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Valentine's Day 2019

By: Future Point | 07-Feb-2019
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A loving partner is something that every one of us want in our lives because love is the sweetest emotion that one can experience. Valentine's Day is an occasion when love finds a special expression and brings a unique sense of fulfillment in our lives.

However, different people are poised to get affected in different ways in matters of love, depending on what the planets & stars have in store for them. So let us look at how the planetary positions in the cosmos on this Valentine's Day, are affecting the love aspect in the life of everyone based on their Zodiac Signs!

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Venus is not very positive for you but you will get the benefit of the favourable energy of Mars. You will experience warmth of love & romance. This entire year will be special for your love life. In order to maintain the romantic equation, you will go on a tour with your partner. You will exchange gifts with your partner but beware of an attempted intrusion from a third person in your love life, however he or she will not be successful. Gift your partner something in red colour on this Valentine's Day.

Red is the lucky colour for you.


Valentine's Day will be a very good day for you. You should spend a beautiful evening with your partner on this lovely occasion. Females will get a big surprise on this day. Make a conscious effort to understand the feelings of your partner that are deep down his/her heart. The feelings of males of Taurus sign will remain on fire during this time and they will expect their female partners to be as spontaneous as they are. This may lead to some pressure on the minds of females and they might feel being overpowered. So males- respect the feelings & boundaries set by females. Maintain trust in your love.

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The planetary alignments are not good for you on this Valentine's Day that's why maintain caution in your speech & actions. You might have a communication problem with your partner. Those who have had a break-up must not dwell on the past and move ahead with positivity as there will be someone waiting for you in the future. However, married couples will spend some quality time together which will enhance the flame of romance in their lives.

Your lucky colour is Orange.


You will get support from Venus and you will be successful in taking your love life to new heights. People who were in search of a right partner will witness their search getting over and they will get a highly romantic & loving partner. Those who are experiencing a weakness in their relationship or are feeling that their partner is not paying attention to them must gift something in white & pink colour to their partner and there will be an improvement in your relationship.

Green is the lucky colour for you.


Those of you are fiery by your nature, should try to be calm on this Valentine's Day and try to understand the feelings of your partner and listen to them. Males of Leo sign will experience an upsurge in emotions but they will be able to control it. There will be an exchange of gifts. The planetary alignments that are being formed, signify an year of ups & downs for you as far as your love life is concerned. Some third person will come into your love life who will be responsible for a rift in your relationship.

White is the lucky colour for you.


People of this sign who are in love will enter a life full of romance. Relationships who did not have adventure & excitement will go on a blissful love ride. The positive effects of Venus will be in full force on you. The planets point out that your love life will remain good for the whole year to come. In case your old relation was damaged, this time will patch them up. That which got separated, will come back.

Blue is the lucky colour for you.

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Venus is not seen favouring you but still you will succeed to a great extent in what you wish to accomplish. It is important to incorporate emotions in your relationship otherwise you will not be able to understand your partner's feelings. Presenting a gift is the best way to maintain a warmth in your relationship. If you gift some shining white or cream coloured object then Venus will be pleased by you. Those you who are single by now, would get a partner soon.

White is the lucky colour for you.


Your love life is about to pick up speed and you will get the benefit of Mar's energy along with the energy of Venus. Those who are single will soon get a beautiful & wise partner and those who are already in a relationship will see their love touching new heights. Married couple of this sign will enjoy a blissful & joyful married life. Go on a romantic dinner date on this Valentine's Day.

Blue is the lucky colour for you.


Your love life is going to be fun and you will remain physically attracted to your partner and your own attractive persona will cast an equally mesmerising impact on your partner. You will get a big gift on this Valentine's Day but remember not to say anything that may upset your partner. Do not discuss your past life or that of your partner's at any cost on this day. Go on a long drive and a candle light dinner will bring enormous romance in your relationship.

Yellow is the lucky colour for you.


Love will be the only thing on your mind but you will not be able to express your love completely. If you want to have love, then you must learn to express it as well. This Valentine's Day is the right occasion to express your feelings to whom you love otherwise you will regret later. At first, female of this sign may not understand the feelings of a male who harbours love in his heart for her, hence she should try to perceive the sweetness of emotions that the male have in his heart for her.

Brown is the lucky colour for you.


You must maintain transparency in your love and do not hide anything from your partner. This Valentine's Day is an occasion to say everything clearly and truthfully, trust yourself and there will be no harm in revealing the truth. By doing this, your image will further shine in the eyes of your partner. Those of you who have not expressed you love by now, will finally muster courage and propose to your loved ones. Gift chocolates to your partner and go on a beautiful dinner date.

Pink is the lucky colour for you.


With the effect of Venus, your love story is about to take the front seat. Your love that was hidden till now, will be revealed to all and everyone will know what is in your heart. Those who have not witnessed the entry of love in their life so far, will get a proposal from somewhere that they never would have imagined otherwise. But couples who are already in a relationship must remain cautious about some heated argument arising out of a difference of opinions and try not do engage in any of such arguments and rather focus on making their upcoming love life, truly beautiful.

Green is your lucky colour.

These were the in-general predictions for the love life of people of all 12 Signs. However in order to know exactly what the cupid has in store for you this Valentine's Day and the year ahead, consult with the highly experienced and brilliant astrologers of Future Point who analyze your personal horoscope and perform a detailed & comprehensive analysis of the planetary situations present.

This leads to deciphering the cosmic will for you and finding out incredibly powerful remedial measures that if adopted timely can change the very course of your destiny. So what are you waiting for? Contact Future Point today itself and make your life a manifestation of love, romance, bliss & happiness!

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