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Yellow Sapphire and Its Role in Bringing Wealth, Health, Wisdom & Prosperity in Life!

By: Future Point | 24-Apr-2020
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Yellow Sapphire and Its Role in Bringing Wealth, Health, Wisdom & Prosperity in Life!

It is our financial stability, good health, knowledge and social respect, that adds a true sense of fulfillment to our experience of life. However, we all know that money, health, wisdom, and fame do not come easy in life. There are so many factors that decide the outcome of our actions and determine the quality of life that we would ultimately have.

Long term and real success only comes to those who have the powerful & life defining support of certain celestial bodies in their lives. The celestial bodies in the form of planets play a highly significant role in charting the course of our destiny. The kind of effects that planets exert upon an individual during his/her life, are simply beyond words. 

Make no mistake, a person can scale phenomenal heights of success in life if positive planetary forces back his/her actions and at the same time, if malefic planetary forces are against that individual, then the individual faces repeated obtscales & hurdles that eventually result into failures no matter how sincere that individual’s efforts are.

So, now the question that comes to everyone’s mind is: “Which planet is the most beneficial for an individual when it comes to providing positive & powerful cosmic support that ensures maximum success and prosperity in life?”

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Yes, Jupiter is considered as the most auspicious of all the planets as per the ancient science of Vedic Astrology. Jupiter is a natural benefic which signifies wealth, health, knowledge and sacred wisdom among other things. Interestingly, Jupiter is the largest planet of our solar system and in Vedic Astrology it represents expansion of everything positive in a native’s life.

The positive influence of Jupiter is known to bless an individual with a rewarding education and subsequently, a prosperous career in life. Jupiter being an auspicious planet, bestows wealth & fame upon an individual. Jupiter is a cosmic manifestation of “Brihaspati” who is the Guru of the Gods. Hence, the positive influence of Jupiter ensures that an individual gets due respect from the society as well as the administration that he/she is a part of.

How to attract the blessings of Jupiter/Brihaspati in life?  

As per the principles of Vedic Astrology, each planet has a particular gemstone associated with it. A gemstone basically enhances the characteristics of the planet that it represents in the life of a person by attracting & absorbing the energies that are emanated by the planet in the cosmos.

Yellow Sapphire gemstone or Pukhraj is associated with planet Jupiter and is a highly efficient receptor of the energies emanated by Jupiter. This gemstone is known to attract unforeseen success & prosperity in the life of a person that wears it. It has the potential of turning the wheel of fortune and making abundant wealth and sound health, an integral part of a person’s life.

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Benefits of Pukhraj or Yellow Sapphire

  • Yellow Sapphire benefits are simply phenomenal and change the future trajectory of a native by warding off multiple problems from the life of that native. 
  • The positive Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj effects in the life of an individual, put the professional aspect of that individual’s life on a fast track and open up the cosmic doorway to success & growth. 
  • Since Jupiter is the planet that especially signifies knowledge and wisdom, Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj proves to be incredibly helpful to students as it promotes a rewarding education and ensures a successful academic journey in life. 
  • Pukhraj attracts lucrative career opportunities in life and also favours significant professional growth in terms of income & promotions as Jupiter signifies expansion.
  • People aspiring to make a career as an administrator must get the cosmic support of Jupiter in their lives through Yellow Sapphire as it emboldens the personality of a native and helps in securing position & authority in the professional domain.
  • Those who are looking to tie the knot but are facing delays, quickly find a suitable match by wearing Pukhraj as Jupiter is known to dispel obstacles in the path to one’s marriage.
  • Yellow Sapphire helps a married couple in fulfilling their dream of becoming parents as Jupiter also signifies expansion of family, thereby promoting the prospects of childbirth in the lives of the couple.
  • The positive influence of Jupiter single handedly tackles the negative influences of many malefic planets in our life such as Rahu, Ketu and Saturn. 
  • Yellow Sapphire is in itself a powerful remedy for problems that arise from certain detrimental “Doshas” (planetart flaws) that are present in a person’s horoscope.
  • Since Jupiter is a natural significator of good health, Pukhraj ensures that a native remains protected from multiple life threatening and chronic illnesses in life.
  • Pukhraj or Yellow Sapphire strengthens the fundamental immune system of a person and protects that person from ailments that are particularly related to heart and pancreas.
  • People engaged in business activities find this gemstone immensely beneficial as it enhances their gains and promotes a profitable expansion of their business.
  • Jupiter is the prime planet of wealth & abundance and therefore Yellow Sapphire very efficiently acts as a gateway to prosperity.
  • The highly prosperous blessings of Goddess Maha Laxmi in life are a direct result of wearing Yellow Sapphire.
  • Pukhraj opens up new avenues of growth and helps professionals to successfully climb the corporate ladder.
  • Yellow Sapphire sharpens the intellect of students and increases their comprehensive abilities, thus helping them in acquiring higher education.
  • This wonderstone is known to pacify the bad results of a troublesome “Planetary Dasha” (planetary period of operation)  going on in the life of a person as per his/her horoscope.
  • Yellow Sapphire protects a person from the ill effects of a bad planetary transit going on in his/her life, especially the problematic transitory movement of Saturn which is also known as “Sade Sati”.
  • Wearing Pukhraj makes a person highly energetic & agile and keeps fatigue & lethargy away from that person.
  • Yellow Sapphire blesses a native with an attractive persona and expands the realm of his/her perception.
  • Pukhraj is known to prevent depression and people wearing this gemstone enjoy peace of mind and have an absolute clarity in their thought process.
  • Yellow Sapphire is known to bring victory over enemies, both open as well as hidden and it also helps in getting out of litigations & legal hassles.
  • Pukhraj protects a person from evil energies and black magic spells by creating a protective aura around the subtle body of that person.

So, to summarise we could say that in order to enhance the benefic influence of Jupiter in our lives, we can opt to wear Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj. But, can anyone wear Yellow Sapphire? The answer is- No.

Pukhraj stone benefits can only be reaped when Jupiter is well positioned in our horoscope. It must be very carefully noted that people must wear a gemstone only if the planet associated with that gemstone is positively placed in their horoscopes. This is because a gemstone gives positive results of a planet only if the planet that it represents is favourably placed in our horoscope. 

Therefore, one must consult with a professional astrologer before opting for a gemstone. However, this cautionary remark does not mean that you should not explore the possibilities of attracting highly powerful & beneficial planetary energies in your life. 

We at Future Point, offer a carefully prepared gemstone recommendation report based on your personal horoscope. This amazing report specifically reveals which gemstone has the potential of attracting positive cosmic energies in your life that in turn have the sheer potential of bringing wealth, bliss, prosperity & success in your life. So take the smart decision of harnessing the positive energies that are flowing in the universe by means of gemstones!

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