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Why Valentine's Day is overrated? Singles' take on 14th February!

By: Future Point | 12-Feb-2019
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Why Valentine

While there is not even an iota of doubt about the fact that love is the best thing that can happen to anyone, there is also a factor of pomp & show that often takes on the superficial appearance of love. Today we are playing the devil's advocate by presenting singles' take on Valentine's Day.

So those of you who are gung-ho about Valentine's Day and are getting annoyed at us for labelling Valentine's Day as overrated, just cool your jets! We are just presenting the views of people who are single.

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So as per people who are single, Valentine's Day is overrated because:

It's just a Fashion

Singles think that Valentine's Day is just a fashion that is prevalent all over the world and has little or no element of genuinely felt feelings of the heart.

A Commercial Game

Singles also believe that at the end of the day, this occasion is just propelling a multi million dollar consumption sector by boosting the sale & purchase of goods & services such as gifts, restaurant sales etc.

Distortion of History

This day started off as remembering Saint Valentine who loved humankind immensely but in a platonic way.

Slowly with the passage of time and the increasing influence of commerce in the society, it took on a form & a theme that was and is only centered around love between a man and a woman.

So it clearly signals distortion of history for a materialistic, adulterous and manipulative agenda.

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Diminishes the Essence of True Love

True Love does not need a particular day or time of the year to find genuine expression.

So why chain the essence of true love all year round and let it loose at a predefined time to find superficial or pressurized expression.

Induces Inferiority Complex

The kind of pressure that Valentine's Day exert on an individual to be in a relationship just because it has become such a raging trend worldwide, induces a sense of inferiority in a human being who is single.

Proposing on Valentine's Day and garnering the acceptance of your "beloved" or bringing gifts, going on a date with your partner etc. has become a social prescription that been affecting many on the psychological plane.

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Promotes Fake Proposals

Many dishonest people, for the sake of being with someone on this day and in order to fulfill a hollow trend, make fake proposals in the garb of genuine love.

However as time passes, the real motives of such people surface, only hurting the ones who at once thought of their proposals as a reflection of true love but realize that it was all nothing but a mockery of love. So these were some views of singles in support of their argument that Valentine's Day is overrated.

We hope everybody gets to table their thoughts & opinions and respect those of others at the same time.

In the end don't forget one thing -

"Live Life to the Fullest".

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