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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for 12 Zodiac Signs

By: Future Point | 12-Feb-2019
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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and working in cahoots with it is the spirit to celebrate Love and the feeling of being loved. Being a world phenomenon, the day is revered by lovers who go gaga over the concept of showering their partner with extravagant gifts. And all this does is pin the innocents with the idea of being over-the-top and gifting their beloved something that screams either precious or ‘social media worthy’.

Finding that perfect gift for Valentine’s Day is hard as it is, but with the added pressure it gets too botched for the innocuous being.

In order to help you out of this conundrum, we have hacked the system of ‘Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift’ and compiled a list of the holy grail items that will surely sweep your love off their feet!!

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Mars rules this sign and since as per astrology, Mars is associated with red colour, you should gift red or even bright colour items to your Aries partner. Also, people of Aries sign are very active and are involved in physical activities.

Therefore you should gift your Aries partner something related to fitness. Maybe an apparel, that is worn during fitness activities or take part in a sports event.


Venus rules this sign and represents pleasure. Take your Taurus partner to a restaurant that serves food items that your partner likes because Taurus people are very fond of foods of their choice, particularly deserts, so a pack of chocolates is a sure way of driving them crazy with joy.

Taurus natives appreciate fragrant flowers and perfumes as well.

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Mercury rules this sign and it represents movement of the mind. Hence Gemini people love to dig deeper and find mysteries interesting.

A Gemini partner should be gifted a book that has mysterious elements attached to it or they should be taken to a place that they have never been before and would love to be there.

Gift them with a mobile gadget or an accessory for their mobile phones.


Moon rules this sign and natives of this sign are sentimental and love comforts. So, gifting them with a warm & cozy blanket would be a good idea. You can also gift them with some apparatus that they can keep in their homes and be involved with it and take joy in its upkeep.

Natives of Cancer Zodiac sign love even a simple photo frame with a picture of themselves with their partners or a loving hand written note along with a bouquet of roses.

If you are still confused, then buy them a Netflix subscription!


Sun rules this sign and natives of this sign like to show off. So gifting them with an article of cloth of their favourite brand would make them drool over you for sure! Take them to a fancy dinner or to a popular restaurant. A Leo woman would always appreciate a trendy make up item and a Leo man would love Sunglasses.

Gifting them with a mug that has their name written on it would be a good idea.


Venus rules this sign and natives of this sign love fragrance so gifting them with colognes or perfumes would delight them and gifting them with a pair of nice looking shoes or a simple shirt/top of their favourite colour would definitely make their day! A picnic in the park with not much people around (hopefully) or a quiet get together in an indoor facility would be good idea.

Gift them white roses.


Mars rules this sign and native of this sign love thrill. So take them to a game or a thriller movie. They also like sunglasses or a merchandise of their favourite sports team. A day at an amusement park or an outdoor adventure would make this day memorable for them.

They would love long drives.


Jupiter rules this sign and natives of this sign are very focussed & determined about their goals.

So get them a book on a topics that interests them e.g. Spirituality, Cooking, Foreign Language etc. or gift them a travel bag or passport holder.

Take a cooking class together and make something. They would love this as they really appreciate involvement.

A visit to a gallery or a theatre show that would make them spend some thoughtful time with you, seem to be the perfect gift for them.

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Saturn rules this sign and natives of this sign are always entangled into some task or the other. So, gifting them with something that reminds them of taking a break & chilling for a while would be great.

A nice bathrobe, pillow or a comfortable pair of slippers would definitely make them think about you. Women would appreciate a nice purse that would help them keep their things organized.

Make a scrapbook for your Capricorn partner.


Saturn rules this sign as well and natives of this sign are very research oriented and love technology.

At the same time they love to unwind as well, so gift them a music CD, a collection of poems, cool ipad cover or a video game.

Take them for a massage session that would make them truly relaxed.


Jupiter rules this sign and natives of this sign are emotional and love simplicity.

So gift them a hand written note along with a red rose and go on a walk on the beach (or in a park) with them.

Your partner will highly appreciate a silk pillow or a crystal gift set.

So these were some gift ideas for your partner as per his/her Zodiac Sign.

Drive your creative imagination further and make this Valentine's Day a truly memorable one!


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