Result Oriented Astrological Remedies for Government Job

By: Future Point | 10-Dec-2020
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Result Oriented Astrological Remedies for Government Job

When it comes to leading an independent life, the career aspect of a person’s life automatically takes the centre stage. It is our career that becomes the ultimate deciding factor as far as the quality of our lives in this materialistically driven world is concerned as well as determines our status in the society.

Although the private corporate sector offers the chance of reaching a level in your career where you could have a big fat salary package but at the same time there is cut throat competition in that sector along with no job security due to the constantly evolving technologies these days. Therefore, many people seek employment in the Government sector to enjoy a secure and stable career in their lives!

Enamoured by the idea of a secure Government job, an aspirant often asks himself/herself that- “When will I get Government Job in my life?”

The answer to this question can be derived from the occult & predictive applications of the sacred science of Astrology. An experienced astrologer after applying the principles of Astrology onto the horoscope or kundali of a person can reveal what the planets have in store for various aspects of a native’s life including career.

That is why, people who want to know how the career aspect of their lives is slated to unfold must get their Online Kundali thoroughly analyzed by a Career Astrologer. 

We offer you an opportunity to consult with the Best Career Astrologer and get the Astrological Remedies for Government Job that would help you significantly in realizing your dream of landing up with a Government job in your life.

What Signifies a Government Job in the Horoscope or Kundli?

When it comes to a job of any kind, the house of the horoscope of a person that is first & foremost involved is the 6th house because it signifies job and competition among other things.

However, when it comes to a job in the Government sector, apart from the 6th house, the 10th house plays a key role as well because it is the primary house of career/profession, name, fame, position and authority. 

But most importantly, planets Sun and Moon form the very basis of the entire process of an astrologer’s analysis of a person’s horoscope with respect to his/her career as far as getting a Government job is concerned. This is because planets Sun and Moon are extremely strong natural significators of Government jobs. 

If either the Sun or Moon is well placed in the horoscope of the native then during the period of operation (Maha Dasha/Dasha/Antar Dasha) of that planet the possibility of the native succeeding in getting a government job rises to a pheneomenal level.

Astrological Remedies to counter Planetary Hurdles in the way of getting a Government Job

A very common question that pops up in everyone’s mind is that- How can a native overcome the hurdles posed in his/her career path by some ill placed planets of his/her horoscope especially as far as getting a job in the Government sector is concerned?

Well, to provide a solution to these problems, the amazing science of Astrology has the provision of powerful remedies that an astrologer recommends to a native based on the positioning of various planets as well as the state of various houses in that native’s horoscope.

It must be understood that these astrological remedies are very effective and have the potential of addressing the root planetary issues that are responsible for creating those career hurdles & obstacles in the native’s life and thus significantly helping the native to succeed in getting a Government job.

If you wish to get a Govt Job Prediction by Date of Birth and Time then Talk to Astrologer and know the remedial measures by which you can make your dream of having a Government job come true in your life.

Following are the in-general Astrological Remedies for Government Job that a Government job aspirant can adopt:

  • Recite Aditya Hridya Strotra daily to please Lord Surya.
  • Offer Arghya to Surya Dev in the morning as this brings in the blessings of Surya Dev (The Sun God) in your life.
  • Keep a fast on Sunday and donate books & stationery to needy children.
  • Recite ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ wholeheartedly on a daily basis to please Lord Hanuman who Himself studied from Lord Surya during His childhood.
  • Feed Cows with chapatis, yellow pulses and jaggery as this attracts the blessings of Chandra Dev (The Moon God) and enhances the chances of gaining a Government employment.
  • Offer milk to Lord Shiva on Monday as this strengthens the positivity of the Moon in your natal horoscope, thereby making it conducive for giving you employment in the Government sector.
  • Wearing a Ruby or a Pearl ‘after consulting’ with an astrologer also strengthens the natal Sun and Moon of your horoscope resulting in success in getting a Government job.
  • Donating clothes to less privileged people especially women and children brings in the blessings of the Moon God in life.
  • While Saturn does not actually signify a Government job but since an ill placed Saturn in the horoscope causes delay in realizing our goals, it is prudent that one should go for a ‘Shani Shanti Puja’ to pacify the malefic effects of an ill placed Saturn in his/her horoscope.

These were just a few of the many remedies that you can adopt, however, when it comes to the career aspect of your life, it is extremely crucial that you must consult with a professional & experienced astrologer. This way you will not only know what the planets are signifying for the overall career aspect of your life but in case you trying for a Government job, then you will also get highly powerful Astrological Remedies for Government Job based on the positions of various planets as well as the state of different houses of your natal horoscope. 

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