lose hope of a brilliant year!

Impact of Jupiter Transit in 2020 on Cancer

As Jupiter transits in Sagittarius zodiac sign from November 5th, 2019, it will be moving into the 6th house, as per the Jupiter Transit Predictions for 2020. The transit of Jupiter in Sagittarius in the 6th house will bring some mixed results for Cancer natives. As per the effects of Jupiter Transit on your Career, you will leave no stone unturned to give your best at work & gain authority and wealth. To take your career to new heights, you are advised to stay away from office politics and gossip mongers. Those envious of your acumen & power will try to defame you; Jealous people or hidden enemies may conspire against you. So, stay vigilant and do not trust anyone blindly. Instead, choose your friends & enemies really carefully. However, this movement of Jupiter may affect the married life of Cancer natives with occasional confrontations and silly arguments. Though the income of Cancer natives would remain stable, unnecessary expenses may make things financially tough. Pay good attention to your health during this transit and keep tabs on skin infections or rashes. Confidence is the key for you in this period as your hard work will be rewarded and you will be able to reap very fruitful results from their occupation.

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Impact of Jupiter Transit in 2020 on Leo

The Jupiter transit in 2019-20 in Sagittarius zodiac sign will bring a lot of gains in every aspect of life for Leo natives. Jupiter will be traveling in the 5th House for Leo natives, which is the house of education and creativity. It is the best time for students especially those who are pursuing creative or computer-related education. Amazing academic performance, admissions in sought-after institutes and appreciation by mentor and instructor is very much possible in this period for Leo natives. As per the Jupiter Transit Predictions 2020, the professionals, and career-oriented people can expect some positive developments like perks, promotions, and plaudits during this period. The support of seniors and superior authorities will motivate and drive you to put your best in the work you are assigned. Family life will remain peaceful and married Leo couples can plan to expand their family. There will be an increment in your social and financial status. During this Jupiter transit period, your faith and interest in religion will strengthen further. An auspicious ceremony is likely to happen at home.

Impact of Jupiter Transit in 2020 on Virgo

As Jupiter is transiting in Sagittarius sign from 5th November 2019 into the 4th house (comfort) of Virgo native. This transit of Jupiter into the Sagittarius sign will bring many beneficial gains and progressive times with respect to every sector of life for Virgo people. During the Jupiter transit in 2019-20, success in business is on the cards for Virgo natives in terms of money from business and increment in the profession. A new job or transfer at work is very much possible and extremely favorable for Virgo natives. Your hard work and sincerity will be appreciated and rewarded which will enhance your reputation. As a result of this Jupiter transit in 2019-20, the income of Virgo natives will multiply. You might consider buying a new car or house at this time. Socially the Virgo natives will get popularity as well as recognition for their charity work. Things are expected to be amicable and peaceful in the family also in personal and professional life.

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Impact of Jupiter Transit in 2020 on Libra

Jupiter transit in Sagittarius sign for 2019-2020 on November 5th 2019 will bless Libra natives in sharping their creative skills and Libra people will surprise everyone with new zeal and enthusiasm in their daily life. The transit of Jupiter in the 3rd House for Libra natives promises to bring in appreciation, rewards, and laurels in their line of work. You will be surprised with a new renewed confidence and positive energy. Many frequent short trips or journey is high on the cards during the Jupiter transit in Sagittarius from 2019 to 2020. Short travels will yield a very exciting auspicious result for Libra natives. On the romantic front, things will get very exciting and rosy for you. In addition, the Jupiter transit in 2019-20 will also bless Libra natives with some materialistic gains and financial mileage. Colleagues and business partners will be very supportive of your goals. Be careful of minor health ailments during this period.

Impact of Jupiter Transit in 2020 on Scorpio

Jupiter transiting in Sagittarius sign from November 5th, 2019 into the 2nd house of Scorpio natives which is the house of liquid wealth and family. This Jupiter transit in 2019-20 will bless the Scorpio natives in accumulating wealth and making profits from every investment. This period is quite suitable for savings, especially for the family. The transit of Jupiter indicates that Scorpio natives will develop some interest in creative arts, literature, music, and drama. Due to this transit, there will be a manifold increase in the name, fame, and popularity of Scorpio natives both on the professional as well as personal level. However, there is some chance that your opponents may put forth some delays or obstacles in the path of your success but they will get defeated in the end. This Jupiter Transit in 2019-20 foretells a new addition in the family. A holy event in the family gets done and dusted for.

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Impact of Jupiter Transit in 2020 on Sagittarius

As a result of the Jupiter Transit in your own sign, i.e. in the 1st house for 2019-20, you will be able to get things back on track. With the ball in your court, you will bring back your lost glory and reputation. Sagittarius people will remain optimistic and prudential in their approach and endeavors. As per the Planetary Transit 2020 Predictions for Sagittarius sign, you will lead a happy and harmonious family life due to this transit of Jupiter in your own sign. Prosperity will chase you like your shadow during this period. Natives of marriageable age may get to meet their suitable match during the period of this transit. The movement of Jupiter is very favorable for those who are planning to tie the knot this year or are expecting a baby. Income sources and prospects will increase and will multiply all of sudden for Sagittarius people. There will be many chances of promotion in your occupation and you will climb up the ladder of success and growth in your life. Your interest and involvement in spirituality and philosophy will be immense and deep during this transiting phase of Jupiter.

Impact of Jupiter Transit in 2020 on Capricorn

As per the Jupiter Transit Predictions for 2020, the Jupiter Transit will take place in the 12th house which foretells that Capricorn people need to be really careful about expenses on travel, medication, and hospitalization. You must look out for savings during the course of this transit. During this period, Capricorn natives should avoid unnecessary travels. You could be in dilemma due to the conspiracies at the workplace. Jupiter transit in Sagittarius will bestow opportunities for religious ceremonies at home for many Capricorn natives. You are advised to visit holy places to ward off all negativity and live a peaceful life. Keep your patience and emotions in check as personal, financial and social well-being of your will improves slowly and gradually. Chances of foreign travel are high on cards but with much expenditure.

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Impact of Jupiter Transit in 2020 on Aquarius

Jupiter transit in Sagittarius on November 5th for 2019-20 is extremely favorable for the natives of Aquarius zodiac sign. Jupiter will travel into the 11th house of Aquarius natives, benefitting them in every aspect of life. The 11th house is the house of gains and profits and self- earned wealth, Hence professionals or working-class on Junior or middle executive level will have success, promotions, rewards, and accolades coming their way for their hard work and dedication in this period. Jupiter transit in Sagittarius indicates that Aquarius natives will enjoy some romantic pleasurable moments with laughter, joy, friendship, during the period of Jupiter transit. Income prospects will grow to a good extent. Students are going to taste success if appearing in competitive examinations. This planetary alignment is favorable for the new addition in the family in the form of childbirth. Aquarius natives are going to get inclined towards a career in mass media and communication fields.

Impact of Jupiter Transit in 2020 on Pisces

This transit period of Jupiter in Sagittarius sign from November 5th, 2019 will bring in some big achievements for Pisces in their occupation as Jupiter will move into their 10th house, the house of Karma & career. This will enhance the prospect of career and wealth for you. For professionals, this transit will bring new glory with a dream fulfilling phase where they will actually get respect, recognition, and laurels. Travel related to office work or business purposes promise fruitful results. Pisces natives getting a new job, promotion or an increment in salary is high on cards during this time. Entrepreneurs and businessmen will get the most advantage of this Jupiter transit in 2019-20 as the planet will favor them in all their pursuits. If Pisces people are planning to expand their business, introducing a new product line or services, then this is the time to put your best foot forward and excel. Family life for Pisces natives will remain disturbed till September 2020 but income will remain on higher side.

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