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Improve your financial status with Astrological Remedies

By: Future Point | 28-Feb-2018
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It is often said and believed that money is everything. Well, to take this statement to be true as 100% would be a little wrong, as there are other factors also that are important in life for sustaining and happy peaceful life. But, the importance of money still cannot be neglected or declined. Money is surely important and has a special importance in living a life with all necessary requisites required, along with the luxuries it offers when it is in abundance.

At times, it happens that despite making tremendous efforts and hard work, we are still unable to deal with wealth and finance problems. It may also happen that we may put all our efforts, still there is constant money loss and money doesn’t stay with us for a long time. Owing to these facts, we have to face some major financial crunches. But, fret not; we have listed few of the best astrological remedies that help in improving the financial status and acquiring wealth accordingly.


  • One of the best and effective astrology remedy to improve cash is to always place the cash cupboard or the cash locker in the south west or south wall of the home. Also ensure that the face of the cupboard is in north direction. North direction is known to be the direction where Lord Kuber (the lord of wealth) resides.
  • Never earn money through false means. In Hindu tradition, it is believed that the money earned from wrong deeds and false means will never stay long and will also be never fruitful.
  • The other simplest astrology remedy to attract wealth and money is to place a mirror in the cash locker or the cupboard. It will definitely improve the financial status as the mirror will reflect the image of cash and money kept in the locker.
  • It is also said that donating money to charity every month from your savings and earnings can help to attain the divine blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. The blessings of Lakshmi Maa will ensure that you never run out of money in life and also bless you with divine prosperity and wealth.
  • One should also keep in mind that nothing should be taken for free and offered for free. There has to be always a value attached to the services offered by every individual.
  • It is also believed and is one of the most followed astrological remedies to improve wealth. Placing Lord Kuber Yantra on a red piece of cloth at the place where you worship and also at the place where is your temple will help to gain the blessings of lord kuber. Pray to him every day to make an increase in your wealth.
  • Offer donations and do charity of white coloured clothes to impress and gain the blessings of Maa Lakshmi.
  • Keeping broken vessels or tattered dishes in house is thought to be inauspicious and responsible for bringing in negativity. Therefore, refrain from keeping such broken vessels, especially in the kitchen of the house.
  • It is also said that planting Tulsi and lighting ghee diya every day at its mud plant would help in increasing and improving the financial status of a person. Doing so will make Goddess Lakshmi happy and she will never ever leave your house and also bless you with wealth and finance.
  • Offering water to lord Vishnu every Friday through a south opening conch shell will prove beneficial in improving wealth and finances. It is said that doing so will impress the goddess of wealth immensely and bless you with immense wealth.
  • Another of the simplest astrological remedy to improve the finance status, is to always after a bath, pray and seek divine blessings of goddess of wealth (Lakshmi Maa), by further applying a tilak of saffron on your forehead every day.
  • To overcome constant money loss and financial crunches, it is suggested to feed green cows every Wednesday.
  • Other astrology remedy for increasing financial status suggests that the supreme or senior most lady of the house should throw a tumbler or a jug filled with water every morning at the main entrance of the home as the daily ritual. Following this as a part of your daily routine ritual, will surely help in gaining the blessings of Maa Lakshmi.
  • To further improve the finances, one may consider feeding 3 unmarried girls with kheer on any Friday of the month. This remedy can also be accompanies by donating some yellow clothes to them along with some money. This remedy is said to be surely winning the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi and with this she will surely bless your abode.


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These above mentioned astrological remedies for improving wealth and money can surely help, if followed and done with sheer determination and passion.