What Does the Moon in Your Kundli Reveal About Your Fate?

By: Future Point | 02-Nov-2020
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What Does the Moon in Your Kundli Reveal About Your Fate?

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Your Kundli or Horoscope is like a cosmic road map of your destiny as planned by the planets based on the karmic baggage from your past lives that you carry along in your current life time.

Planets work as per the cosmic law which mandates them to provide the results of a person’s past life karmas in his/her current life during specific time periods as well as in specific domains of that person’s life.

If a particular planet as per its placement in the Kundli of a person is favourable for that person, it means that the planet is poised to give the results of the good karmas done by that person in his/her past lives. Similarly, an unfavourable placement of a planet in the Kundli of a person shows that the planet is slated to give the results of the bad karmas done by that person in his/her past lives.

Hence, if a person knows well in advance what different planets are signifying for various aspects of his/her life then this invaluable information empowers that person to make the kind of decisions that ensure maximum success & minimum obstacles in life.      

This is where the role of an Astrologer comes in. An Astrologer decodes the Kundli of a person and not only reveals how the planets are poised to affect various domains of his/her life but also suggests incredibly powerful astrological remedies to the person that result in pacifying the ill placed planets as well strengthening the well placed ones of his/her horoscope, thus, eventually warding off problems from his/her life and attracting success, joy & prosperity!

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Astrological Significance of the Moon

Moon is an extremely important planet in Vedic Astrology whose placement in the Kundli of a person significantly determines the overall trajectory of that person’s fate.

This is because the Moon represents a person’s mind and we all know that if your mind is not in a joyful or at least a balanced state then all the comforts & conveniences of the world would eventually fail to give you true peace, happiness & contentment in your life.

An ill placed Moon in the Kundli or Horoscope of a native causes disturbance in the native’s mind as well as hinders that native in taking the right decisions at the right time in his/her life. 

Hence, it is vital that the Natal Moon in a person’s horoscope must be positive as well as strong placed so that the person could lead a successful life with clarity & balance of mind. Without clarity of mind, the life of a native would keep on drifting everywhere and eventually leading him/her towards troubles.

The significance of Moon in Vedic Astrology is such that apart from the Ascendant Kundali which determines our fate based on our outward personality, there is also a Moon Kundali or Chandra Kundali that is considered to decode our innermost nature & the state of mind that we are likely to carry during our entire life which becomes a crucial factor is shaping up our fate as well.

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Moon in the Kundali or Horoscope of a Person

Well, there are numerous astrological permutations & combinations that determine the overall results of the Moon or for that matter any other planet/s in our life and in order to get the predictions that are accurate & based on our personal Kundli we must Talk to Astrologer.

Following are some broad Kundali scenarios with respect to the placement of the Moon in a person’s Kundali and their results upon that person:

Moon in a Watery Sign

If the Moon is placed in a sign that is associated with the Water element such as Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces then such a Moon becomes very powerful in its effects upon the person.

Moon with Malefics

If the Moon is conjunct or aspected with malefic planets like Rahu, Ketu and Saturn, it becomes ‘poisonous’ and creates serious problems in the life of a person.

Moon Aspected by Mars

If the Moon is aspected by Mars in the horoscope or kundali of a person then this makes the person highly unpredictable. Such a Moon induces turbulence in the mind of the person making him often confused and angry at others.

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Moon in Cancer

Well, Cancer is a sign that is ruled by the Moon. A Moon in its own sign makes a person strong willed, confident and intuitive. A person with such a placement of Moon in his/her Kundli often excels in the fields of Medicine, Astrology, Marine Engineering and Dairy.

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