Facts about Manglik Dosha that you probably don’t know!

By: Future Point | 28-Feb-2018
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Facts about Manglik Dosha that you probably don’t know!

One of the most common and influential Dosha in Vedic Astrology is the Manglik Dosha (Kuja Dosha). A per Vedic astrology theories, a person is said to be having Manglik Dosha in Kundali, if the placement of planet Mars is in the first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth house of the lagna chart (birth chart), Chandra lagna (Moon Sign) or Venus in horoscope of the native. It is considered that out of these the placement of Mars in the seventh or eighth house in the horoscope, accounts for the highest degree of Manglik Dosha.

Whereas, at the same time, it is also believed that the placement of Mars in the second, fourth, twelfth and lagna is known to be imparting the Manglik Dosha in lesser degrees of intensity. Considering the Manglik Dosha, especially at the time of marriage is one of the most common and prevalent rituals in India. Owing to this common practice, there are number of misconceptions, myths and malpractices that surround the existence of the concept of Manglik Dosha in the horoscope. To clear the confusion and to bring you some clarity on the topic, listed below is a checklist of facts about Manglik Dosha effects in the life:

It is a curse to be a Manglik:

It is often believed that because of the dominance of Mars in the horoscope, the person becomes the one to have strong, fiery, confident and independent characteristics. But, these qualities should not be perceived as bad at all. It is true that the strong placement of Mars in the horoscope will make the person to be strong willed, determined, focussed and determined. Only the other person who is said to be having the same qualities will be able to deal with a Manglik person.

Being Manglik leads to second marriage:

This misconception is not true at all and Manglik Dosha solution is available. The longevity and success of the marriage depends on the mutual compatibility between the couple. The effect of Manglik Dosha should not be accounted for the second marriage of the native.

Manglik Dosh in connection to Science:

If we take a look at western astrology practices, there is no such concept like Manglik Dosha. It means that Manglik Dosha is just a concept that is connected and followed in Hindu religion. It has nothing scientific to prove and therefore, it is not a curse and it is safe to say that it is a misconception of Hindu religion. There are many Manglik Dosha Solutions for boy available.

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Manglik Marriages and Divorce:

Another common misconception is that the marriage of a Manglik person will undoubtedly result in the divorce. This is not true and is just a myth. It happens because this superstition is deep rooted in the mind set of Hindu religion and the strong, blind and irrational belief makes this myth to be true.

Prayers and Pujas:

There is another prevalent ritual in Hindu religion that is to get rid of the Manglik Dosha in the life of the person, prayer and pujas dedicated to Hanuman are performed in temples. The prayer and pujas are believed to decrease the effects of Manglik Dosha.

Manglik should marry after 28 years of age:

It is often believed and followed that a Manglik person should only marry after completing the 28 years of life. It is said that doing this will help in decreasing or negating the ill effects of the Manglik Dosha.

Purna Manglik and Anshik Manglik:

Another misconception that is followed is that there are persons who are full mangliks and some are anshik mangliks. This is not true and there is no such concept that should be taken seriously.

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Manglik person should only marry another Manglik:

In Hindu religion, it is also believed that if a non Manglik person marries a Manglik person; such a marriage would not last for long. It may also happen that there will be sudden death of the non Manglik spouse or the in laws causing an unwanted disaster.

The troubled effects of Double Manglik Dosha:

One of the biggest and strongest misconceptions in astrology is the concept that if Mars is positioned in its own house, the effects of the Manglik Dosha on the native will be doubled. Thus, this combination of astrological placement would lead to a more disastrous and doubled Manglik Dosha. This is just a myth and should not be taken as true ever.

When the native is born on Tuesday:

In Hindu tradition, it is also believed that people who are born on Tuesdays are said to be unlucky and they general y face the wrath of planet Mars and ill effects of the Manglik Dosha. However, according to some recent astrological studies, it has been found that the effects of Manglik Dosha are being neutralised if the person is born on Tuesday.

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