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Yellow Sapphire stone can evict every hurdle of your married life

By: Future Point | 12-Apr-2018
Views : 7655Yellow Sapphire stone can evict every hurdle of your married life

Pukhraj is the Hindi name for yellow sapphire, though it is also used (or misused) in India to refer to the more common yellow topaz or citrine. The exact meaning of pukhraj is important because yellow sapphire has a special place in Vedic astrology. According to the Vedic tradition, there are nine gemstones that are thought to have special significance; ruby, pearl, coral, emerald, yellow sapphire, diamond, blue sapphire, chrysoberyl cat's eye, and hessonite garnet. These nine gemstones are thought to correspond to astrological entities and activity, with yellow sapphire being the gem ASSOCIATED with Guru or Jupiter, the largest graha or planet in the solar system.

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If Jupiter is well-placed in your horoscope, it is thought that you will enjoy all the good things in life. However, if Jupiter is in a bad position, it is considered to have the opposite effect. So it is often recommended that people wear yellow sapphire to increase the beneficial effects of Jupiter or negate the tribulations caused by a poorly-placed Jupiter.

Benefits of Yellow Sapphire gemstone

  • Yellow sapphire is thought to attract wealth and bring prosperity to the family. In general, pukhraj is believed to bring fulfillment of ambition. For example, it is believed that a girl who wears yellow sapphire will marry early on in life (which is considered an advantage in many Asian societies like India).
  • People aspiring to administrative and political positions should wear it to give them the benefit of luck on their side. It is also thought to act as a protective charm. Those who find obstruction in the progress of their education, or those who suffer from loss of property should wear yellow sapphire to help remove their difficulties.
  • It is being written in holy scripts that wearing yellow sapphire gemstone can help a girl to find her dream man. It dispel all the negative powers from the life of its wearer and let a girl a find a perfect match for her.
  • Apart from being worn to get married a married women can also wear yellow sapphire stone. It is said by astrologers that wearing this gemstone will bring marital bliss in her life. And avoid married conflict, fights in married life.
  • It is known to supply the wearer with massive wealth, superior well-being, fame, name, honor and success. Because of the magnanimity of its size, Jupiter belongs to the category of excesses.

Health Benefits of Yellow Sapphire gemstone

  • The gemstone yellow sapphire provides support to skin health and is considered effective for treating skin conditions like psoriases and eczema.
  • Another vital function of human body is digestion. A sound digestion is the key to overall health and wellness. Wearing a yellow sapphire gemstone ensures that your digestive system functions properly and provides protection against digestive ailments like acid reflux, diarrhea, peptic ulcers and jaundice.
  • Another health benefit of yellow sapphire is that it can restore the mental balance of the wearer by curbing mental stress and anxiety. It can have a calming effect on mental and emotional level.
  • Respiratory ailments such as asthma, bronchitis, sinus congestion, chest congestion, lung diseases and nasal allergies can be effectively combated by wearing this powerful healing gemstone.
  • Yellow sapphire has the ability to strengthen arteries and veins which carry blood throughout the body, providing strength to cardiovascular system.
  • People suffering from bone problems such as rheumatism, arthritis and gout are also believed to derive the curative benefits of yellow sapphire.

Yellow sapphire for all Zodiac Signs

Yellow Sapphire for Aries(Mesha):

Jupiter becomes a very important planet for Aries as these natives are highly recommended to wear yellow sapphire.

Yellow Sapphire for Taurus(Vrishabh):

Jupiter becomes a very important planet for Taurus as these natives are highly recommended to wear yellow sapphire.

Yellow Sapphire for Gemini(Mithuna):

The person belongs to this Gemini Sign should avoid the use of yellow sapphire. In Gemini, the Jupiter is the lord of 7th and 10th house which is considered an inauspicious planet for the Gemini native.

Yellow Sapphire for Cancer(Kark):

The Cancer native can always wear a yellow sapphire as it is the lord of the most powerful house in the horoscope i.e. 9th house.

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Yellow Sapphire for Leo(Simha):

Leo Natives are highly recommended to wear the auspicious yellow sapphire. It becomes the Lord of the 5th house of education, higher knowledge, sudden fame and the 8th house of inheritance and legacy.

Yellow Sapphire for Virgo(Kanya):

The yellow sapphire is not a recommended stone for the native who has taken birth in the Virgo Ascendant. The planet Jupiter is the lord of the 4th house and 7th house which is a malefic planet in the Virgo sign.

Yellow Sapphire for Libra(Tula):

Jupiter acts as a problem creating a planet for Libra native if not placed in the right house. The planet Jupiter is the lord of the 3rd and 6th house which is highly malefic for the native of the Libra sign.

Yellow Sapphire for Scorpio(Vrischika):

Jupiter becomes the planet of education and wealth for the Scorpio natives. The Jupiter is the lord of 2nd house and 5th house. So, the Scorpio native is highly recommended to wear the yellow sapphire.

Yellow Sapphire for Sagittarius(Dhanu):

Jupiter is the key planet for the Sagittarius and the yellow sapphire gemstone for Sagittarius natives is highly recommended to wear.

Yellow Sapphire for Capricorn(Makar):

The native belong to the Capricorn sign should not use yellow sapphire. The planet Jupiter is the lord of 3rd and 12th house, not beneficial.

Yellow Sapphire for Aquarius(Kumbha):

Yellow sapphire is not prescribed to wear by Aquarius native. The planet Jupiter is the lord of 2nd house and the 11th house which is not a beneficial planet for the Aquarius.

Yellow Sapphire for Pisces(Meena):

Yellow sapphire stone is highly recommended to wear for Pisces natives. Yellow Sapphire acts as a very beneficial stone for Pisces.