Get Vital Astrologer Advice for Career Growth in Your Life

By: Future Point | 03-Nov-2020
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Get Vital Astrologer Advice for Career Growth in Your Life

Career is the building block of a person’s life in the material world that decides whether the person will enjoy a life that has abundance, comforts & conveniences or is just a relentless quest for mere survival.

A successful career means name & fame in the society along with the power to add an element of quality & elegance to our lives thus, carving out a life full of happiness & prosperity for ourselves as well as our family.

But we all know that having even a stable career that offers a moderate income stream is quite a daunting task in these technologically advanced & constantly evolving times. With cut throat competition in the corporate world out there and constantly changing technologies, carving out a prosperous career for oneself, seems to be an impossible feat!

Well, it does not necessarily have to be this difficult, in fact, if we act smartly then we can actually channelize our efforts in the career fields that are best suited for us in terms of offering unprecedented career growth and success in our professional life.

The smart way to approach life and especially the career aspect of it would be to go for an Astrologer Advice for Career Growth.

Yes, that's right!

Astrology or Vedic Astrology is an ancient occult science that reveals what the planetary bodies as per their placements in our Kundali or Horoscope have in store for us for various aspects of our lives and how we can use that information to steer away from obstacles and towards success in our lives.

Once we know the course of our destiny that is charted out by the planets, we can plan our actions & base our decisions that would reduce the hurdles that were originally slated to pop up in our lives as well as chart a new course that would help us to attract maximum growth & success in our lives especially pertaining to our career.

This is why it is said that ‘correct & timely application of astrological wisdom can make one the master of his/her own destiny’. Therefore, when it comes to the career aspect of a person’s life or frankly speaking life as a whole, one must Talk to Astrologer to know what are the plans that fate has for him/her and what decisions & choices in life can help him/her to prosper & success in life.

It is undoubtedly absolutely essential to work hard throughout your career to ensure success but it is equally crucial that you also get the Best Astrologer Advice for Career Growth so that you would be in a position to opt for a focussed professional approach and only channelize your time & energy in the career fields that are the most rewarding for you as per the planetary positionings in your horoscope or kundli.

Career Astrology

The segment of Astrology that specifically deals with the career aspect of a person is called Career Astrology. The horoscope that is analyzed with a focus solely on the career aspect of a person is called a Career Horoscope and within that there are certain specific houses that are given primary focus & attention by the astrologer to decipher how the career aspect of that person is originally planned by the planets.

Let us see what those houses are and what is it that they actually signify which makes them so critical when it comes to decoding the career domain of a person’s life!


This is the 1st house and signifies the overall personality of the person and is very useful in determining the type of career that will be best suited for the person depending upon his innermost nature & personality. 

Placement of the Lord of the Ascendant in 6th, 8th or 12 house or along with a malefic planet diminishes its strength and weakens the prospects of leading a successful life unless powerful astrological remedies are incorporated to strengthen the Lord of the Ascendant.

2nd House

This house represents Bank Balance and Accumulated Wealth. Hence, it is important that this house is strong in order to achieve a prosperous financial state in life.

6th House

From the career point of view, this house signifies Job and Competition and hence, its role is important in deciding the kind of career that a person would have in terms of his/her job, work environment, his/her performance in the competitive corporate world etc.

7th House

This house represents the prospects of Business in a person’s life and the state of Business Partnerships as well.

10th House

This is the house that represents Profession, Name, Fame, Position and Authority.

11th House

This is the house of Gain and Realization of Desires. If the 11th house is strong in the horoscope of a person then success and prosperity in career come in abundance as well as the person emerges victorious from all the challenges (if any) in the career domain of his/her life. 

By going for an Astrologer Advice for Career Growth, a person actually comes to know the fields or career options that are promising and best suited to provide him/her optimum growth, meaningful success and professional satisfaction in life.

Different planets govern different types of professions and an astrologer upon analyzing the horoscope of an individual suggests suitable professions or career avenues to that individual that are favoured by the planets primarily involved with the career aspect of that individual’s life. 

The astrologer also reveals key time periods to watch out for as far as the aspect career of that individual’s life is concerned along with recommending him powerful astrological remedies that have the potential of pacifying the troubling effects of certain ill placed planets well before they actually start to unfold in his/her life.

Therefore, when it comes to your career, it is highly crucial that you act in a professional manner and go for a proper astrological consultation to ensure the kind of growth & success in the career domain of your life that you have always wanted!

Moreover in this digital age, consulting with an astrologer has become very convenient as you can get your Online Kundali analyzed by an astrologer right from the comfort of your home and get all the phenomenally useful advice, tips as well as remedies that would sky rocket the career graph of your life!  

For those who are inclined to learn the sacred science of Vedic Astrology either out of their interest or to make a professional career in Vedic Astrology, Future Point brings the Best Online Astrology Course that is delivered by instructors who along with holding an absolute mastery over the theoretical aspect of this occult science, are also highly experienced practicing professionals who have been providing their services to their clients all across the globe.

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