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Can Astrology Provide Remedies to Avoid C-section Delivery?

By: Future Point | 28-Feb-2018
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Can Astrology Provide Remedies to Avoid C-section Delivery?

With the advancement in technology and stress in life, the caesarean delivery is becoming popular in India nowadays. It is not always possible that you are given with a choice to opt for a normal v/s c- section deliver. Sometimes, the physical and health conditions of the mother along with the other situations make you to opt for C-section delivery as the best available option for you. However, it does not matter whether the surgery is planned or unexpected; we all want to have a smooth and successful surgery with a speedy recovery.

According to a recent research, it has been found that most of the women who are overweight will have to go through the C-section delivery as compared to the normal weight women. Therefore, whether you plan or whether you do not wish to have this surgery, you should never ignore considering the possibility of having a child through C-section.


But, you may be amazed to know that astrology is one such powerful science that can help read the possibility of which type of delivery the mother will have in pregnancy. There are some astrological combinations and placements that let the astrologer to know the type of delivery that a woman will go through by reading her horoscope. Horoscopes are important birth documents that can let you know the type of delivery. Let’s have a look on few of the astrological views on this topic:

Babies born through C-section:

As per Vedic astrology views and theories, babies who are born through C- section surgery will have Jupiter and Moon related problems all throughout their lives. Such kids and babies will also be hyperactive and may have too much phlegm. They may also have weak left eye, back pain, weak liver and problem & issues related to it, weak stomach and its related problems and may have a confused mentality.

Babies born through normal delivery:

It is observed that babies who are born through normal delivery will generally be healthier, will have more mental stability with a strong stomach. Although, it is also is suggested to prepare the mother at least 6-8 months before from the delivery to prevent the baby from any such diseases and difficulties.

Astrology Predictions for the type of Delivery the mother will have:

As per Vedic Astrology, if in Leo sign of the horoscope, there is a placement of Rahu, Ketu, Mars, Venus or Shani, then it is believed that the women will have problems in delivery (giving birth to the child) and will have to circumstantially opt for the C-section delivery.

Also, if the 5th bhaav of the horoscope (the birth chart), is not good or positive and in Navaansh, there is a placement of negative planet in it, it is said that the woman will not be able to have a normal delivery.

It is considered in the Vedic astrology, that if the 7th bhaav of the horoscope is effected by the ill effects and placement of Saturn or Mars or also by an afflicted Jupiter then it will not have good effect in the navaansh that may result to development if cysts and will affect the uterus. It may also happen that the women will have difficulty in conceiving.

Also when considering the 2nd bhaav, if it is affected by the placement of Moon, then it is believed that the child will have problems that will be related to cold from birth of the child. In such cases, normal delivery would not be possible for the women.

Again, as per the theories of Vedic astrology, if 2nd and 5th bhaav of the horoscope of the native are negative and if mount moon is flat on the palm, also if there is a mole on Jupiter mount with too many horizontal lines on Jupiter, if the mount of Jupiter has swollen and moved to the left that is the Shani, the child may have many complications. It may happen that the child umbilical cord being struck inside and there may be not enough oxygen that is reaching to the baby.

Having considering all the calculations and fact related to astrology theories, it can be said that astrology is a vast science. Nowadays, many obstetricians and gynaecologists are following and taking help of astrology calculation to predict the correct and best time for the delivery. Doing this, will ensure that all good cosmic vibrations are being spread and the energy generated can also help in negating the ill effects of any unfavourable factors involved if any. This way astrology can guide the aspiring mothers for a healthy and long lived child.

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