Sudden & Shocking Death of Actress Sridevi

By: Yashkaran Sharma | 26-Feb-2018
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Sudden & Shocking Death of Actress Sridevi

Padmasri recipient, veteran actor and sensation of Bollywood Sridevi's sudden demise shocked the whole country. Sridevi dies of cardiac arrest in Dubai on 24th February at around 10:35 pm.

She had gone to Dubai along with her family to attend her nephew Mohit Marwah's wedding. The fans of Sridevi are still wondering about the cause of Sridevi's death. Her autopsy has been done and her family and the whole country are waiting for the laboratory reports for knowing the accurate reason for Sridevi's death. Sridevi's dead body shall be flown to Mumbai today by a private jet.

The whole country mourned the passing away of this gem who ruled Indian film industry in 1980s. The President of India, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Congress President Rahul Gandhi, Union Minister of Textiles and Information and Broadcasting Smriti Irani, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, also have mourned and condoled the death of the wonderful actress.

The heart throb of millions an incredibly talented and versatile actress would remain alive in the memory of every Indian forever. Her contribution to Indian film industry is unmatchable. She was heartthrob of millions.

She entered the Indian film industry at the age of 4 and after that never looked behind and acted as lead actress in several super hit movies. She also acted in south Indian movies.

She was very confident and brilliant from her childhood. Her confidence was amazing. She didn't know Hindi when entered Bollywood but she proclaimed that shortly she would learn Hindi and start speaking better English than other actresses.


She was the superstar of Indian film Industry in 1980s. The names of some of her super hit movies are Chandni, Sadma, Chaalbaaj, Judai, Lamhey, Akhiri Rasta, Mr. India & Nagina. Her performance in Khuda Gawah was fabulous.

She made a comeback to Indian film Industry in English Vinglish after a long break of 15 years and was fully geared up to mesmerize her audience in her second inning. In that way Sridevi's sudden death is an irreparable damage to Indian film Industry.

The following message containing the names of some of her hit movies is going viral amongst the fans of Sridevi -

वो "चांदनी" न रही
गहरा "सदमा" दे गयी
जिंदगी बहुत "चालबाज" निकली
सबसे "जुदाई" दे गयी
बहुत "लम्हे" जीने बाकी थे
बरी जल्दी "आखिरी रास्ता" से चली गयी
काश कोई "मिस्टर इंडिया" आये
और वो "नगीना" लौटा दे
परमात्मा उनकी आत्मा को शांति दे

Sridevi was borne on 13th August 1963 in Sivakashi Tamilnadu. She earned unlimited glory as an actress in India and after her highly successful career she got married to film maker Bony Kapoor. The noted actors Anil Kapoor and Sanjy Kapoor are her brother in law in relation.

Here is the astrological analysis of horoscope of Sridevi-

Horoscope of Sridevi


In her hroscope the chief significator of success in film industry Venus is occupying Lagna which is considered to be an ideal position for Venus. Here Venus is income lord and Sun wealth lord therefore the conjunction of Venus and Sun in Lagna is also forming Laxmi Yoga.

This Laxmi Yoga is very powerful as it is not only forming exchange with Lagna lord but also aspected by destiny lord benefic Jupiter. Venus is considered the main Karaka of Laxmi and when it is forming Laxmi yoga along with exchange with Lagna lord then getting aspect of the Karaka of house of wealth makes it extremely strong.

When the significator of anything forms Laxmi Yoga in an auspicious house then it brings quick success in that specific field of which it is Karaka especially if the native gets an opportunity to work in that field and for that reason she started working in film industry at a very small age of 4. She started getting amazing success in film industry and mesmerized every one with her talent.

At the age of 12 Yogakaraka Mars Dasha occupying 3rd house (efforts) started which continued till the age of 19 and during that age she established herself professionally with her efforts.

After the age of 19 till 2000 she remained under the influence of exalted Rahu Dasha occupying 12th house during which she succeeded in rising to the top position, visited several foreign countries and enjoyed life thoroughly.

In the golden period of Jupiter Sridevi enjoyed a relaxed life and stayed away from film industry. In 2012 to 2017 she made a comeback with her success in English Vinglish.

In the latter half of 2016 the Mahadasha of Saturn started for her which is a Maraka planet for Cancer ascendant. This Saturn in her chart is also forming mutual aspect Yoga with Maukhya Markesh Sun. In astrology it is believed that if Saturn becomes Maraka planet in a horoscope or forms a relationship with Maraka planets of the horoscope then it leaves behind all Marakas and becomes unconditional Maraka.

The same is happening in the chart of Sridevi. It is Markesh being lord of 7th & 8th and is forming a relationship of mutual aspect with Mukhya Markesh. Therefore, in its Dasha when Saturn's 8th Dhaiya started and Rahu of transit aspected it then it converted itself into an unconditional Maraka.

If we see the transit of 24th of February we see that Rahu of transit was aspecting Markesh Dasha lord unconditional Marak Saturn & the 8th Dhaiya of Saturn was also in effect and this Saturn was aspecting the 8th house and in total there was influence of 6 planets on her house of death.

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