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What not to do on Valentine's Day!

By: Future Point | 12-Feb-2019
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What not to do on Valentine

Valentine's Day is an occasion that brings along the sweet fragrance of love which mesmerizes and instills warmth even in the coldest of hearts. This festival of love encourages people to express their heartfelt feelings to their beloveds.

Whether you are already in a relationship or someone single who is planning to make a proposal to his/her sweetheart, this day warrants certain amount of caution to avoid getting into awkward situations and ruining this wonderful festival of love.


Following are the things that you must NOT do on Valentine's Day:

Propose Blindly

If you are single then you should not propose a person just because it's Valentine's Day and people around you are expressing their heartfelt feelings to their beloved. If you don't assess the situation in terms of how your love interest would likely respond to your proposal, then not only you would create an uncomfortable situation for the person that you love but also make make an utter fool of yourself.

Have Unrealistic Expectations

While it is customary that one tries to woo his/her partner with gifts and surprises but expecting too much from your partner will only paint you as someone low on feelings & high on demands. So cherish & value what your partner has for you in his/her heart and offer the same to your partner and don't be a 'cold hearted materialistic'.

Ignore Physical Boundaries

Relationship functions on both emotional as well as physical levels. While you should be totally involved with his/her partner emotionally but when it comes to physical involvement then you should not at any cost, disrespect your partner's will.


Uncomfortable Surprises

It's good to surprise your partner every now and then but keep in mind the nature & likings of your partner before planning for a surprise. Do not put your partner in an awkward situation wherein your surprise will make your partner uncomfortable despite your best intentions behind it.

Group Date

It is not at all advised to go on a date with your partner along with other couples on Valentine's Day as everyone wishes to spend some alone, cosy & quality time with their loved ones. So leave the idea of going out in groups for other days and spend the day exclusively with your partner.

These were some pointers that one should keep in mind for Valentine's Day.

Hope this helps!


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