Seeing Money in Your Dreams? Talk to a Finance Astrologer!

By: Future Point | 10-Oct-2020
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Seeing Money in Your Dreams? Talk to a Finance Astrologer!

Your Kundli or Horoscope is a cosmic map of your destiny that holds the hidden information about how the celestial bodies in the form of planets are slated to affect different areas or domains of your life.

When it comes to decoding the financial domain of a person’s life, a Finance Astrologer analyzes the Finance Horoscope of that person. In the process, certain key houses of the said horoscope as well as the planets that have maximum influence on those houses are analyzed in great detail.

Let us get one thing absolutely clear- In this crude & materialistic world which is driven solely by blind ambitions & desires, one must have the powerful support of planets that are positively placed in his/her horoscope to achieve real success in life. On top of that, it is even more important to pacify or calm down the negative effects of planets that are ill placed in the horoscope to get rid of the obstacles and problems that they create in life.

Thus, it is of paramount importance that when it comes to crucial areas of your life such as Wealth & Finance, you should adopt a professional approach and Talk to Astrologer to know what the planets have in store for the financial domain of your life and more importantly, get the astrological remedies that have the potential of strengthening the planets that are positive for finance in your life and alongside pacifying those that are poised to create financial troubles in your life.

Houses in a Horoscope that are Associated with Finance in Life

Decoding the entire financial domain of a person involves applying a lot of astrological permutations & combinations to arrive at accurate & precise results. However, there are certain fundamental houses in a horoscope that an astrologer looks at very carefully while performing his overall analysis.

These houses are:

2nd House- This is the house that signifies Accumulated Wealth in life.

5th House- This house represents speculation and is very carefully analyzed in case of those who invest or trade in the stock market.

6th House- This house signifies Job, Competition, Enemies and Litigation.

7th House- This is the house of Business as well as Partnerships.

8th House- It represents Sudden Gains or Losses in life.

10th House- It is the primary house of Career, Profession, Name, Fame, Authority & Position.

11th House- This house signifies Gains.

12th House- This is the house that represents Expenditures.

As a general thumb rule, in order to have financial security and abundant wealth in life, a native must have these houses of his/her horoscope in a strong state with the positive influence of planets that are beneficial to him/her as per their placement in his/her horoscope. 

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Witnessing Money in Dreams

Speaking in a light hearted sense, one could say that “The necessity of survival in this world as well as our materialistic goals & desires in life, make all of us dream about money!”

However, there are many people who in the most literal sense have dreams wherein they witness money. Not only that, they see a number of other things that are actually hidden astrological signs that reveal a lot about the money factor in their lives when analyzed & deciphered by an astrologer.

Various signs in your dreams and their meanings with respect to the future state of money in your life:

  • Seeing a Goldfish in your dreams means that you are going to get sudden profits in your business or an unexpected promotion in your job.
  • A blue lake and a waterfall means that a very lucrative career/profession related opportunity is about to come in your life. 
  • If you see a Lotus flower in your dreams then it is an indicator of getting monetary gains in a venture or a project that was long stuck.
  • Seeing Lord Vishnu on His Garuda means that huge prosperity & abundance are on their way into your life.
  • Wandering in a desert alone means that you need to rethink your career or business strategy.
  • A pair of White Horses running together indicates that you are going to achieve great financial success with the help your  
  • colleague or partner.
  • Witnessing yourself in a dense forest with Butterflies near you means that your are finally going to get that earning opportunity of your life that would result in some serious monetary gains.
  • The sight of a Cow in a dream is considered extremely auspicious and is said to bring divine blessings in life that attract wealth.
  • Being chased by some wild & ferocious animal means that your competitors are planning something against you and you need to be careful while making financial decisions.
  • A Crane holding a fish in its beak means that you are going to achieve absolute success in the project or venture that you are currently a part of.
  • Seeing jewels in your dreams means that some very rare and lucrative proposal is going to be offered to you that would bring unprecedented financial gains in your life. 

 To sum it up, consulting with the Best Astrologers opens up the mystical doorways of Astrology and lets us know about the will of planets for the wealth & finance domain of our lives. The incredibly powerful astrological remedies that are recommended by an experienced Finance Astrologer and are specific to our natal horoscope, help us to attract abundant wealth and unforeseen prosperity in our lives.

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