The Concept of Marriage in Astrology

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The Concept of Marriage in Astrology

Marriage in Astrology is much more beyond the commonly understood socially approved arrangement in which a couple spend the rest of their lives together. Marriage is actually the sacred union of two souls that vow to stand by each other's side during all times in their lives having unconditional love and absolute loyalty for each other in their hearts.

However, to ascertain that a particular boy & girl are best suited for one another, Astrology has a process called Kundli Milan or Horoscope Matching. This process forms an integral part of Marriage in Astrology and determines the actual compatibility of the boy & girl with each other. 

Therefore, it becomes possible to predict what the incredibly powerful planetary bodies signify for the future of a marriage based on the horoscopes of both the boy & girl. 

Moreover, even if a match has little compatibility issues due to the malefic effects of certain ill placed planets in the horoscopes of the boy & girl, Astrology offers powerful & effective remedies that pacify those ill placed planets which are slated to create problems in the upcoming married life of the couple.

Hence, it is always advised to go for the Best Kundli Matching offered by the Best Astrologers to ensure marital bliss and happiness in your life as a married couple.

However, there are many people who are unmarried and are facing problems in getting married. Such people must get their Online Kundali thoroughly analyzed by an experienced astrologer to get astrological remedies that are aimed at addressing the root planetary issue of their horoscope or kundali that is responsible for creating problems with respect to the marriage aspect of their lives.

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How is Marriage Analyzed in Astrology? 

Marriage in Astrology is a very elaborate & comprehensive subject. There are numerous concepts & principles in Astrology that are applied onto the horoscope or kundli of a native to decipher the marriage domain of his/her life.

The fundamental approach of an astrologer while interpreting the will of planets for the marital domain of a person includes analyzing the following in horoscope of that person:

2nd House- This is the house that signifies Family.

5th House- This house represents Love and Children.

6th House- This house signifies Bickering.

7th House- This is the primary house of Life-Partner/Spouse.

8th House- This house represents In-Laws.

10 House- This house represents Court and Separation.

11th House- This is the house that signifies Gains and Realization of Desires.

12th House- This house represents the Bed Room.

Now in order to have a blissful married life, a person must have these houses in his/her horoscope in a very positive state. Which means that these houses must not be affected by the negative influence of malefic planets or planets that are ill placed in the horoscope.

For example, Saturn in the 7th house results in delay in marriage whereas Mars in the 7th house promotes heated arguments with the spouse, thus, bringing in volatility in the marital relationship.

Similarly, the Sun which is a cruel planet, if present in the 2nd house makes the speech of a person very harsh & unpleasant and therefore, creates friction in the family and disturbs harmony.

Presence of Rahu or Ketu in the 5th house creates problems from the child’s side in the life of a person post becoming a parent. Also, Mars in the 5th house of the horoscope of a girl creates problems or complications during the period of pregnancy.

When the Lord of 6th house is present in the 7th house or vice versa, the element of trust is lost between the couple and they find it very difficult to experience joy & fulfillment in their married life.

Role of Venus and Jupiter in Marriage 

Two very crucial planets when it comes to the subject of Marriage in Astrology are Venus and Jupiter. Venus is the natural significator of marriage and Jupiter signifies expansion (in this case- the expansion of a family post marriage).

Venus placed well in the horoscope of a native ensures a smooth & happy married life and a harmonious relationship with the life partner. Those who have a strong & positively placed Venus in their horoscopes, find success in their love life and often go for a love marriage.

However, a positive Venus is not just beneficial for love marriages as people going for an arranged marriage in their lives enjoy a beautiful marital relationship as well because of a positively placed Venus in their horoscopes.

For a girl, Jupiter represents her husband and blesses her with childbirth that is free of complications if positively placed in her horoscope.

Manglik or Mangal Dosh

Mars or Mangal as we know is a highly volatile planet in Astrology and represents anger, arguments, bickering etc. Mars when negatively placed in a horoscope creates a planetary flaw which is known as a Manglik Dosha or a Mangal Dosha.

The Manglik Dosh wreaks havoc in the married life of a person and in certain cases leads to separation or divorce. It is even said that a Manglik Dosh which is not treated timely and with proper Vedic remedial measures can even result in the death of the spouse.

Therefore, it is extremely important to have this dangerous & negative affliction of an ill placed planet Mars, pacified by remedies that are specific to one’s natal horoscope as soon as possible.

So, these were just a few of the numerous planetary and house phenomena that decide the overall marital trajectory of a native and hence, in order to get the accurate picture of how one’s married life is poised to unfold in life, he/she must Talk with Astrologer.

We urge you to book a consultation with the Best Marriage Astrologer in India and steer the course of your married life towards love, bliss, trust, happiness and emotional fulfillment!

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