1st Navratri : Know About Shailputri Mata Puja, Colour, Aarti & Mantras

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1st Navratri : Know About Shailputri Mata Puja, Colour, Aarti & Mantras

On the first day of navratri kalash sthapana or ghatsthapna is performed with all the rituals. Maa durga first form is worshipped on this day. If you performed the puja at the wrong time then it might make the goddess durga angry. On the day of first navratri you should do ghat sthapna at your home.

First navratri 2018

This year navratri will begin with the pratipada tithi on 10 october, 2018 on Wednesday.

Ghatsthapana time and mahurat in first navratri

Ghatsthapana mahurat : 6.22 to 7:25

Duration : 1 hour 2 minute

Navratri ghatsthapna should be done in chitra nakshatra or vaidhyati yog.

Pratipada tithi begins from : 9 october, 2018 on Tuesday at 9.16 p.m

Pratipada tithi ends on: 10 october, 2018 on Tuesday till 7.25 p.m

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Things to remember in ghatsthapana

  • You must know the correct day and shubh mahurat of ghatsthapana.
  • On pratipada tithi kalash sthapana and ghat sthapana should be performed in the morning.
  • If pratpada is less than ne mahurat after the sunrise or is not occurring any day, the amayukta pratipada will be considered as first day of navratri.
  • If you worshipped goddess chandalika on first day then you should avoid amayukta ptipada. If it happens then you can consider second day as pratipada.


Required things for Pujan

Open earthen pot, soil, 7 different grains, kalash, water or gangajal, kalava, mauli, supari, 5 leaves of mango tree or ashoka tree, few unbroken rice grains, coconut with husk, red cloth, flowers and garland.

You can add more things as per your requirement.

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Steps of ghatsthapana

  • Take an earthen pot and sow the 7 grains in the garden soil and then add water.
  • For kalash stapna take the kalash and fill it with pure water or gangajal and tie sacred kalava around it.
  • On the edge of kalash put 5 ashoka leaves or mango leaves.
  • Now, wrap coconut with husk in red cloth and place it on the top of kalash over the leaves.
  • You also need to tie kalava on coconut as well.
  • After the ghatsthapana now you need to evoke the goddess shailputri.

Mahurat rules for ghatsthapana

  • After the sunrise, the best time for ghatsthapana is the first one third part of the day.
  • The best suitable time for ghatsthapana is abhijit mahurat.
  • Before the mid of the hindu daytime of pratipada tithi ghatsthapana must be performed.
  • For ghatsthapana to be considered auspicious nakshatras are : pushya, uttara phalguni, uttarashadha, uttarabhadrapada, hasta, revati, rohini, ashwani, moola, shrawan, dhanistha, punarvasu.
  • After sunrise ghatsthapana is prohibited after the 16 ghatis. It must not be performed after the mid of the hindu day.

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Shailputri pujan

As we told you that 2018 Navratri Start Date is 10th October. On the first day of navratri maa shailputi is worshipped. She is also known as bhavani, parvati or hemavati. Shail means mountain and putrid refers daughter. Maa shailputri carry trishul in her right hand and lotus flower in another hand. Godess shailputri rides on a bull. She rules the planet mars and she blessed her devotees with good fortune. She is the embodiment of the collective power of brahma, Vishnu or Mahesh. In this form the goddess was worshipped as the consort of lord shiva and this navratri 2018 festival gives happiness into your life.

Benefits of worshipping maa shailputri

Everyday read a chapter of durga saptshati.

From this day many devotees start fasting.

In this duration weather is changing so fasting during this time is considered healthy.

During navratri should follow light and satvic food.



On the first day of navratri devotees should chant these following mantras :

Om devi shailputryai swaha – recite this mantra at 108 times.

Vande vanchhitalabhay chandrardhakritshekharam

Vrisharudham shooldharam shailputreem yashasvineem

Maa shailputri stuti

Ya devi sarvabhuteshu maa shailputri rupena samsthita

Namastasyai namastasyai namastasyai namo namah

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Colour of first day

On pratipada tithi one should wear yellow color clothes. This can impress the goddess shailputri and fulfill your dreams.

These things should be considered for the pratipada pujan to seek blessings of maa shailputri. She will bless you with god fortune and makes your life better. If you have any shortage of money then you must worship maa shailputri. She will remove all the obstacles from your life and success.

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