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Top 7 Vastu Tips this Dussehra

By: Future Point | 10-Oct-2018
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Vastu Shasta, is the science that deals on the design, direction, layouts, measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement and spatial geometry. Therefore, construction of any building and its rooms/space are undertaking only after considering the rules laid down as per, Vastu Shastra. In fact, these elements are the integral prats of the Five elements.

This ancient science which comes from the Hindu scripts, The Vedas. This science of Vastu has been the guiding force to Hindus since the era of Ramayana. It is believed and documented in the Ramayana Puran, that Lord Rama, when took the thirteen-year asylum in the forest, had to construct a hut with perfect Vastu. It is also believed that due to the Perfect Vastu, Lord Ram was successful to find Goddess Sita and could even bring her back from Lanka.

Thus, Vastu is a science that allows a native to construct a house or a place of residence or office with ensuring the 5 elements of nature, which is Fire, Air, Water, Space and Earth together.

So, what if a place has Vastu Defect?

Certainly, this is a matter to worry. Since, the serious of Vastu defect would vary from place to place. However, if a native is unable to construct a place as per Vastu principles, then there are simple remedies which certainly helps the native of residence to overcome the shortcomings. There are many vastu dosh remedies such as vastu shanti puja to bring immediate relief to the native. Some of these simple remedies have been listed down for the benefit of the readers here with.

Since the upcoming Nav-Ratri These Vastu Tips for Dussehra, can be a perfect way to start celebrating the festivals. The Festival of Dussehra is replete with ideas of Victory of Good over evil. Though this festival can soak into the wisdom of enriching the culture of Hinduism. Thus, to remove the negatives from one’s residence, office or any other place and mind, one should Celebrate Dussehra. But along with celebration, one should know that this festival also removes the negative energies of Poorly build Vastu house.

As the month of Sharad is near to an end and the inception of Nav-Ratri is a new beginning to many, these Vastu tips can collide along with the celebrations for better.

Right direction to worship: The ideal direction to worship the goddess Durga is North-East or the Eastern direction of the House, Since, she would control the Nav-graha or the nine planets in a horoscope, this direction becomes imperative.

Get beneficial insights: Once the direction is fixed, start the celebration by chanting Durga Suktam. As this is the Beej mantra to ward of all forms of negative energies at once home.

Placement of the Idol: After chanting the Suktam, place the idol towards East facing. This would enhance your devotion towards the almighty.

Make Vastu Friendly Rangoli: This would bring the positive energies of the five elements under control. Also, the native would be happy with the overall positivity generated from the Rangoli.

Avoid dark colours for Rangoli: Especially Black and any other form of Dark colours during this celebration. This would ensure that the negative.

Invite young girls (unmarried girls): and offer them dress and other Puja materials. This would tantamount to worshiping goddess durga in person.

Worship with Earthen lamps: During this celebration, make sure you worship the deity with Earthen lamps. This would be pleasing the Vastu deity at home as the earthen lamp represents the significance of five elements.

These vastu tips for good health too. Thus, get the best vastu expert from the team of Future Point. Future Point is a team of expert Vastu Astrology, and occult science. Readers can write to us for more details Or visit our website for more details.