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Result of the Mahadasha of Ketu along with all 9 Antardashas

By: Future Point | 06-Mar-2021
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Result of the Mahadasha of Ketu along with all 9 Antardashas

The Mahadasha of a planet is the major period of its influence upon us in our lives and within that major period there are minor/sub periods of all the 9 planets including the one whose Mahadasha is primarily going on. The Mahadasha and the various Antardashas that follow within are time periods that unfold as per a highly systematic time table which is called the Vimshottari Dasha.

Out of all Mahadashas, the Ketu Mahadasha is considered as a very crucial Mahadasha that casts an enormously significant impact on the life of an individual. This Mahadasha runs for 7 years and brings huge changes in the life of a person that basically changes that person’s entire outlook towards life. 

Ketu Mahadasha alters the fundamental trajectory of a person’s life and makes that person perceive as well as react to various situations/aspects of life in an altogether different way. 

This is simply because as per the principles of Vedic Astrology, Ketu just like Rahu, is also a ‘Shadow Planet’ which plays a phenomenally powerful role in shaping up the destiny of a person. Since a Shadow Planet does not have a physical element of existence attached, the effects of that planet are felt in an incredibly strong manner. 

In a nutshell, nothing remains the same as before when the Ketu Mahadasha unfolds in the life of an individual. Therefore, a person must Talk to Astrologer to know what Ketu has in store for him/her in life.

Remember, your Kundli is a cosmic map that has all the information regarding the results that different planets are slated to provide you in life based upon your past karmas.

Therefore, in order to know beforehand what the planetary influence is about to bring in life, a person must consult with the Best Astrologer and get into an empowered position of making informed decisions in life.  

Now, let us look at the overall results of Ketu Mahadasha divided into segments of the 9 subsequent Antardashas that unfold in the life of a person!

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Ketu Mahadasha - Ketu Antardasha

This is a period that will appear as entirely new in your life. However, nothing will actually be new in this period as it will be in direct relation to your past karmas that will basically unfold at an incredible pace in your life. Ketu will have absolute control over you. You will be reminded about what you were and how you approached life so far. You will be offered an opportunity to release the difficult karmas of your life and propel your life towards meaningful growth & development. You will be fired up to transform into something new and change the very course of your life during this time.

Ketu Mahadasha - Venus Antardasha

Everything will seem to be chaotic and you will experience utter loss of control over various crucial domains of your life. However, you strive to take charge of your life with all your capability and will get into more social interaction during this time. There is a high possibility that new friends would come in your life and you might also find an entirely different meaning to life from a relationship that you would be involved in during this period. But remember, all these people will be essentially coming into your life because of your past karmas and Ketu will teach you important lessons of life through them!

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Ketu Mahadasha - Sun Antardasha

Make a note of this period as it will be perhaps the most challenging one for you. You will get into trouble with authorities and hence, this is not a conducive time to make professional demands or expect career related perks from your boss or the senior management of your company. You must avoid any argument with your boss at all costs. Keep your ego in check otherwise this period will bring humiliation to you. You will feel that your efforts are not recognized and you are not getting the due acknowledgement for your hard work. But it is in your best interest to keep a low profile during this time.

Ketu Mahadasha - Moon Antardasha

There is still no relief for you as this period will bring a huge emotional turbulence in your life. You might feel a strong need of expressing your heartfelt emotions to your close friends in order to lighten up the emotional baggage that you are carrying in your heart. You will feel a lack of acceptance by others during this time. Your relationship with your mother needs to be watched out for and domestic bliss might get disturbed. As far as the overall outlook of your life is concerned, you will feel less settled and at a challenging juncture in your career or professional life. One strong silver lining that this period will bring for you is- Spiritual Illumination. Your intuitive ability will significantly enhance and your inclination towards spirituality will increase that will bring the much sought after clarity of mind to you!

Ketu Mahadasha - Mars Antardasha

Your life is back on track and you are all fired up to make up for the slowdown that you have  faced so far. You should not go a blind challenging spree in which you challenge every authority that you come across in life. You need to push yourself aggressively towards achieving your goals in life however, it should be a positive push that is backed by rational thinking and not by compulsive behaviour. Some loss of friendship or relationship might occur during this period. Make sure that you take each & every decision with a calm & composed mind.

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Ketu Mahadasha - Rahu Antardasha

This is a time that could bring great transformation in your life that will change the very trajectory of your life. Certain karmas that need fulfillment from your end will come your way. Take care of your health as the stress levels will be very high in your life during this time. The best remedy for you will be Meditation as it will help you create a strong inner foundation and remain calm during this stressful time.

Ketu Mahadasha - Jupiter Antardasha

This period will open up doors of relief for you as Jupiter is a natural benefic which represents Dharma and Ketu brings Moksha in life. You will be blessed with wisdom and will start looking at your life from an entirely different perspective than you were before. New career related opportunities will come in your life and chances of a promotion or pay hike are quite high. You are likely to witness an increase in your income during this period. Your relationship with your loved one will strengthen.

Ketu Mahadasha - Saturn Antardasha

This is a time that will test you and show you the harsh reality of the situations that you are into. The good news is that you will become more disciplined in your life. You will get hold of things that were not in order before by your determination and a disciplined approach. However, the high levels of uncertainties regarding some crucial areas of life that concern you the most will make you worry quite a lot. You may feel lonely but this is a great time for self introspection.

Ketu Mahadasha - Mercury Antardasha

You will experience a change in your mood and will try to go for more social interaction during this time to lighten up your heart but the isolating nature of Ketu will still overpower your mind. Some special friend might come in your life. You might also start a new learning as this time is good for education as well especially occult studies. Travel is on the cards. Trying to hold onto things in your life will be quite tricky during this time.

So, this was all about the in-general results of Ketu Mahadasha along with the nine subsequent Antardashas on an individual.

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