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Raksha Bandhan 2022 - Do these tricks to bring good luck to your brother!

By: Future Point | 27-Jul-2022
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Raksha Bandhan 2022 - Do these tricks to bring good luck to your brother!

Raksha Bandhan is a festival of unconditional bond of love between brothers and sisters. It is widely popular in India and is celebrated with vigor in almost every Indian house. 

Raksha Bandhan falls on the day of Full Moon in Shravana or saawan month. The sister ties a rakhi on the wrist of her brother and also applies tilak on his forehead. She prays for his good health, prosperity and safety.  The festival is also called “Shravani” as it is celebrated in Shravana month. 

This year, Raksha Bandhan will remain under the effects of inauspicious time period of bhadra kaal. So, avoid this period and tie rakhi as per the shubh muhurata given in this write up.

With slight cultural differences, Rakshabandhan is celebrated all over India and is known by different names in different parts of the sub continent. 

In Northern India, the sister ties rakhi and make wishes for the all round prosperity and success of her brother. The brother in return gives a gift or money to the sister while giving a promise of providing shelter in terrible times.

When is Raksha Bandhan?

  • Raksha Bandhan - 11 August 2022, Thursday

Raksha Bandhan Shubh Muhurata 2022

  • Purnima tithi starts: August 11, from 10.38 am
  • End of Purnima Tithi: 12 August. at 7 o'clock in the morning
  • Shubh Muhurta: 9.28 am to 9.14 pm on August 11
  • Abhijeet Muhurta: 12:6 pm to 12:57 pm
  • Amrit Kaal: 6:55 pm to 8.20 pm
  • Brahma Muhurta: 04:29 in the morning to 5:17 in the morning

Raksha Bandhan 2022 Bhadra Time

  • The end of Bhadra period on the day of Rakshabandhan: at 08:51 pm
  • Bhadra Poonch on the day of Rakshabandhan: from 05.17 pm to 06.18 pm on August 11
  • Rakshabandhan Bhadra Mukh: From 06.18 pm to 8.00 pm

Importance of Raksha bandhan

The festival of Raksha Bandhan has deep rooted values and unconditional love hidden in its rituals. It celebrates the bond of brothers and sisters. The brother who doesn’t have a sister or the families where there are no daughters realize the importance of sisters this day. This is the day when people long for a sweet sister and the females feel loved. The day is identified with the love and care for sisters, thus, it somewhere strengthens the position of females in the society. The festival spreads the message of love, warmth and protection among the masses. In a broader context, this festival talks about peace and brotherhood at the global level. 

Rituals of Raksha bandhan 

The fervor of Raksha Bandhan starts weeks before and the sisters get very excited for the festival. They go for shopping of rakhis or sacred threads to tie them at the wrists of their loving brothers. The brothers also go for buying gifts for their sisters.

The whole family gathers together in the morning for celebrations. The sister prepares a thali to start the celebrations in which she keeps roli, chawal, sweets, rakhi, diya, flowers etc. The sister places a chowki or a platform and put little rangoli around it. Then the brother sits on the chowki and the sister applies tilak on his forehead. She then ties the rakhi and offers sweets and other delectable items to the brother.

The sister prays for the well being and prosperity of the brother and in return takes the promise of lifelong shelter under the love and care of her brother.

The brother in return gives money or other gifts to the sisters. They hug each other and take blessings of the parents. The brother keeps wearing the rakhi for few days as a gesture of love for his sister. 

The religious significance of Raksha Bandhan

In some parts of India, there is also a ritual for Pitru Tarpan or sacrifice for your ancestors on this day. It is believed that pitru tarpan performed on this day pacifies the souls of the ancestors. Other religious activities like fire sacrifices are also done this day. In the region of Uttaranchal, Rakshabandhan or Shravani is a festival f religious significance. People perform sacred yagya for the salvation of religious souls like those of saints. 

The priest of the temple ties rakhi to the devotees who in turn give them some money in the form of dakshina. In the state of Maharashtra, Rakshabandhan is called narali purnima and devotees offer coconut in reverence of the Lord Varuna. 

In South India, people visit sea coast and take dips, sing bhajans and perform holy yagya. The practice is known to free us of our past karmas and sins. This is a way to purify souls where we take vow to follow a righteous path for a prosperous life. 

Rakshabandhan and Indian Mythology

As per ancient Indian texts, Rakhi has been firstly mentioned in Puranas. According to Bhavishya Purana, once there was a war between suras and asuras. Demons were taking lead in the battle and the captain of the devatas i.e.  Lord Indra was running to escape his life. It was at that time that Indrani saw him and then she tied a resham thread at his wrist while chanting a mantra. It was the full moon day in the month of Shravana. This silken thread worked as a magic for Lord Indra who won the battle after defeating asuras and regained his kingdom. From that day onwards, the day of purnima in shravan month has become a day of protection and victory. 

The legend of Demon King Bali

Asur raj Bali who was the son of Bhakt Prahlad was a virtuous man who won the universe through his supreme bravery and powers. In order to stop his cruelty, Lord Vishnu took a Vaman avatar to send him to the hell or Patal. In the patal loka, King Bali performed strict penance to please Lord Vishnu and he succeeded. He asked Lord Vishnu to stay with him there as a boon of his penance. Lord Vishnu accepted his request but the goddess Lakshmi got worried for this. Then Narad muni suggested that if the goddess will make Bali her brother by tying a rakhi at his wrist, the problem will be solved. The goddess did exactly the same and as a gift she asked for Lord Vishnu’s return to his Vaikuntha dhaam. 

A Krishna Story in Mahabharata

In Mahabharata too, there is a mentions of the sanctity of this festival. While killing Shishupal, the finger of Lord Krishna was cut and at that time Draupadi tied a piece of cloth around his finger. In return, Lord Krishna promised to protect her in troublesome time. We all know how he protected Draupadi in front of shameless kauravas. 

Tie Rakhi as per the Zodiac Signs of your brother


A red colored rakhi would be very auspicious for the Aries natives. Even yellow or orange colored rakhi will affirm all round prosperity of your brother. Apply kesar tilak at your brother’s forehead. Know more about Aries 


Tie white and silver thread which may be silken or cotton. Apply a roli tilak along with some rice. Know more about Taurus


Tie a green or chandan rakhi at your brother’s wrist. A tilak of turmeric will be fine. Know more about Gemini


Tie a rakhi made up of pearls or white resham thread as it will bring great success to your brother. A chandan tilak can be applied at the forehead of your brother. Know more about Cancer


Tie a yellow or pink rakhi with putting turmeric or roli tilak at the forehead. Know more about Leo


Tie a green colored or white resham raski at your brother’s wrist. You can also apply tilak made up of turmeric and Chandan. Know more about Virgo


Tie a rakhi in blue or white color. A kesar tilak should be applied. Know more about Libra


Tie a red or pink rakhi and you may apply a tilak made up of roli at your brother’s forehead. Know more about Scorpio


Tie yellow rakhi to bring the blessings of Jupiter in your brother’s life. A tilak made up of turmeric will do the trick. Know more about Sagittarius


Tie a blue rakhi and apply a Kesar tilak at his forehead. Know more about Capricorn


Tie a rudraksha rakhi or you may also tie a yellow rakhi. Apply a tilak of turmeric at his forehead. Know more about Aquarius


Tie a bright yellow rakhi and can apply a tilak of turmeric at his forehead. Know more about Pisces

To know more about the auspicious time of this festival and its celebrations, connect with Future Point astrologers today!

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