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Is Planet Saturn or Shani Auspicious or Inauspicious?

By: Dr. Arun Bansal | 19-Jul-2018
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Is Planet Saturn or Shani Auspicious or Inauspicious?

Everybody is afraid of the wrath of Saturn. Is Saturn always harmful for everybody? No, it is not like that; rather, if a person manages to propitiate this planet, then its maleficence can be reduced substantially.

Generally, malefic planets provide the results of past bad karmas to a person in the form of obstacles & troubles. However, with the right occult remedies one can pacify the malefic effects of planets like Saturn, quite easily. It is believed that Saturn is very harmful if malefic but if it turns favourable, then it can bring unprecedented & humungous positive gains in life. Since the inauspiciousness of Saturn can be reduced therefore it is worshipped extensively.

Saturn and its Generalized Effects on All Ascendant Signs

Being the lord of the 11th house for Aries ascendant, it is a ‘Badhak’ and thus creates problems.

For Taurus ascendant also, being the lord of the 9th house for a fixed Lagna (ascendant), it is a Badhak and does not produce very good results in spite of being the lord of the Kendra and Trikona house of the horoscope.

It is average for Gemini and Virgo ascendants, inauspicious for Cancer and Leo but yields average results for Leo.

It is a Yogakarka planet for Libra ascendant and brings material comforts, peace and prosperity in its major and sub periods.

It produces ordinary results for Scorpio and Sagittarius.

It is auspicious for Capricorn but slightly inauspicious for Aquarius.

It is inauspicious for Pisces.

According to Uttarkalamrita the sub period of Saturn in the major period of Venus is important. This period yields opposite results when Saturn is Yogakaraka but one gets auspicious results if it is weak.

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About Shani Sade Sati and Dhaiya

The Sadesati of Saturn is also very effective to give good or bad results. It often troubles the native in various aspects of his/her life. However, this period sometimes makes a person rise very high in his life.

Shani Sade Sati is basically a period when Saturn or Shani transits in the 12th house from the Moon or transits over the Moon or 2nd from the Moon. Similarly, when it transits over the 4th or 8th house from the Moon, it is known as a Dhaiya.

Generally the impact of a Dhaiya in the 4th house from the Moon is weak but the impact of Sade Sati is high. The harmful impacts of Sade Sati or 8th Dhaiya get multiplied if Saturn transits over the 8th or 12th house from ascendant, especially if this Saturn is weak in the birth chart. In addition to that, if Saturn transits over Badhaka planets placed in these negative houses (8th or 12th), the malefic impacts reach its climax. Further, one gets death-like troubles if the periods are that of Venus in Saturn or Saturn in Venus.

If Saturn is Yogakaraka for a native auspicious results are experienced during the Sade Sati. If this Saturn transits through Kendra or Trikona from ascendant or the period in operation is that of a Yogakaraka planet, results of Sade Sati are good.


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Malefic Impacts of Saturn

One of the malefic impacts of Saturn is loss of reputation. Business losses increase and regulatory hurdles could adversely impact your business. The fear of imprisonment arises and repayment of debt becomes troubling. Life becomes miserable because of loss of health. Problem of sleeplessness and stomach pain starts. It casts a negative impact on the job profile and status of a person pursuing a job as well. Delays in getting a job are also experienced in many cases.

The native becomes directionless. The friends turn into enemies. Reliable people around the native turn against him. At home all, including children, wife and parents start preaching but nobody comes forward to share the person’s sorrows. It becomes difficult for one to concentrate on work. The condition of the native becomes deplorable and life appears burdensome.


In this situation the remedies of Saturn bring some sign of relief, the native gets some strength to do the required work as spiritual support enhances. Following are the remedies that are very simple and can be done by anyone:

  • Recite the mantras of Saturn with a devout heart.
  • On Saturday, pour some mustard oil in a steel bowl, put a coin and see your face in this oil. After that, offer it to Shani Dev in a Shani Temple.
  • Chant Sunderkand daily or on Saturday.
  • Offer black gram (kala chana), horse bean (urad), black sesame, black clothes and iron to poor people on Saturday.
  • Wear 7 faced and 14 faced Rudraksha.
  • Offer sweats and bread dipped in oil to black dog.
  • Perform abhishek of Shani Dev in a Siddha temple.
  • Wear black horse shoe ring in the middle finger of your right hand.
  • Light a lamp under a tree of Peepal on Saturday evening.
  • Donate oil of jasmine and offer a Chola to Lord Hanuman on Saturday.
  • Chant Hanumanashtak or Hanuman Chalisa wholeheartedly.
  • In case of more trouble do the following special remedial measures 1, 5 or 8 times –


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Dip around 250 grams of black gram in water on Friday. On Saturday, take them out of the water and wrap them in a black cloth. Put a piece of charcoal, a coin of one rupee and some sesame. After wrapping, rotate around your head 7 times and then flow in running water.

By doing 3 or 4 out of these above mentioned remedies one can get relief from the wrath of Saturn. The best article to be donated for propitiating Saturn is mustard oil. As per the scriptures, once Saturn tried to show his superiority over Lord Hanuman. Lord Hanuman tied Saturn in his tail and walked around normally.

Saturn’s position became miserable as Saturn collided with stones on Earth and in the process got innumerable injuries and his body got drenched in blood. Saturn asked for mercy. Lord Hanuman ordered Saturn not to trouble His devotees. That day onwards Saturn started asking for oil from people to cure his physical injuries and in return blessed them.

For propitiating Saturn you can donate Shani’s articles or do Shani Abhishekam in any Siddh temple of Saturn.

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