Vastu Recommends Avoiding These Gift Items During House-Warming

By: Future Point | 30-Dec-2023
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Vastu Recommends Avoiding These Gift Items During House-Warming

Buying a house of your own is everyone's dream as having their own accommodation means a lot to people. ‘Griha Pravesh’ is a sacred Vedic puja ritual which is performed before making a house ready for residing. This is done to ensure that there is always positivity in the house. Generally, during this time, people also call their near & dear ones and share their happiness with them.

The Griha Pravesh ritual is also perceived as a house-warming party. It is seen that when people become a part of someone's house-warming party, they definitely bring along some gift items. Of course, it is considered very good to do so, but it is very important to pay attention to what gift you are giving.

This is simply because as per the occult science of Vastu, there are many gift items which are not considered good at all to be given during house-warming. You should avoid giving such gifts to people during their house warming or Griha Pravesh.

Let us look at what those gift items are that must be avoided during a Griha Pravesh or House-Warming.

Personal Hygiene Gift Items

You should never give personal hygiene items like soap, oil, etc. as gift items during Griha Pravesh. According to Vastu, such gift items are not considered good during house-warming.

Iron Showpiece

Nowadays showpieces made of iron are also available in the market, which look very nice. Due to which, most people buy them and give them as gifts. But avoid giving such gifts during house-warming. If you want to give a showpiece, then make sure that it is made of brass, silver or gold. Iron items should never be given as gifts. Consult with Vastu Expert Dr. Arun Bansal from Future Point to know whether the Vastu of your own home is positive and capable of attracting prosperous energies or not.

Black Clothes

Many times people also like to give clothes as gifts. If you are also planning to give clothes then you should especially avoid giving black coloured clothes as a gift. Such gifts can create a kind of negativity during house-warming.

Cutlery Set

It is also very common to see people giving cutlery items as gifts during Griha Pravesh. However, Vastu advises against it and you should avoid doing this. Nowadays, cutlery sets of various designs in golden and silver colours are available in the market, which look very nice. Therefore, people buy them and give them as gifts. But during house-warming, such gifts create problems in relationships.

Wedding Accessories

During house-warming, people often decide to give a gift to the lady of the house. There is nothing wrong with this. But you should keep in mind that during house-warming, Mangalsutra, Sindoor or any other wedding related items should not be given as gifts. It is not considered good to give wedding items on this occasion.


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Griha Pravesh or House-Warming is a very special occasion as it marks a new milestone in a person’s or in fact, a family’s life. Therefore, it is recommended that the visitors during such an important occasion must bring only such gifts that do not cause a disturbance in the subtle or energy levels in the lives of those who are starting a new chapter of their lives in their new home.

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