Need to know about Shani Sade Sati Effects and Remedies.

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Need to know about Shani Sade Sati Effects and Remedies.

The movement one is acquainted with the word, Sade sati in astrology, one is worried of its consequences. Many share horrific instances of Sade sathi, though some half-baked or some with exaggeration and grapevine, the fear is still genuine.

Therefore, it leads to a phobia in the minds of many who worry the outcome of sade sathi. No doubt, Saturn’s sade sati is one of the most important transit in a human being’s horoscope which occurs thrice in their lifetime.

Sade Sati, is the transit of Saturn form the 12th house of a native’s moon sign, till the 2nd house of their moon sign. As many fears that sade sati is dreadful, in reality it can be very fruitful, too.

To quote an example; our honourable Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi, rose to the occasion and become Prime Minister during Sade sati. Does that mean, that all would suffer or all will have a rise like Sri Narendra Modi?

To know more about sade sati, one should know how does the sade sati or the 7.5 years is calculated. It is 2.5 years each in the 12th sign from moon, Janma sign/birth moon sign and the 2nd sign in the horoscope which totals to 7.5 years. Therefore, the fear that sade sati will be dreadful in the entire 7.5 years is also ill-conceived.

Again, many would say, a native of Leo Moon sign suffers the most and a native of Aquarius moon sign suffers the least. This notion is developed since one considers that when Saturn would enter Cancer Moon sign, the Leo native would suffer the most as Cancer and Leo are considered inimical signs for Saturn.

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On the other hand, when Saturn would enter Capricorn Moon sign, it is owned by Saturn and it would be not be inimical to Aquarius. Hence, the two extremes are concluded. However, in reality it is not the truth.

In yet another theory it is said that the entire 7.5 years transit of Saturn in a native moon chart is not inimical. The 2.5 years or the dhaya in the moon sign of the native is considered to be the most challenging one. This point of view is again incomplete. It may not be the case always.

In reality to know the exact impact of Sade sathi one would have to take an expert and learned astrologer’s views. They would be the only individual to give detailed analysis. Since, sade-sathi in general will have a common issue of challenges to all, however there will be some good phase in an individual’s life. For instance, the case of our Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi. There are other instances where a native would travel abroad and settle or may even own a house of his own. Therefore, to know the exact outcome of sade sathi, one would have to wait to check out the exact outcome.

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However, in general, one would have to analyse the Moon sign, the placement of ascendant and the Ashtakavarga points scored by Saturn in each of the houses while his transit during the sade sati.

Therefore, the analysis of sade sathi cannot be merely given base on the zodiac sign through which Saturn would transit. Again, the transit of Saturn in each nakshtra of the zodiac signs in his transit during the sade sati is also considered.

Since, the three nakshatras owned by Saturn, which are Pyusha, Anuradha and Uttra-Bhadrapada are considered to be harmonious with Saturn. As no planet will destroy their own kit and kin, the above three nakshatras are considered to be immune to the effects of sade sathi.

There are some more nakshatras which one would have to consider. Hence, one is always advised to consult an expert and learned astrologer to draw an analysis. It is very important as a native should not suffer from unnecessary phobia about Saturn’s sade sati.

Since in a one to one consultation, an expert and learned astrologer would even look at the Arudha lagan (Image of an individual in the birth chart). The analysis is very important and the perceived threat if any, of sade sati is also analysed through this method.

For instances: If the placement of Moon is in the 1st house of the Arudha lagan, one can suffer from health issues, suffer from legal problems or even face humiliation. It is also a time, where the wrath of Saturn’s sade sati is at its peak. Therefore, it is always recommended not to believe in any phobia and fear from sade sathi.

However, a common remedy which is advised to all during Sade Sati is to be genuine, religious, do respect all, try to donate as much as you can, visit Saturn’s temple every Saturday etc.

These are certainly to be followed. As Saturn admires one who is righteous in conduct. However, if the wrath of Saturn is severe, then one would need remedies accordingly.

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